iPod Touch 2G Is Now Fully Jailbroken

I knew they were up to something. The Dev Team had just been too quiet for a while, and a few days ago, I called them up on it. I was right!

Let’s welcome the iPod Touch 2G to the now growing family of jailbroken iDevices, or the “pwned for life” family, as MuscleNerd calls it. Apparently, the Dev Team has found a fatal flaw in the iPod Touch 2G’s bootrom, making it pwnable, no matter what firmware update comes along.

You could already jailbreak your iPod Touch 2G via a tethered version, but that was not very convenient, and this method probably turned off many of you. This new method available is the 24kpwn LLB patch, aka fully untethered, and supposedly much easier.

The Dev Team says:

Those of you who hang out on IRC or were able to read between the lines in the various blogs, forums, wikis and twitters may realize that we — and importantly, that’s a that’s a collective, cross-team “we” 🙂 — had been hoping to hold onto this full ipt2g jailbreak until the next version of the iPhone came out. That didn’t happen, but maybe it’s too late for Apple to fix the bootrom in the next iPhone.

In a forum post announcing the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak, MuscleNerd says:

Here it is. Just drop it into your existing pwnagetool or xpwn flow. You can even combine it with the nor-only variations to make this easy to install from iTunes without touching your main fs.

It’s bitter sweet that this has to come out in this manner, because it *really* would have been nice to save for the next iPhone. On the other hand, nobody knows the struggle to jb like iPod Touch 2G owners So it’s good for them.

Now it’s a waiting game to see if Apple can react fast enough.

The patch needs to be applied directly to the LLB without decrypting it first, using “bspatch” or equivalent. The resulting img3 should have this sha1:
SHA1(LLB.n72ap.RELEASE.img3)= 82734c7cdf945ba5421b83962aab3ab91e4fb23a

The raw patch to the firmware that transforms the “tethered” jailbreak into an untethered one was released but it’s not yet packaged up into the PwnageTool or QuickPwn flows. I will try to come up with a tutorial asap.

As usual, if you have any question, feel free to leave a comment.

UPDATE: dannyswrld created an iPod Touch 2G jailbreak tutorial for us!