Block Ads in Safari On Your iPhone

What if I told you you can speed up the web browsing on your iPhone by 500%? Yes, that would be a lie! BUT what f I told you you can indeed speed up the your iPhone web browsing by blocking ads? Ahh see, now you/re interested.

Web browsing on your iPhone is usually pretty fast. But sometimes you have to rely on the sloooow Edge network and if you’re visiting a site that has a few banner ads, it will terribly slow you down.

There is now an easy way to block ads in Safari and speed up your web browsing. How to do that?

  1. Make sure you are on a jailbroken iPhone
  2. SSH into your iPhone to /etc/
  3. Replace the hosts file with the new hosts file you downloaded in Step 2
  4. Reboot your iPhone
  5. Done!

You should now be able to navigate the web without any ads!

Thanks to James for this trick.

Note: like any hack, it is not guaranteed that it will work and it may cause conflicts with other applications. I highly recommend you backup your iPhone before doing that.