Tweetie’s “Secure Connection Failed” Is Driving Me Nuts

I am a big Twitter user and I do most of my tweeting using Tweetie, which is my favorite Twitter app for iPhone. Recently I’ve been getting the same error more and more often and it’s getting very annoying: Secure Connection Failed.

I dug a bit into the problem and found out that I am not the only one having this Secure Connection Failed issue. Tweetie’s account on Twitter says that “it’s a problem on Twitter’s end, they’re tracking it down now” and they suggest that anyone who gets this error sends their IP address to

First, I don’t believe the problem is on Twitter’s end. If it was, other iPhone Twitter app would have the same issue. Second, how am I supposed to email them my IP address when the problem mostly appears over 3G, which means I have a different IP address every time I make a data connection?

This problem has been going on for the past few weeks and it seems it’s getting worse. It’s really disappointing that Ate Bits, the developers of Tweetie, are not taking a more proactive role in this matter. I don’t expect much from a free app, but when I pay $3 for an application, I expect it to work flawlessly.

Have you guys encountered this issue as well? If you don’t use Tweetie, what Twitter application do you use? Is your iPhone jailbroken?

Update: Looking a the reactions on Twitter, it is clear that this problem also appears on other Twitter apps. My apologies to Ate Bits for thinking they were not doing their best. The problems does seem to come from Twitter itself after all.