iPromoCode Hooks You Up With Free iPhone Apps

iPromoCode is a new application available in Cydia that lets you find promo codes for iPhone applications. I really like the concept of this app but unfortunately, it is very poorly implemented… After launching the app, you basically have 2 options available: Refresh, and Redeem App.

“Refresh” simply refreshes the screen to display a promo code for a random app, and I think that’s the first weakness of iPromoCode. Rather than refreshing and displaying a random app, it would be much better if you could browse all promo codes available.

The second downside of this app is that you don’t know what you get. It tells you the name of the application for which you can have promo codes but you don’t have any other information about this app (no description, no screenshot, nothing, nada, zip).

The second option available to you is to redeem the app directly from your iPhone. Once again, that is poorly implemented and just didn’t work when I tried iPromoCode.

iPromoCode has a lot of potential to be a very cool application, but it’s not there yet.