Unlock Your iPhone 2G 2.2 Using QuickPwn

This guide will show you how to use QuickPwn 2.2 to jailbreak and/or unlock your iPhone 2G. This tutorial is for PC users but I assume the steps are the same on a Mac. This tutorial is NOT for iPhone 3G. If you’re only interested in jailbreaking your iPhone (not unlockink), please may read my QuickPwn 2.2 guide.

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Note that the comments are closed. If you have any question about the unlocking process, please ask in the forum.

Before doing anything, I suggest you read this important message from the Dev Team.

Click here to download the MobileInstallation patch for 2.2

Note that you are pwning your iPhone at your own risk… Success is not guaranteed!

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of iTunes. Update or restore your iPhone to firmware 2.2 using iTunes. Restoring is the preferred way to do it as it won’t waste space on your iPhone. Plug your iPhone and make sure iTunes has detected it. If you’re iPhone is already jailbroken, you may want to remove all the apps that you have downloaded from Cydia. Certain applications such as Winterboard, Categories and more cause trouble. You will be able to reinstall them later.
  2. Create a folder called “QuickPwn” on your desktop. Download your appropriate iPhone 2.2 firmware from here. Also download the QuickPwn 2.2 from here, the bootloader files BL 3.9 and BL 4.6 from here too. Place these files in the newly created QuickPwn folder on your desktop.
  3. Extract QuickPwn zipped file.
  4. Launch QuickPwn and select your iPhone version.
  5. You will be asked to select your iPhone firmware. Select the firmware you downloaded in Step 1.
  6. If the firmware you selected is valid, QuickPwn will show a green checkmark. Click Continue.
  7. You will then have the opportunity to select Cydia, Installer, custom boot logos and “unlock iPhone”. You have to select Cydia and “unlock iPhone”. You may also choose to install Installer. Click Next.
  8. You will now be asked to select your bootloader files. Click the Browse button and select the 3.9 bootloader from the Pwnage folder on your desktop. Likewise do the same thing for the 4.6 bootloader file. Then click the blue arrow button to continue.
  9. QuickPwn will now ask you to confirm that your iPhone is connected. Click the blue arrow to continue.
  10. QuickPwn will now automatically put your iPhone into recovery mode. Once its in recovery mode you will be prompted to: Hold the Home button for 5 seconds, Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and continuing holding the Home button until your iPhone is in DFU mode. Watch the prompts carefully and follow along.
  11. Once QuickPwn detects your iPhone in DFU mode, it will start the jailbreak process.
  12. Finally, QuickPwn will let you know that pwnage process was completed successfully.
  13. Done!

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  1. Make to use usb port on your computer not on a hub, otherwise error message (2006) and stuck in recovery mode.

  2. i have problems because i have a 2g iphone with 2.2 firmware file and when i execute Quickpwn 2.2 it says that the firmware file (Iphone1,1_2.1) does not match my iphone which is (iphone1,1_2.2) and i did all the downloads from this guide… so… anybody… help? =S

  3. I followed the steps twice, once with my old AT&T SIM and again with the SIM of the carrier where I live. In both cases, the phone still comes up as SIM-locked (i.e. I get the error message “different SIM detected”). I made sure to click the check box in Quickpwn 2.2 for Unlock. Suggestions?

  4. I get the same error as Martin. The phone continues to tell me to connect it with iTunes and that my SIM card is invalid.

  5. I’ve done this twice with 2.2 firmware sucessfully. First I put the phone in recovery mode (google to find out how), with the sim card that I want to use already in the phone. Then, I restored via itunes. After that was finished, I unplugged the iphone before it could reboot. Then follow this tutorial and it should work fine.

  6. I got the message that “Different SIM detected” and it prompts me to “connect to iTunes.”
    At the same time, I saw full bars and the operator name scrolling on the top. I am able to receive a call and if you slide open to make an “Emergency” call, you can just dial any number you want to reach and it will make the call.
    There is something wrong and I am doing it over again, maybe it will work.

  7. hey can somone please help me i tried to change my boot logo through winpwn1.0 and as soon as i try load an ispw it doesent reconize the file?tried logo me also dident work and i really want to intall custimize on my phone but it kick out every time anyone my email is charlesmuller@rocketmail.com please send me some guidlines.shot charles.firware 2.2 jailbrocken

  8. hey guys i really need some help here ,I jst updated my iphone to the latest fimware 2.2 .i trying to find a way to unlock and jailbreak it .iv tryed everything i could but itdont seem to work as if a holding a piece of rock in my m hand trying to crack it .

  9. hello again,
    i finally got mine to work. it requres some work and research but it’s worth it.
    i had to get a patched version of a folder called “lockdown” and replace it in my iphone via SSH (openSSH in iphone and WinSCP in Vista to connect the two).
    Once I replaced the Lockdown folder, the “Different SIM Detected” message disappeared and the phone is working like a charm in Europe (iPhone 2G).

    Google, google and google… to solve your problems.
    if you have upgraded your firmware to 2.2 you can easily revert back by restoring to previous firmware through iTunes.
    Hold down “Shift” when you click on Restore in iTunes and choose the version you want to go back to.

    you can find all the firmware links to apple server here (it’s the fastest download directly from apple)


    currently, iPhone 2G can be unlocked on firmware 2.1 and iPhone 3G can be unlocked on firmware 2.02 i think. I’ll try tomorrow.

  10. Worked for me just perfect! thank you thank you thank you! For those who confonted problems note that Google is your best friend!

  11. Works perfectly fine! I did it just now and it was awesome! xD

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I am spreading this!

  12. I use my iphone on ATT, but I need to unlock it so that I don’t have to pay the extra charges. I have been using it like this for about 6 mths. I want to upgrade, but do I need to remove the sim card or leave it in?

  13. Hey there.

    I had Cydia hidden under my SBSettings dock, and now that I’ve jailbroken onto 2.2 Cydia is not showing up. Can anyone tell me what steps I should use to get Cydia back?

    Thanks in advance!

