Weekly Wrapup: Twitter Errors, App Giveaway, 3.1, Jailbreak, and More…

This is a wrapup of the articles written this past week…

Twitter apps “secure connection failed” errors

Recently I’ve been getting the same error more and more often and it’s getting very annoying: Secure Connection Failed.

mQuickDo review and app giveaway

A review of the mQuickDo jailbreak app with a contest to give away 10 copied of the application.

iPhone stuck on reboot fix

A fix to the problem where your iPhone gets stuck on reboot, or hangs on the Apple logo.

iPhone 3.1 is out!

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you should not update to OS 3.1. Doing so will just wipe out your jailbreak and may make it impossible to jailbreak or unlock in the future.

Everything you need to know about iPhone 3.1

There is not much to it! It seems to me all this event was actually kinda disappointing but that’s what happens when you expect too much…

How Apple does business by giving us less

That’s interesting how a $149 iPod Nano gets a video camera with speaker and microphone but yet, the $399 iPod Touch doesn’t.

No 3.1 jailbreak yet

There is no jailbreak yet for firmware 3.1 but I am confident the Dev Team is working overtime to deliver to us a jailbreak (and maybe an unlock) for 3.1.

The recession case for iPhone

This case was developed to provide basic protection for your iPhone without leaving you broke.