MCallShow tells you more about who’s calling you

A new application is available since this morning in Cydia called MCallShow, brought to you by the developers of MCleaner. MCallShow is a call information enhancer that shows the location data of the incoming or outgoing call.

So when you call someone who’s not in your contact list, instead of just showing the phone number, your iPhone will also display the location you’re calling. I guess this feature is more useful for incoming calls.

The downside of this app… Well first, it’s a paid app and although you can try it free for 15 days, it will then cost you $5. Second, the company is in China. I don’t have anything against Chinese but a few bad experiences on eBay taught me to be careful about doing any type of business with people located in China. Lastly, it seems that MCallShow requires quite a bit of work on your end to set it up properly.

I didn’t get to try this application and I would love to hear from anyone who has. Let us know in the comments…