  14. I Followed these instructions, but never could find any option to “unlock” within Quickpwn. The installer simply did everything for me for the most part. It is now jailbroken – but how do I unlock? I need to unlock this phone!

    iPhone 2G 8GB Firmware 2.2

  15. It works like magic.
    I had an unlocked iPhone 1.1.3 and took it for repair at Apple store. The Genius there told me that as your phone is in warranty they will replace it (despite it is jailbroken, I guess he couldn’t know that it was unlocked too as I had ATT sim in it). I took the phone back to my place to backup my data.
    Next time when I went there, the Genius was not there but another stupid guy upgraded my firmware and locked my iPhone and said that as the phone doesn’t has a contracted sim so he’ll not replace it.
    So I had an iPhone (originally 1.1.3) now 2.2 locked. COMPLETELY LOCKED.
    I followed the steps provided in this post and WHOWAAA I could unlock my iPhone without even a single hiccup.
    You guys ROCK… I am thankful to you..

  16. I’m using Turbo-SIM on my iphone 3G. I have jailbroke the 2.2 firmware, it was unlocked. however there was no service after that..it seems that the Turbo-SIM is no longer working…

    Anyone can help??

    Pls email me at ilovemegaman@hotmail.com

    Thx in advance.

  17. I have an unlocked 2g iphone. It had 2.0 software on it. I tried to upgrade it to 2.2 using the guide provided on this site. But for some reason I cant get QuickPwn to open or run on my PC. It just gives me an error.
    “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)”
    Is there a way to fix this? I have tried to download different QuickPwn files but the error remains. I am running XP on my PC.

  18. Yeah it worked great! EXCEPT, for some reason I cant sync my music to my iphone from itunes now. I dont get it. But im happy! I thought i was gonna need a new iphone. I seriously jacked this one up. Im glad it works now 🙂

  19. I just purchased a used locked phone 2g and about to go step to step through this guide. However, before the 1st step, it says

    Click here to download the MobileInstallation patch for 2.2

    I dont know why we have to download it because through the steps, they dont use or browse this file.

    Can anyone explain why we have to download MobileInstallation patch for 2.2?

    I think I’m an idiot. 😐

  20. I’m having the same problem as Tom. Quickpwn automatically took steps to jailbreak my phone without giving me the unlock option/screen. any suggestions?

  21. thank you, this worked perfectly
    i was so scared i bricked my phone but it worked fine!

  22. I just did this and it worked fine.

    Using Vista and iTunes 8, I had an unlocked and jailbroken 2G running 2.0

    I did a restore in iTunes to 2.2 at which point it got the “unrecognized SIM” which is NORMAL.

    Then I ran quickpwn 2.2-1 and followed the instructions above and it worked perfectly.

    Took 10mins total.

  23. Worked flawless !
    Just updated my (unlocked) v1.1.3 iphone to v2.2 (using QuickPwn22-1 under WinXP).

    Thanks to the design team and for posting this guide !

  24. Hello all,As a reply i have the same problem as jailbraker had. iPhone 2G 2.2 T-Moble Firmware using quickpwn. it appears quickpwn did Unlock my iPhone because i’m able to make and accept calls it does show my Network at the top aswell as a few bars but i’m at a screen giving me a message stating “Different SIM detected,Please connect to iTunes” and only gives me the option to Slide for emergency calls. i did install OpenSSH and WinSCP but i have no idea what i’m suppose to do with that. can anyone help please? i’ve tried Unlocking with my T-Moble SIM card in and a Cingular the Cingular was not an Active SIM as i don’t know anyone with one to use (If that matters)

  25. Stuck on “Different SIM detected”? So was I… I have AT&T SIM card, but also a German EPlus SIM that I wanted to use with 2.2 and 2g iPhone; after lots of trial and error (and Quickpwn did not solve this) I found a solution that worked for me: follow the steps in this post using PwnageTool (sorry PC users!)

    make sure you select the ‘Activate’ option in pwnage, and when it comes time to put your phone into DFU, put in your NON-AT&T SIM (in my case, EPlus). So far this works, no problem and I’m finishing my data backup as we speak…

  26. this was gr8.. i just wanted to unlock the phone for my trip abroad… when i get back i’ll just restore it back to the original firmware.. 🙂


  27. Worked perfect. Went from 1.1.4 to 2.2. The whole process took 40 minutes (whithout including download times).

    Thanks dev team!

  28. Can anyone point oout to me and the few other here where you found the option to unlock with quickpwn? It takes me directly trough the JB process, but I want to unlock this phone. At what point did you see the option to unlock? Please someone who is using this method with another carrier who used this method.


  29. i did exactly like you told me too…the only problem is that now that it is pwned i cant make phone calls…CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE, ITS URGENT!!!
    I have an 8G 3G iphone with rogers canada..

  30. THANK YOU SO FREGGIN MUCH…I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS WORKED…I’M EVER SO GRATEFUL…i would make a donation but i’m barely employed right now…anywho…that’s how grateful i am lol…

  31. I also had the “different Ssim detected”issue.Tried over and over but still had same problem

    Heres how i solved it..
    1. I restored the iphone with the 2.2 firmware downloaded from this site(with no Sim inserted)
    2. After restoration, you’ll be asked to install valid sim and connect to itunes so the phone can be activated.Close itunes and Install the DESIRED sim(in my case tmobile).
    3. Follow the quickpwn process and Voila!!

  32. Same as #19, 28, and 39: The Quickpwn jailbreak seems to have gone smoothly, but I was never given an option to Unlock. No box to check, nothing. What’s the deal, is my phone unlocked or not? Can someone who has successfully done this please reply!? Where exactly is that step supposed to happen? Several people in the comments mention that they were running Quickpwn with the new SIM card already installed, but I don’t have a new SIM card yet. (Planning to pick one up on a trip abroad next week.)

  33. it worked perfect !!!!

    i messed up my iphone with pwnage (ran always into error 1600 on itunes).
    i tried all tricks that I found in the internet, but nothing worked.

    then i used quickpwn, first on my mac, it worked but i couldn’t make calls.

    finally i used the procedure exactly as described above from a windows pc. It worked perfect!

    thanks devteam!!!!

