TwitVid Sends Videos to Twitter Directly From Your iPhone

TwitVid is a new application that allows you to send videos from your iPhone 3GS to your Twitter account.

TwitVid is very simple to use. Launch the app, select a video to upload or record a new one, tap “choose”, add your tweet’s text and that’s it. It will send the tweet with a short link to your video.

When people click on the link, they are taken to TwitVid’s website where they can watch the video, and even chat about it. The video and the chatroom can be embedded in any website, which I think is a really neat feature.

If people click on the video link from an iPhone (ie Tweetie), it will launch the video directly from the app and return to it at the end of the video.

I tried to upload the same video over wifi and over 3G. It took about 1 minute to upload a 1 minute video over wifi, while it took about 3 minutes to upload the same video over 3G. All in all, I think the upload time is very reasonable.

Below is the video embedded.

You can download TwitVid for free from the App Store.

Let me know what you think.