Mcleaner – show your calls and texts who’s the Boss

Now when I get the urge to try a new app that I see on the App Store, or maybe hear about in Cydia, I always go in with the same 3 questions. Is it easy to use? Is it something that I’ll use? And is it stable? There are tons of other things I look at, but these are the 3 I focus on. So with that in mind lets take a look at Mcleaner, a new application available in Cydia, via the iSpazio’s repo.

Now typically this is one of those ones I’d sub consciously pass over. The description said something about blocking SMS messages and phone calls, and I’m thinking, when would I ever use this? But this time it was almost like a little bird was whispering in my ear, “Go ahead Cody, try Mcleaner out, maybe even review it on” He sounded French. Anyways I listened and decided to give it a try.

Wow. That’s not the word I’ll be using at the end of this article, but that’s what I first thought when I opened the App. This looked so well done, especially for a Cydia App. By default you start off in the ‘Working Mode’ profile, but you can create others. Maybe you have a ‘work mode’ and then a ‘church mode’. Then you can setup your whitelist and blacklist.  The white list is a list of contact names or phone numbers that you would like allowed on this particular profile. And of course the black list is a list of names and numbers that you wouldn’t like to contact you.  You may also schedule profiles to take affect at certain times, for example, ‘work mode’ can be scheduled 8-5 M-F, I though this was pretty cool.

Everything seems to be made so effortless for the user, as you are given several choices when asked to add a contact to a list, add from contacts, input number, add from recents, etc.  You may also choose to block unknown and private numbers, perfect if you are constantly getting harassed by telemarketers and the like. The developer definitely gets an A+ in ease of use here.  We can go ahead and throw in one for stability as well, I haven’t had any issues, and a quick test block on my girlfriend’s number proved successful.

So Cody, this thing sounds sweet, should I go ahead and download? Ah, ah, ah, this is why there are 3 questions. I have to say, Mcleaner is very well put together, but has a very small target audience. Unless you are wanting to avoid bill collectors, or that creepy guy at the office that always texts “Sup?”, I don’t see any other real use for this application. Now, I’m sure if your attending high stakes meetings on a daily basis, you might find this program very useful. But for the majority of us, well me at least, I’ll stick to the good old mute switch on the side of my iPhone. I generally hit it on my way into the office, and it has served me well.  Especially since at the end of the 15 day trial, your asked to pay 11.99. One love.