  34. Genoius…!!!
    Fast…. !!!

    You are the Champion… and I thank you.
    Keep on rockin


  35. I had the same DIFFERENT SIM DETECTED issue. Tried the lockdown patch and nada, but the Willoughby solution worked out for me.

    Very much …Gracias !

  36. Awesome … cool, jus follow the steps and Iphone 2G2.2 Jailbread and unlocked with quickpwn2.2 !

    Thanks !

  37. hey this is the way I tried directions from another site and could not make calls but followed your steps and it worked like a charm thanks guys your the best

  38. Hi. I have jailbroken using this method. But my sim is not working still. No network coverage. Cant make calls. Cant sms. Why is this.

  39. Thank you Willoughby!

    I’ve been trying for almost 20 hours to get my phone back up an running

  40. Works Gr8!!!! thnx alot!!! but it doesnt matter where to put the quickpwn folder,, it worked in diff. folders!!!
    thnx again

  41. Thanks a lot for this procedure… Just tried it and worked fine without any problems. Just follow the instructions. Will write again after some testing 🙂

  42. Another 1.1.4 (originally jailbroken and unlocked with ziphone) upgraded to 2.2 successfully!
    Originally I had the problem with “wrong SIM card inserted.” I took out the SIM, shift-clicked on update to 2.2 in iTunes, then did NOT do the “restore” button before running QuickPwn. Worked like a charm, remove the SIM error, and I synced up through itunes normally to get everything.

  43. Followed step by step and took me about 20 minutes.

    It worked perfect for me!!!

    Thanks DevTeam and for this tutorial…

  44. I also had the “Different SIM Detected” and followed Willoughby’s (#42 above) advice by restoring again without a Sim card and then using QuickPwn with a TMobile Sim card and now the phone is unlocked and I can switch between an AT&T Sim card and a TMobile card with no problems at all.

    Thanks Willoughby!


    i’d guess without a “fresh” start the phone is still gonna be associated with the original at&t SIM. eject the sim, restore. close ituen follow these steps!

  46. I had the error message a good few times and was cursing QuickPwn, as a last resort I uninstalled and re-installed it….. worked like a charm!

  47. I was also getting the same message “DIFFERENT SIM CARD DETECTED”.

    THANKS TO Willoughby

  48. I’m using Turbo-SIM on my iphone 3G. I have jailbroke the 2.2 firmware, it was unlocked. however there was no service after that..it seems that the Turbo-SIM is no longer working

    please help

  49. Thanx for this very effective 2G tool! Previous Firmware was 1.4.2, and now unlocked and jailbraked to 2.2! Installation was 1st time succesful. iPhone works SUPER now. A tool how to get my SIM contacts into my iPhone contactswould help me a lot. Is iPhone not compatible with stereo Bluetooth devices?

  50. Just tried my updated 2G iPhone, all ok, expet I cannot send SMS messages…. I can receive them, but after sending a reply (or new message) I get after a few seconds a Message Transmission Error….
    My Vodafone provider offers a ‘free sms message’ option in their provider-settings menu on the phone, and I can send these messages without any problem……. (but limited to 1-a-day!)
    I also configured a new mobile-data network in APN settings…

    What can cause this sms sending error?

  51. I had the same issue as Tom (19) and others where the phone was jailbroken but it didn’t give me the option to unlock. I had used QuickPwn on a Mac.

    I switched to a PC and when using QuickPwn it gave me the option to unlock. All is working fine now.

    It would appear that if you need to unlock, you need to use QuickPwn on a PC rather than a Mac.

  52. The first time i jailbreaked my iPhone 2G. I tried a lot of other solution which make me stress each time because my phone was blocked.

    But with this solutoin, everything goes fine like a charm at the first try … Thanks a lot

  53. i unlock my iphone using quickpwn and its unlock sucessfully But my sim is not working still. No network coverage. Cant make calls. Cant sms. Why is this.
    please help me resolve this issue:(

  54. Great Great service. I have been trying to unlock my iphone for a while now nothing worked 1600 error 1604 got everything out there. This procedure was quick n easy. By the way the workaround for the sim issue is as (42. Willoughby) explained

  55. Hi all, i used this tool for the first time. I updated the iphones 2G of two friends via itunes to 2.2 and after that i did exactly what is written above. it worked with the first try. great work and so easy to use.

  56. I can’t get this to work, i have a 2G iPhone with 2.2 on it, and I followed the steps exactly how it says to do it. It doesn’t start the process, it just says preparing your device – please follow the prompts, but the prompts don’t move, so I just went ahead and did the steps(hold home, power etc.) and a little pop came up in the bottom corner of my desktop saying the iphone was in DFU mode, but QuickPwn still didn’t do anything, so I left it on over night at that step, and in the morning it was just as it was. any suggestions? I’m using Vista x64 if that has anything to do with it.

  57. wellididntfollow theinstructions allihavedone is that i pressed home button for 3 sec and then pressed the power button with it then i left them booth lol and it worked

  58. Followed the instructions from willoughby and from above and never had the option to check “unlock.” I’m running on a mac, and it seems i have jailbroken and maybe even unlocked. I’m at the home screen can get wifi, etc. My sim card just does not show up at all like it should…… reading “t-mobile” in the left corner. Anyway any ideas as i have tried all of these and dont have a pc to try on. email me if you can. thanks so much,

  59. I L O V E Y O U ! ! ! 🙂
    Works great! Bevor I tried it 2 day and … killed my IMac, because of one f****g guide! Now I did it on a Win.

    Greetings from Germany.

  60. I had the same issue the phone was jailbroken but it didn’t give me the option to unlock. I had used QuickPwn on a Mac.

  61. Worked fine for me. I was using Windows XP SP 3, Iphone was 2G running 2.0 on T-Mobile with TZones hack. After the uninstall and jailbreak everything was back to normal. New features…not really worth the time (40 minutes minus the downloads).

