TomTom for iPhone Now Available in the App Store

tomtom iPhone

After making its debuts in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, the TomTom iPhone app is finally available for download in the App Store.

TomTom for iPhone doesn’t come for cheap though… Priced at $99, this fully featured turn-by-turn GPS system is more expensive than some dedicated GPS units. At least TomTom doesn’t require you to get a $10/month subscription fee like AT&T NAvigator.

There is still no word about the TomTom Car Adapter Kit but I suppose it will be available soon.

I haven’t tried the TomTom app myself yet and I’m still wondering if it’s really worth it compared to the $35 competitor CoPilot Live. I guess I will wait for a while and read more reviews to figure out what seems to be the best GPS out there.

Download Links:

  • TomTom US & Canada – $99.99
  • TomTom Western Europe – $139.99
  • TomTom Australia – $79.99
  • TomTom New Zealand – $94.99

If you’ve already tried the TomTom for iPhone application, please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.