Where To? is for sale. Do you have $1,000,000?

Tap Tap Tap, the company behing the Where To” application is splitting up. I think they were not able to agree on the direction the business should take. It sounds pretty familiar as the Tapulous team is having the same issues right now.

While most of Tap Tap Tap’s assets are going to be split between the 2 main owners. However, they are putting their top seller application Where To? for sale. Considering that Where To? already sold for over $200,000 in less than 3 months, the final sale price could go well over $1,000,000.

Mark Milian from the LA Times says:

Software development for the iPhone is serious business. In just three months, we’ve heard a number of success stories from independent developers, such as the Trism game netting $250,000 in profit in a couple months or rock band Nine Inch Nails striking up a licensing deal with the Tap Tap Revenge game developer, Tapulous.

It is indeed a serious business. I was even considering creating a new section called “iPhone Business” on this blog. Do you think I should proceed?