  62. I have iTunes ( installed and when I connect the phone, it takes me to AT&T activation screen. If I remove the SIM card and connect, it tells me to insert a valid SIM card. I can’t get to the point where I can use the Restore function from iTune. Any tips would be appreciated.

  63. I did “Unlock ” my 2G 2.2. With your process. Finally it recognize my SIM form other that i not At&T Wonderfull!! But I cannot get in because there is a window that sy “Ffferent SIM detected. Please connect to Itunes”.

    I am not confident to do so. What is it your explanation and suggestion?

  64. OK>
    I did every action as it is suggested by peolple here.

    Certainly I have my phone Unlocked but just receiving callings and just doin emergency callings.

    After hours and hours…..making everything that you nicely told in here…and inventing other ways..my conclusion is: (poor of me) Your Iphone jailbroken and unblocked just will work as you want ONLY AND JUST IF YOUR COMPANY HAS THE IPHONE AMONG ITS ITEMS TO SOLD TO THE COSTUMERS AUTHORIZED BY APPLE.

    I am crazy stating that after 24 hours inventing ways to fix it? I am right??? Has sense this? What is the Life? Hahahaha…Anyway I believe this explanation could help people to spend their time doing something really nice for another ones, going to mass, sharing time with friend and or family. Good luck.

  65. I have followed all the quick pwn steps and I can’t get this to work, i have a 2G iPhone with 2.2 on it, and I followed the steps exactly how it says to do it. It doesn’t start the process, it just says preparing your device – please follow the prompts, but the prompts don’t move, so I just went ahead and did the steps(hold home, power etc.) and a little pop came up in the bottom corner of my desktop saying the iphone was in DFU mode, but QuickPwn still didn’t do anything, so I left it on over night at that step, and in the morning it was just as it was. any suggestions? I’m using Vista x32 if that has anything to do with it.

    please help

  66. Miguel, some programs does not works on Vista (taht’s among other issues, people hates Vista). My suggestion do the process on XP.

    In what company do you want to put your Iphone?

  67. well seriously i am having extraordinary time with my iphone… i purchased iphone 3g 16gb a month ago.. its locked jst to use O2 sim card.. i dnt mind tht so nt unlocking it… bt quickpwn jailbroke it.. n i can use the best softwares i nvr thought iphone is capaible of… bt problem stated frm my frnds cell he purchaed an 2g 8gb 1.1.4 frm india unlocked n came to uk… working fine bt yesterday… he upgraded to 2.2 n it got locked… i have used quickpwn… winpwn…. its unlocked… it shows signal of ny sim u insert… its jailbroken to… bt it still shows sign to connect to itunes… n when i connect… it say sim card inserted is nt compatible plz put the sim card which i got with my iphone now frm were to bring tht… n we have uninstalled itunes few times as well to install difrent versions… nothing worked. wht to do…..

  68. Sushant,

    Go for a walk for a while, enjoy the life in different ways, Our happiness it is inside…and wait for some “deja vu” to help with our problems.

  69. Mine had a 2.2 firmware, and the unlocking steps works like charm. Thanks a lot! My phone is now running with a prepaid account. It won;t connect to internet since my prepaid account does not has data plan. I will add data plan soon. You rock!

  70. well work on my 2g iphone recomended software ……
    thanxs lot !!! cheers!!!

  71. great help…didnt need it really but to be safe i used it as a guide…one thing i noticed is people asking or saying there sim card is being rejeted….when you are qwkpawning make sure there is NO sim card in the phone…once installation is finished…you can put in your apple or tmobile card….make sure the card is NOT in when you are jailbreaking

  72. I was trying this last night but for the second time it got me freezing on the recovery mode…it won’t go to the instructions for me to do. have a 2g with 2.2, itunes 8.0.2 version. Prior to doing this it is only on emergency call only and updated and restored through itunes but itunes gets me stuck due to unativated phone and invalid simcard. Please help.

  73. For any one having problem with the message after jail break, “different sim detected, connect to itunes”, try this. I did it and worked for me:

    restored without original att sim on 2.2 and then closed/disconnected itunes. and then put external sim which i planned to use (another att sim in my case) and followed the same procedure. It works great, no problem. I have to try it other carrier’s sim to check it works or not.

    Thanks to #42, willoughby, followed the same proc and worked.
    Thanks a lot guys.

  74. well tht iphone is unlocked now…. i had to degrade it… its wrking fine… i dnt have ny complaints frm iphone… jst tht it doesnt have a good web browser… doesnt suport flash n cnt download….. ny one gt ny idea

  75. Thank-you so much, I thought my Iphone was stuffed for good. I tried every website to try and fix it and yours was the best! 🙂

  76. Hi all,
    Can anyone go into more detail on what #42, willoughby and some others are saying. the phone (2G) is unlocking the sim then nothing!!!! ( O2 sim )

  77. Tried numerous times, with sim without sim, taking it out when restoring then putting it in when jailbreaking/unlocking….get stuck on the screen “wait for your Iphone to connect in recovery mode” Any suggestions? iPhone 2g 2.2 firmware


  78. Worked-like-a-charm! Amazing. I looked everywhere for a solution and this was a no-brainer! Great explanations and a lot of help from the posts. THANK YOU – I am in-debted!!

  79. Worked Perfectly 1st time, isnt hard.

    First Couldnt Update Firmware through itunes. got error 3259

    DISABLED zonealarm and NOD32 and it updated.

    then followed your steps and was done, all unlocked and jailbroken. no problems was so ever.

    have a 2G iphone.

    big big thanks.

  80. You are the best, worked straight away, first time I’ve done it!! And let me tell u I was a bit nervous! Thank you so much

  81. Having trouble getting QuickPwn 2.2 to open on Vista–the screen says it needs to know what application to open it with. Assuming Quickpwn 2.2 should be in the same folder with everything else the instructions say to download. Any suggestions for how to get QuickPwn 2.2 to open on Vista?

