SmartScreen Will Be the Best iPhone Hack Ever

SmartScreen is a soon-to-be-released application that will add little widgets on your iPhone lock screen, letting you access information witout having to launch any application. You’ll be able to rearrange these widgets in the same way you move icons around.

Looking at the video demo below, I am very eager to get my hands on SmartScreen as I think it will be one of the best iPhone hacks ever. Needless to day that SmartScreen won’t be available in the App Store…

MediaPhone, the guys behind SmartScreen, will even have an SDK available:

A SmartScreen SDK will be available to everyone in November 2009 but widget developers are being selected to participate in a Beta programme, if you feel you could participate and would like to produce widgets, please email and we will consider you early access to the programme.

I really can’t wait for this to be available. Exciting, isn’t it?