LiveCLIQ brings video streaming and recording to the iPhone

Like Qik and FlixWagon, LiveCLIQ is a free application that allows live streaming and recording of videos directly from your iPhone. Before some of you get too excited, let me tell you right away that this app is only available for jailbroken iPhones. This means that if you’re on a stock iPhone, you will have to wait 2017, until Apple finally decides to add video recording to the iPhone for you to enjoy this neat feature…

Here is how LiveCLIQ works. First I downloaded the application from Cydia. After installing, when you launch the application a message shows up asking for your “token number”. This got me confused for a while. I understood that I needed some type of registration but nothing was telling me where to get this “token number”. The “more info” link for this app in Cydia was showing the website and going there didn’t help me at all. After googling “livecliq”, I finally found the LiveCliq.NET website where you can register.

It took a few minutes to figure this out but I finally registered. Then you need to submit your phone number so LiveCLIQ can send you a text message containing a link to your token number. What a straightforward process… NOT! This could have been much easier, simply by allowing me to register directly from my iPhone.

After launching LiveCLIQ and entering your token number, you are given several options: prefs, mute, sync, record, and stream. The preferences allow you to choose the resolution of the video. You can either record/stream in 236×176, 176×144, and 320×240. The preferences also lets you set default title, tags, and streaming preferences (public or private) for your videos.

To record a video, simply tap the “record” button. It will start recording instantly and show the time on the screen. Once you’ve finished recording, simply tap “stop” and you will now have the choice to give a custom title, tags and streaming preferences to your video. Tap “done” to save the video.

Now if you want to upload this video to LiveCLIQ’s servers, simply tap “sync”, then select what videos you want to upload and choose “sync selected” or “sync all” to start uploading. You have some sort of yellow status bar showing on your screen while syncing, so you know where you’re at in the uploading process. It tool only 1 minute to upload the 1.48 min video that you can see below. I mean, uploading the same video from my PC to YouTube would have taken at least 5 minutes, including processing time. Once uploaded, the videos show in your LiveCLIQ account, a la YouTube, for everyone to watch.

LiveCLIQ also allows you to stream your videos. I tried this too and I was also positively impressed as there was only a 3-4 second delay between what I was filming and the live stream on my PC. I have only tried this over Wifi though, and I doubt it is that fast over Edge or even 3G.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this application. One thing I would change is the registration process which could be streamlined. It seems that I found a replacement for Cycorder, which was my favorite video recording application so far. Too bad Cycorder doesn’t allow you to upload on YouTube directly from the iPhone… While I will most likely never use the live streaming part of LiveCLIQ, I now that I will now use it to record all my videos.

One thing I am wondering is where on your iPhone LiveCLIQ’s videos are stored. If any of you guys know, please write a comment. Also let us know what you think of this app if you’ve already tried it.