  82. To Nala,
    If you’re using Vista, I had the same exact problem. It was stuck in recovery mode but Quickpwn wouldnt move to the “hold down” part. Here’s how I fixed it: Completely remove the Quickpwn you originally downloaded and download a new copy. Next restore your iphone and run the new copy of Quickpwn. It should work this time, good luck!!! 🙂

  83. Tried what #109 ASH said, Thank you for helping!!! But still no luck, it goes through the steps to hold home button and power button; but then gives me an error: “Your device has connected in the wrong mode. This can be caused by incorrect following of instructions, or a faulty USB connection. Please try again.” This has happend couple of times, I am sure I am doing everything right….any other suggestions? Would really love to use my phone again!

  84. To Nala,
    Well, is the USB cable allright? I had the problem where the USB actually WAS faulty when I unlocked my friends, good thing I have like 3 of them, and I tossed the fautly one and then it worked. if that’s not the case, then either try another USB port ( there’s usually 2) or if you can, try using another computer, perhaps xp might work. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes! 🙂

  85. I also had the “different Sim detected”issue.Tried over and over but still had same problem

    Heres how i solved it..
    1. I restored the iphone with the 2.2 firmware downloaded from this site(with no Sim inserted)
    2. After restoration, you’ll be asked to install valid sim and connect to itunes so the phone can be activated.Close itunes and Install the DESIRED sim(in my case tmobile).
    3. Follow the quickpwn process and Voila!!

  86. Worked just fine…. I upgraded my 1.1.4 to 2.2 and than went through the above steps. It worked like a charm… right now I connected my phone to itunes and its trying to restore from backup…. ppl if you upgrade to 2.2 using itunes please note all your data will be gone…. its gone for me.. but I have the updated firmware… who cares about the data I can get it again.. thx

  87. Well Done !!! no issues, just updated today without any hiccups.
    Great Job The Dev Team.

    One advice …

    Please ensure the quickpwn works before trying any update with iPhone. Not all versions are stable. Crashes more likely esp on Vista.
    I found one with the name quickpwn22-1.exe to be stable through torrent file.

    Have fun
    NAVi @ Dubai

  88. So it seams to work fine, except I get No Signal. All calls fail immediately, I have tried 2 pre paid sim cards. E-plus and Ortel. They both work in other phones, but not in my iphone 2g – v2.2. I did the procedure where I restore with no sim. then insert the new sim and run quickpwn 2.2. Seams to work but it wont get any signal bars or show that i am connected to a carrier or make calls…
    please any help or ideas?


  89. actually i got 2g phone from my bro he has left to us but i don kno d password i tried diff passwords now its showing iphone is disabled connect to itunes..but if i connect to itunes its showin from enter the pin to access…

  90. i had some really quick questions guys and gals…

    i just wanted to know if i have a 1st gen iphone 2g that’s already unlocked and working on 1.1.4 when i restore the phone on itunes and updated the firmware to 2.2 will it lock the phone up so i can’t use my tmobile sim card? then when i use quickpwn; do i need to unlock it again to use 2.2? do i need to jailbreak it to use the 2.2 software? i’m aware that quickpwn unlocks and jailbreaks.

    you response is MUCH appreciated. i am new at this, thanks! 🙂

  91. Hell to the yes it worked!!!!!!! I even did with my phone not being activated…..SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. To Robusto,
    Yea, the update and restore will lock the iPhone back to AT&T, and your T-Mobile sim won’t work again until you re unlock it using Quickpwn. For Quickpwn, you’d have to run the unlock and jailbreak process ( I suggest downloading Cydia as its apps are much more reliable and less likely to crash than Installer) and be sure to download the firmware, bootloader files, etc. in order for everything to go smoothly. I have a T-Mobile sim too and 2.2 FW and it works perfectly fine after I used Quickpwn. Oh, and don’t be scared to do the unlocking process. I know it’s scary locking then unlocking it yourself, but if you follow the steps provided EXACTLY, everything will go well. At first, I got so scared and thought I locked my iPhone for good, but it turned out that my copy of Quickpwn wasn’t a good one, so I just redownloaded a new one and it worked great!!!! Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  93. thanks SO MUCH Ash, i am going to do it next week. if i am doing it on a mac do i need the bootloader files you speak of? i was just going to restore and upgrade the firmware via itunes with the restore feature. i think Cydia comes with quickpwn if i am not mistaken. if it’s not to much trouble to ask would you happen to have links?

    if i dont here from you i’ll let you know how it goes! thanks again!

  94. Yea, you’re going to need the boot loader files and a copy of the firmware. If you want to play games on your iPhone, download the mobile installation patch as well (Thats optional but I didn’t even bother with it since it ate up too much memory) The links for the bootloader files, Quickpwn, and the firmaware are here:
    * BL 3.9
    * BL 4.6
    Just be sure to download the Quickpwn for Mac OS-X and not windows, I did that accidentally once haha And be sure to read all of the instructions on the top and do everything EXACTLY as it says and everything should go A-okay!
    Hope everything goes well and let me know how everything worked out! 🙂

  95. I tried over 10 times to jailbreak my iphone. I eventually followed the steps that Joon mentioned of putting the phone into recovery mode, installing the different sim, connecting to itunes to restore, then disconnecting before the iphone reboots and then following the quickpwn steps. I did this and it finally unlocked. Still don’t know why this is what I had to do. I followed all the steps, videos from all over the net, and only used downloads from trusted sources with current itunes and installers. Anyone else have an idea as to why I had to go the hard way around? Thanks again to Joon for posting this or I would still have cydia and installer but no phone.

