Hack To Get Google Street View On iPod Touch

If you’re an iPod Touch owner and you feel that you’ve been left alone with the Google street view feature, I have some good news for you. iPodTouchFans.com user timmyj9 reveals a hack that will allow you to get Google street view on your iPod Touch.

To do so, you will need some very basic skills. Here it goes:

1. get this file via ssh: /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N45AP.plist
2. convert to xml at http://iappcat.com/plist/bin2xml
3. add




4. save then using that website again reconvert to binary
5. rename original file N45AP.old
6. copy new N45AP.plist in (make sure permissions are 644)
7. reboot ipod
all new Maps features work however you get a searching for service (replaces the word ipod in the top left) and waiting for activation message that pops up occassionally, music settings disappear also music slot in prefs disappears (hjrry)

I haven’t tried this as I don’t have an iPod Touch but I’d love to hear from you if you try this hack out. Share your experience in the comments.