Get AT&T Navigator GPS App Free For One Month

About a month ago, AT&T released its GPS iPhone app called AT&T Navigator. The app is free to download in the App Store but you will be charged $10/month to use it, which will automatically be added to your bill.

If you’re not sure about the app and would like to give it a try, iPhone Download Blog reader Jenster sent us a great tip. You can call AT&T at 611 and talk to a representative. Tell them you would like to try AT&T Navigator and ask them if they would mind giving you a free trial.

They will gladly set you up with a free 30-day trial. But be careful because if you don’t call them and cancel within 30 days, your trial period will be over and AT&T will start charging you $10/month.

For those of you who are still not sure about this AT&T Navigator, remember that a TomTom app should make it to the App Store soon. If your iPhone is jailbroken, you have the option of using the free xGPS application that basically does the same thing.

Are you gonna give it a try?