  96. Perfect ! You guys are wonderful. My iPhone (G2) was working again in minutes. Thank You.

  97. Ok.. so here’s my situation; summary: osX version didn’t work ultimately, XP version did.

    I had a 2G 1.1.1 unlocked/jb’d with ziphone (i think – hard to remember at this point)
    1. I followed all of the instructions above, including #42 (Willoughby)’s excellent insight running QuickPwn 2.2 under osX.
    2. It gave me no options for unlocking, choosing bundles, finding the boot loader binaries, etc.
    3. It ran seemingly without error and the phone booted. I had zero network bars and no carrier name. Everything else was fine with the phone.
    4. I then download QuickPwn 2.2.1 to my XP machine.
    5. I repeated #42’s iTunes restore on my osX machine (because this is ultimately the machine i want to keep my iPhone sync’d with).
    6. I then quit iTunes and unplugged the USB cable (immediately – before iTunes had a chance to complain about a missing SIM — don’t know whether this is ritual voodoo, or does something)
    7. I plugged the USB cable into my XP box.
    8. iTunes attempted to launch and i saw the “Waiting for the iPhone” modal window – so i detached the iPhone from the cable, let iTunes boot, then quit iTunes. (Again – voodoo or not – i don’t know)
    9. I then followed this article’s instructions 4.-13. (including choosing ‘unlock’)
    10. *THIS TIME* the phone rebooted and did a bunch of crap it never did under osX (like automatically run BootNeuter).
    11. After boot neuter ran, including flashing the baseband, the phone rebooted itself again.
    12. Success – i now could see the cell network / make calls / …
    13. I unplugged the USB cable from the XP box and plugged it back into my osX box.
    14. iTunes came up and gave me the option to restore the phone’s data from the last backup, which i took.
    15. iTunes sync’d my notes, contacts, sms, video, songs, etc and my phone was back unlocked, jailbroken, and running 2.2

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this process.

  98. Faster unlocking!

    I downloaded all the files before I started and since SA’s cap is expensive I just copied the firmware file into the directory where iTunes accesses it. After the update was finished the phone booted and I noticed it was unlocked!!! No need to install Cydia etc. I used Winpwn previously only for unlocking and had endless trouble getting it working(struggled for almost 6 hours while my dad kept on repeating death threaths)

    So if you only want your iPhone unlocked with 2.2, download the firmware from this site!

  99. You guys are the best !
    There are many solution from youtube, but all of them have some tradebacks one way or the other, until your solution, it is by far the easiest and totally safed my iPhone, but more importantly, saved me potentially hours and hours of research and trials & erros… hands down, you guys rock ^_^

  100. What itunes version did you use for this. I have a fear of using the latest as they tend to “FIX” things.

    Those who have done it successfully post you iTunes version.

  101. To Astro1,
    The iTunes version you’re going to need is the latest one out (I believe 8.0.2) Once it’s done downloading, be sure to restart your computer first to let the update take effect, this step’s really important but sometimes overlooked. The latest version will re-lock your phone since it is restoring everything, but if you follow the steps in this guide EXACTLY, download everything needed (firmware, bootloaders, etc.), then everything should turn out fine 🙂 I was scared too that I permanently relocked my phone, but once I reread the instructions and redownloaded a new copy of Quickpwn, everything worked out. Hope this helps! 🙂

  102. I would like to report a success.

    Do yourselves a favor if your are considering doing this. Read the entire thread. Read the replies and then try.

    I did the following on a WinXP Pro machine running iTunes 7.7

    Back Up Iphone in iTunes (you can keep form reloading all the music, etc.)
    Remove (original) SIM !!!!!
    Restore to Version 2.2 in iTunes.
    While iPhone is rebooting after restore disconnect the USB cable.
    When Iphone reboots, insert your new desired SIM. Yes you will get a message saying that it’s locked etc. etc. Emergency mode only. Don’t trip!
    Start up QuickPwn 2.2
    Follow the prompts.
    You’re done.

    I did the above and it works.

    Good Luck. And Thanks to everyone who’s posted ideas on making the process easier for the rest of us.

  103. Just tried the 2.2 unlock for the first time. I followed the directions to the letter and it unlocked and jailbroke my 2G Iphone perfectly. The holding the buttons part must be followed exactly. Before I unlocked/jailbroke my phone I erased and reset all settings leaving maximum amount of space available on the phone for apps. If you can follow directions you can unlock your iphone. I used Windows Vista and Itunes guys!!

  104. @astro1 – instructions are pretty clear. Quote: “STEP 1 Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of iTunes.”

    You guys don’t complain it’s not working afterward if you can’t even follow directions!

  105. When I run quickpwn, at the last step where there are instructions to hold home button for 5 seconds etc, there is a pop up that says that the phone was loaded in the wrong mode, or something like that. It also says that either the USB is not connected right or the instructions were now followed right. I have tried it a number of times with no luck. Can someone help me with this problem. I am trying to jailbreak a 2g iphone with the 2.2firmware that I updated with itunes.

  106. i have tried for hous to unlock iphone its stays on the preparing iphone screen in quickpwn it wont even go to the hold down the home butoon did i do something wrong ever happen before please i need help

  107. I too had the same “Different SIM detected,Please connect to iTunes” issue. I googled a lot since I didn’t want to connect to itunes without making sure it is not an issue.

    Finally the idea of “42. Willoughby” worked just fine. Thanks a lot Willoughby.

  108. To badbeat4eva ,
    If you’re using Vista, I ran into the exact same problem. Here’s how I fixed it:
    -Completely get rid of the copy of Quickpwn you’re having issues with
    -Download a new copy of Quickpwn (I suggest going to Quickpwn’s website and getting a copy there)
    – Rerun the new version of Quickpwn, everything should work from there
    Hope this helps! =)

  109. all i gotta say is THANK YOU WILLOUGHBY!!!!!!!! —No: 42
    got the “another sim detected” problem and he had the solution


  110. hi can u please help asap, i have an iphone its a 2.2 8gb not sure of anything else it was bought for me unlocked and i have had it a month, but i just tried to put music on it and i pressed update iphone which has no dected that it is a different sim i’m in ireland where it is ment to be 02 but i’m meteor , its now not working for me with my sim, only for emergancy’s so its blocked !! i tried to download some things off this site but they wouldnt download can anyone help asap please!!!!

  111. Thank you very much for the info and links on this site. I successfully updated my iPhone to 2.2 firmware and it’s completely unlocked. It took me quite a long time though so I would say to anyone trying it – do EXACTLY what the instructions say and don’t be tempted to have a look at your phone after the firmware has updated – just keep on following the instructions and you’ll get there. Also, don’t have a sim card in it at all. Thanks again!

