Installer 4.0b9 update


The RIP Dev Team posted today on their blog about new updates they brought to Installer. Here is what you can find in the new package:

  • Added user-driven ratings. We encourage you to submit your votes for various packages. Once more data will be collected (in a few days), that will be reflected on the Featured page.
  • SpringBoard is no longer terminated after the software was installed or removed.
  • Proxies are (again) supported. The support was broken after we moved to libcurl.
  • Introduced download timeouts (again) that were disabled after the move to libcurl.
  • Reworked many parts of the engine in an effort to get rid of the occasional GUI stalls.
  • If a particular source fails to update, it will be moved to “disabled” state for 6 hours and will not be included in the all sources refresh process. The disabled state is listed as the source icon with a red “stop” sign over it. This is done to prevent unnecessary stalls at the sources refresh if one of the sources goes offline for whatever reason. If you’d like to retry it before 12 hour interval, open its info and hit Refresh button there.
  • Removed custom Info support as it was mostly used for unnecessary ads that were disturbing many people. These pages are normally reachable from the “More Info” link.
  • Much better error reporting. Forget these “error 3″s and such. The descriptions are much more human readable now. And for script errors, it will show an actual script command that caused an error.
  • Installer will prevent iPhone/iPod touch from sleeping when it’s downloading or installing something.
  • The app icon badge should behave better now.
  • Lots of smaller fixes and optimizations I won’t list.

With the popularity of Cydia, I really wonder if there is still room for Installer. I guess time will tell.