Weekly iPhone Wrapup: TomTom, Torrents, Yahoo Calendar, Videos, and More…

Here is a summary of the articles that were posted on the blog this week.

TomTom for iPhone Now Available in the App Store

After making its debuts in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, the TomTom iPhone app is finally available for download in the App Store.

Your iPhone is spying on you

Some applications available in the App Store are spying on you, tracking your personal data and reporting this information “home”.

Download torrents on your iPhone with Torentula

Ever wanted to download torrents on your iPhone? It is now possible thanks to an application called Torrentula.

How to sync Yahoo calendar with your iPhone

Until now there was no way to sync Yahoo calendar with your iPhone calendar but Yahoo wrote a blog post about how to do that over the air.

Edit videos on your iPhone 2G or 3G

Here is a hack that allows you to view the videos you record with Cycorder or VideoRecorder directly in your Camera Roll. Additionally, you can trim the videos, exactly like on an iPhone 3GS.

iPhone Nano into the wild

We took this mini iPhone for a ride at the local Apple Store in San Diego.