vMail xPress Voice eMail Free Lite Edition

In my ongoing quest to find iPhone applications that will revolutionize the way we live, I found a cool app that I think will come in handy for anyone who uses e-mail on their iPhone.

vMail xPress Voice eMail has been out since September 3, according to the App Store.  But, I heard no buzz about it and it sold for $9.99 in the Business category.  A few days ago, the developer of the app released a Free Lite Edition [iTunes Link].  So, I decided to give it a try.

The app allows you to bring up a contact by simply saying his or her name and then you can send that person an audio e-mail and a picture.  It’s e-mail creation without typing at all!  I found the process to be very simple.

First, you enter your name and an e-mail address (presumably the one you’re going to use to send the e-mail).  This app gets brownie points for not having to register and figure out another password.  Then, you SAY your contact’s name.  I found that slower is better.  On the down side, the contact name and e-mail address you send to need to be in your iPhone contact list.  I used my Gmail account and, for some reason, I thought the app was going to search my contacts in Gmail.  Maybe that would be asking too much for a free app.  As soon as the app has the contact you want to send to, you can choose to record an audio message as well as post a picture that will go in the e-mail.  The picture can be taken on the spot or from your photo library.  After you review your audio e-mail, you hit the send button and you’re done!

Your recipient will get an internet link to your audio e-mail and picture.  I had hoped that the audio and picture would simply be attachments in the e-mail but I suppose it’s too tempting for a developer to get instant traffic on its website.

Looking at the paid and free versions, it doesn’t look like there are any differences (and one reviewer on the App Store pointed that out).  The developer, AdelaVoice, has not hinted in its app synopsis or website that the free version will be out for a limited time.   My advice is to get it while its free even if you don’t think you’ll use it.

UPDATE:  The Free Lite Edition of vMail xPress Voice eMail allows you to send up to five vMail messages.  After that, you’ll have to buy the $9.99 app.  The app also lets you send your voice message and picture as an attachment in addition to the link.