Weekly iPhone Wrapup: New iPhone Feature, Vonage, Jailbreaking, iPromoCode

That was a very quiet week for the blog. I am out of town for the next 3 weeks so I’ll do my best to post once in a while but you shouldn’t expect great quality articles…

New iPhone Feature Spotted

It’s a little detail but I don’t think it ever was documented. On 2.x, whenever you were connecting your iPhone to a free Internet access requiring you to agree to some TOS, you first had to open Safari and agree to the TOS from there. Now you can do that directly from inside the app that needs Internet access.

Set Up Vonage On Your iPhone

There is a way to get Vonage right on your iPhone and I’m showing you exactly how to do that.

8.43% of iPhones Are Jailbroken. Are You One of Them?

According to the report, 8.43% of iPhones are jailbroken. This number seems to have gone up since the previous week when it was only 8%.

Get iPhone Apps Promo Codes With iPromoCode

iPromoCode is a new application available in Cydia that lets you find promo codes for iPhone applications. I really like the concept of this app but unfortunately, it is very poorly implemented…