iPhone Hacking 101: Removing Passcode and Encryption

While Apple is struggling to get the iPhone adopted by business users, some more problems come their way as iPhone hacker NerveGas found yet another security hole that can allow anyone with a little technical knowledge to bypass the passcode and access encrypted and protected information on your iPhone 3GS. You can see NerveGas hacking an iPhone 3GS in the video below.

Zdziarski said it’s just as easy to access a user’s private information on an iPhone 3GS as it was on the previous generation iPhone 3G or first generation iPhone, both of which didn’t feature encryption. If a thief got his hands on an iPhone, a little bit of free software is all that’s needed to tap into all of the user’s content. Live data can be extracted in as little as two minutes, and an entire raw disk image can be made in about 45 minutes, Zdziarski said.

If you’re an average iPhone user like me, chances are you don’t care much about this security hole. However, if you’re a business person, that can be a big threat to you.

Hey Apple, why don’t you stop worrying about the jailbreakers out there and start working on making the iPhone a more secured device?

Thank you David for sending this in.