  112. hey if i unlock my iphone to use it with a different service provider, can i restore it and use with at&t after i unlocked it???

  113. This works well except I can’t get past the part where it puts my phone is restore mode. It never prompts me to continue and push the home button? I am trying to unlock an iphone 2g. What am I doing wrong? Any help out there? Thanks!

  114. i have downloaded all the files but my quickpwn says application failed to initialize some error

  115. I went through 3 times getting stuck in the “Waiting your iphone to connect in recovery mode…” message. I took the advice here, did the redownload and all that… never worked. UNTIL, I rebooted and downloaded QuickPwn from http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ with the torrent (file size is different from my previous download), and then it worked! Hope this helps.

  116. im using tmobile with my iphone currently…i havent yet updated to any 2.0 software….if i were to do this, would all my music….photos…and contacts be erased one i restore

  117. PLEASE ANSWER THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once using quickpwn 2.2 on my 3G 16GB phone, the JB went fine but i have no service. No one answers this and many people here have this issue. To all of you having this issue, did you find a fix??

    Someone say something please about this. We too would like to be in the land of jailbroken-ness.


    /rant off

  118. and i am with AT&T…btw, no yellow snow, no need to unlock. just JB with quickpwn 2.2

  119. hi all,
    im living in ksa and i have jb my iphone 2g with 2.2.1 but there is no carrier in my phone .i have tried every thing that in the discussion blow but nothing happens can anybody help me with this

  120. ok. my fault. So i work for a video game company and i sold them my iphone 2g 8GB. That was used with quickpwn 2.2, when i place my sim card in the phone, i have no service. Its the same for the 2g as the 3g. But when the sim card is placed into my non-JB’d 3g, it works fine, so its not the sim card.

    Any suggestions now? 2g or 3g, dont matter in my case as to BOTH are not working.

  121. Can someone PLEASE answer me this–

    I have unlocked and jailbroken my 2g iphone. I get no service, no carriers, wifi, or bluetooth. I’ve tried ziphone (which isn’t compatible for me), quickpwn, and pawnage. I’ve tried resetting the network settings, something with the maps, I bought a new sim, tried a turbo sim, unlocked it with my centennial sim, with the at&t sim, and even called Apple Technical Support.

    Absolutely no luck. Now my phone is saying that I don’t have a sim in it, when I have my Centennial Wireless sim in it.

    I’ve been working on this phone for around three weeks and I REALLY need it to work…can someone please help?


  122. Harold, you see that others have this issue. Do you know anything about this error or problem or are you just poiting out to 3g users that this only works for 2g? even though it worked for my 3g just fine.

  123. Using 2G 2.2.5 Roger SIM ( pay-as-you-go).

    Have been using jailbroken iPhone for 1.5 years.

    1. Upgraded through iTunes.
    2. Used Quick Pawn.
    3. No Error messages and YES, I waited for re-boot.

    No carrier service now.

    Tried restoring to version 2.2.5, 2.2.1 and 2.0 ( QP wouldn’t work with this last version) all with same results.

    At square one again. SIM card no longer works.

    Anyone have the same problem or know of a fix?

  124. WooHoo~ It work great!! simple steps, very very easy to follow!!

    Only problem I encountered was the “Different Sim Detected”, but this link helps!!

    Step by step what to do to replace the “Lockdown” file

    Ways to get to the iphone directories

    Many many Thanks!!!

  125. Here is the scoop for those who have problem with wrong firmwire all you need to do is download 2.1 and restore your iphone to 2.1 holding shift when presing restore the program will open location where the old software should be place the restore 2.1 in and run restore once you downgradet to 2.1 ran the software abowe and you home.
    And thank you for the program greate help all the best from Poland]

  126. Fantastic – updated & re-unlocked my 2G iPhone (from v. 1.0.2 to 2.2), and now can download apps like Skype. Happy day.

    Two workarounds we needed, because we got Error 1403 when we tried to “Restore” the iPhone to firmware 2.2:

    1) Though we downloaded iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw and the computer said “download complete,” in fact only about half of the file had downloaded, so we had to download the complete version (222.6 MB ) again, from scratch. Check the file size and make sure you have the whole thing.

    2) Our iPhone needed to be in DFU (“Device Firmware Update” – makes sense!) mode for the process to work. For more on DFU mode, see here:

    Thanks again and good luck to everyone trying this.

  127. For those of you using QuickPWN on Mac OS X, you’ll see there’s no unlock option. After running quickpwn, if you still don’t get service, download BootNeuter from Cydia on the iPhone. You can then flash the iPhone to complete the unlock.

  128. Hey….

    I just wonder what about us with a iPod Touch 16GB.
    Tried using Quick Pwn and it keeps saying that the firmware is either corrupted or does not match supported firmwares.

    Tried downloading the damn firmware from different places and still the same hell I even tried ziphone and it won’t even find the freakin’ thingy 😛

    Help very much appriecated

  129. mines keeps saying diffrent sim detected.please connect to intuns..but it lets me make emergancy calls nd reciveve multiple text messages

  130. I unlocked the Iphone 1st Gen to use a T-mobile SIM card it works fine, but when i put the T-mobile SIM in it gives me the “Different SIM detected” error


  131. hi just wondering if someone could give me a bit of advice?
    yesterday i got a 2G iphone from a friend, who i think had unlocked using this kind of jailbreaking thing and not realising, i tried to erase all the content. this meant that the phone relocked its self. it is now completely unresponsive just with the apple symbol and doesnt turn on. I just reinstalled itunes, the phone’s not detected by itunes and doesnt even seem to be charging now. These instructions say to plug in the phone and make sure itunes has recognised it but it doesnt even do that! suggestions??

  132. hey all…
    i am having a problem with Quickpwn.
    when ever i try to open it there is an application error that application failed to initialize properly..
    plz help me out



  135. Liana try to hold down the round home button and the power button at the same time and it should turn back on.

  136. Hey thank you after spending hours and hours on other unlokcing procedures atlast came to this and succeded with in 5min.Thank you so much atlast i unlocked my iphone 2g


  138. It worked with my T-mobile sim card. I was extremely frustrated because I kept getting an “unsupported sim” error in iTunes when I went to activte it, but after my 5th attempt it finally worked. I’m now fully functional with the exception of visual voicemail. I have a T-mobile sim and blackberry unlimited internet plan.

