iPhone 3G S Now Called iPhone 3GS. See the Difference?

When the new iPhone 3GS was unveiled at the WWDC earlier this month, I wrote it “iPhone 3GS”, with no space between the “G” and the “S”. At the time, it seemed to make sense to me. I quickly realized that I was mispelling it, according to Apple’s website, who added a space between the “G” and the “S”. So I changed the way I spelled it.

Well, I guess I have to change that again and go back to no space again as Apple quietly changed back the name of the new iPhone to “iPhone 3GS” with no space. Any mention of “iPhone 3G S” on Apple’s website has now been replaced by “iPhone 3GS”. Why such a move? Nobody knows except probably a few people at Apple.

Meaningless change will you say. Not so meaningless for bloggers and even for iPhone 3GS consumers.

First, we bloggers are used to tag articles with specific keywords related to the article. You may see these tags at the top of the page of each article on this blog. This article for example is tagged with “Apple”, and “iPhone 3GS”. By doing this name change, Apple is forcing bloggers to update their tags, which just takes a few seconds, but most importantly to update articles written in the past that were linking to these tags. Not sure if I’m clear here. If not, don’t worry because you don’t care about that.

Where you do care though, is if you make a search on Bing.com (note I don’t use Google anymore) for the term “iPhone 3GS battery information” for example. The search engine will return information about iPhone 3Gs, not iPhone 3GS. Do you see the difference? The search engine thinks you typed the plural of iPhone 3G. While that seems like a detail, it could have its importance, especially for e-commerce sites.

Anyways, now you know how to correctly spell iPhone 3GS. I’m sure it makes you day…. Not!