TouchGrind Is Getting A Board Editor

Illusion Labs has been working on and is finishing up a long requested board editor for TouchGrind. According to a post, “you can either take a photo of something (your t-shirt, your wife, cheese, your crocheted Ninja Man and even something you have drawn on a piece of paper) or use a photo from your photo album. You can move it around, rotate it with two fingers, pinch to zoom etc.”

They posted a video on YouTube showing how it works:

When I asked them if you could create new boards or if you could just customize current ones they answered:

You can only customize the current ones in this release. The problem is that we’re already on the limit memory wise (due to the many textures), so this is the current solution.

You can of course reset a board’s graphics if you want it back.

So we have to wait for it to come out. And one last thing they posted:

It will be out when it is ready and fully tested (don’t wanna repeat the mistake with update 1.1, do we..).

And to answer some future questions:

Q: Can I change trucks?
A: No.

Q: Can I change wheels?
A: No

Q: Can I draw pictures in Touchgrind?
A: No, it’s a skating game. 1) Take photos or 2) draw them on your computer and sync using iTunes.

Can’t wait!!