  139. afisher49
    my problem is solved on its own..
    i just downloaded wuickPwn again and the next day it worked flawless.
    i dont know how it started working… 😮

  140. hey brother…thanx a ton buddd…..i was so scared….but u helped me out…..

  141. and finallly m using it……it feel so great…actuallly it belongs to my cousin…..and i thot that i fucked his phone….but u helped me out boy……

  142. I think I hate the iPhone. I’ve been at this, two rounds now, for a good 3 hours each time, and it just will not work. I have a perfectly working iPhone 2g here, no way to recover the passcode and am trying to unlock it on my pc, which isn’t the one that the iPhone was set up on.. and no Pwnage, QuickPwn or firmware will just unlock the damn thing.. I’m about to just throw the f**kerr out the window! I’m operating on Windows x64 bit edition, which doesn’t help, so I grabbed another hard drive, making the # of HDD’s on my pc 6 now, burnt a Windows 32 bit version, installed it on that little 12 GB HDD, booted it up on that, installed iTunes on that HDD.. and I am beginning to go crosseyed! Why won’t this work?!

  143. I mean, why won’t Pwnage or Quickpwn open al att.. “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application..

  144. still at it.. installed net framework.. but now Quickpwn won’t find the device.. and I’m goin on about 5 hours, its after midnight, and I still hate this damn iPhone

  145. don´t give up!!!
    this really work i´m so happy with my 2g iphone
    thanks to all of you guys keep working.

  146. For Mac OS X users – people with issues unlocking (ie “No Service” or can’t make calls) – I tried this tutorial here and failed multiple times and was never able to get QuickPwn to work, however I was able to get the Pwnage tool to work (finally!) and my phone now works very well (including data). Use this tutorial http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=1557 although I did use the BL 3.9 and BL 4.6 files that I downloaded from this site. Also, if you are on T-mobile, you need to go into settings and add an APN for the data to work. I use epc.tmobile.com but supposedly internet2.voicestream.com and internet3.voicestream.com work as well. wap.voicestream.com is an older version… I get email only with this but can’t seem to use the internet.

  147. I have spent several hours reading forums, etc, to help solve my problem, and I have the feeling that your site is my best hope. I have an unlocked 2G 8G iPhone (from Ebay) that is working with a t-mobile SIM card, sort of. I have installed iTunes apps successfully, can use wifi, and synced with gmail contacts, and so far so good. However, the phone defaults to a white screen within a minute whenever it’s not connected to the charger, and I must hold power and home button to reboot the phone whenever this happens. It seems to have started after I updated Cydia. How can I get rid of this problem? I also am afraid to restore, thinking that it may relock the phone or brick it. I have a MacBook Pro (OSX 10.5.6) with iTunes 8.1.1. I already sync my 3G ATT iPhone with this iTunes, the unlocked 2G is for my husband to use on T-Mobile. Can you help me?

  148. i hav iphone 2g i dint read ur steps before upgrading it. i upgraded it and now it is locked. it says “insert a valid sim with no pin”. and now i tried quickpwn, after it detects my phone, it does not proceed after the browse part i tried several firmware because i dont knw which firmware it has but it does not work.
    i will be very thanks full if u help me

  149. i hav iphone 2g i dint read ur steps before upgrading it. i upgraded it and now it is locked. it says “insert a valid sim with no pin”. and now i tried quickpwn, after it detects my phone, it does not proceed after the browse part i tried several firmware because i dont knw which firmware it has but it does not work.
    i will be very thanks full if u help me

  150. Peter
    I have a question – Can you slide the bottom bar across the phone to make an emergency call or slide the bar across the top of the screen to turn the phone off?

    I just got a used 2g and I could do neither of those things. Then after jailbreaking/unlocking, I got the Globe background and it says “tmobile” in the upper corner and I can see incoming calls, but I can not slide the bottom bar to get into the phone. There is a lock sign on the top of the phone, but I am now thinking this is a hardware problem. The phone looks fine, but it will not acknowledge any touch.

    I am trying to campare with others to find out if this is a hardware problem or a locking problem.

    Please help – pittphan@gmail.com

  151. @G1 No, download version 2.2.1. This tutorial is outdated, you just need to download the appropriate files. You can still unlocked your iPhone if you’re on 2.2.1. Follow this instructions and you will be fine.


  152. I have a question? It say download the version 2.2 do I download that version even if I have a 2.2.1?

  153. So, it’s common knowledge that 3G iPhones cannot be unlocked after upgrading them to 2.2.1 and bb 02.30.03, but a bunch of sites such as The-iPhone-Unlock.com for example, claim that they can unlock that particular 3G/firmware/bb combo with a software, of course, for a price. Are these for real? can they really do it? anyone has tried a method such as these?

  154. Ok, my husband has the iphone 2G and last night he upgraded it, but now his phone is totally locked. So are we basically screwed? Everything on his phone is totally wiped clean?

  155. Thank god I also had a heart attack. So all I have to do is download the 2.2.1 version and still the bl 3.9 and 4.6? This may sound c razy but I have a few other questions can I send you an email or either can you email me or something? I’m trying to figure out what does it mean to extract QuickPwn zipped file?

  156. I got the message that “Different SIM detected” and it prompts me to “connect to iTunes.”
    At the same time, I saw full bars and the operator name scrolling on the top. I am able to receive a call and if you slide open to make an “Emergency” call, you can just dial any number you want to reach and it will make the call.
    I am using V2.2.1
    Please some body help me with this.

  157. well i havent tried unlocking it i need to know tht since the power button on my iphone doesnt work will i b able to unlock iphone in any other way?

  158. well i havent tried unlocking it i need to know tht since the power button on my iphone doesnt work will i b able to unlock iphone in any other way?

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