Philips demos Notification Center widget on iOS 8 for controlling Hue lights

By Joe Rossignol on Jun 5, 2014

Just a few hours ago, Philips tweeted a concept image of a prototype Notification Center widget that could be used for controlling its Hue lineup of iOS connected bulbs and lights. As it stands, this functionality is provided through the Philips Hue app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. But this extension concept reveals that users could have more convenient access to an off button and different lighting settings without launching the app.

Notification Center widgets are a new feature in iOS 8 that Apple announced at its WWDC keynote earlier this week. Developers are able to build extensions that provide systemwide functionality through widgets in Today view, something that has been possible through jailbreaking for several years. In fact, there is already a jailbreak tweak called HueHueHue for controlling Philips Hue lights through Control Center. This prototype is a similar concept…

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iOS 8 brings widgets to Notification Center

By Cody Lee on Jun 2, 2014

Moving along with Apple’s iOS 8 portion of its WWDC keynote, Craig Federighi just introduced widgets. Like the stock widgets we’ve seen before, iOS 8′s widgets will appear in the Notification Center and offer quick information for apps at a glance… Read More


Concept imagines how Apple could implement Home screen widgets in iOS

By Christian Zibreg on May 30, 2014

Ah, the widgets. Among the defining Android features, widgets regularly find themselves on top of many people’s wish list for iOS. Apple does not provide iOS widget functionality, though it’s a non-issue to folks who are jailbroken thanks to literally hundreds, if not thousands, of widgets in Cydia.

I guess you could go as far as saying widgets are one of the prime allures of jailbreaking. While no one outside Apple can’t really tell whether or not the company will ever allow widgets into the App Store, we can always speculate: there’s (some) hope for widgets in iOS as Tim Cook alluded to opening up iOS a little bit more for third party developers in the future.

Until that day comes, non-jailbreakers are stuck with a bunch of concepts. Enter Jay Machalani, the brains behind this remarkable concept envisioning widgets in iOS. ‘iOS Blocks’, as he calls them, resemble Live Tiles in Windows and can be moved around and placed anywhere on the Home screen with a simple gesture… Read More


New Fantastical, Calculator, and iDB ProWidgets reviewed

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 30, 2014

Slowly but surely, the ProWidgets add-ons keep trickling out. Today’s bounty—a release of three new widgets to the ProWidgets library—is the result of the efforts of a single developer. Tim Perin, the developer of Calculator ProWidget, Fantastical ProWidget, and an unofficial iDB ProWidget, is the one responsible for single-handedly turning the platform into something that’s a bit more decently supported.

In my review of ProWidgets, I stated that only time would tell the true success of the tweak, with much of the success relying on the jailbreak community to lend its support developing new add-ons. I think it’s safe to say that the support hasn’t been as good as most would have hoped, but today’s series of releases is a definite step in the right direction.

Check out our video walkthrough after the break, as I showcase all three widgets in action. Read More


Recent ‘ProWidgets’ update adds a simple Grey theme

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 30, 2014

A few weeks ago, we reviewed ProWidgets—a tweak that I believe is amongst the best of jailbreak releases. The tweak by itself is very well done, but my sentiments were also based on ProWidgets’ potential with regard to expandability.

The version of ProWidgets that I reviewed didn’t include the simple grey theme that’s now available with the latest ProWidgets update. Although it’s not technically a third-party theme, this is one of the first big changes that we’ve seen to ProWidgets since our initial review. Have a look inside as we showcase the tweak’s simple grey theme on video. Read More


How to add a respring widget to ProWidgets

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 30, 2014

EasySpring for ProWidgets is one of the first, if not the first, add-ons for the ProWidgets jailbreak tweak. As you might have heard, I’m a pretty big fan of ProWidgets, not only due to its great design and functionality, but also due to the potential it has for third-party developers.

Although this initial add-on isn’t very exciting, it does show off how easy it is for developers to create good looking widgets. Have a glance past the break as we showcase to you EasySpring—the add-on that allows you to have your own custom respring widget. Read More


Review: ProWidgets

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 19, 2014

One of the most highly anticipated jailbreak tweaks to surface in some time has been released on Cydia. I’m, of course, referring to ProWidgets—a brand new jailbreak tweak that we previewed extensively last week. To celebrate its release, we’re bringing you our hands-on review.

ProWidgets is a release that we discussed in-depth on today’s episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak as well. Be sure to have a listen to hear Sebastien, Cody’s, and I talk about the pluses and minuses of the tweak.

Without further ado, step inside to read our take on the final version of ProWidgets. We’ll show you what makes the tweak so compelling, and why the future is even more exciting. Read More


How to add quick compose widgets to Control Center

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 16, 2014

Compose—the jailbreak tweak that allows you to add quick compose widgets to iOS—has been updated for iOS 7. In prior versions of the tweak, the quick compose widgets appeared in Notification Center, but with iOS 7, the compose widgets have been relocated to Control Center.

The iOS 7 version of Compose features a bevy of quick compose shortcuts for apps like Tweetbot, BBM, WhatsApp, and more. It’s a great tweak for quickly accessing the composition assets for many of your favorite App Store apps. To catch a glimpse of how Compose works on iOS 7, take a look at our video walkthrough past the break. Read More


ProWidgets: a groundbreaking widget suite with multitasking features

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 11, 2014

Cydia has been the originating point for lots of groundbreaking ideas over the years. Copy and paste originated here, card-based app switchers began here as well. And let’s not forget Notification Center and Control Center — each had its roots firmly planted in Cydia before debuting in stock iOS.

It goes without saying that Apple has been keen on seeing many of the developments unfold by some of the brilliant minds that make up the jailbreak community. It’s even hired ones because of the work they’ve done with jailbreak apps and tweaks, and iOS hacking in general.

Today, we’re happy to reveal the next big blockbuster tweak for jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Hopefully, it will help generate ideas for Apple’s next big feature in iOS. Today, we’d like to introduce to you a brand new upcoming tweak called ProWidgets. We’ve got the very first exclusive hands-on coverage of ProWidgets, and we think you’ll agree with us when we say it’s one of the best looking jailbreak tweaks we’ve seen in some time… Read More


How to add ‘TypographyTime’ to Notification Center

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 8, 2013

If you’re a fan of the legendary TypographyTime lock screen add-on for LockInfo, then perhaps you’ll be interested in adding a TypographyTime clone to Notification Center? That’s the exact premise behind TypographyTime for Notification Center, a jailbreak widget that adds a stylized clock to iOS’ pull down information panel.

We’ve taken some, ahem, time to go hands-on with the widget. Check inside for the full video walkthrough showcasing all of the pertinent details… Read More


Add a standalone calendar widget to Notification Center with ‘CalendarX’

By Jeff Benjamin on Jul 16, 2013

CalendarX is a recently released jailbreak tweak that serves as a widget for Notification Center. It’s a very interesting tweak that can be enabled by using the standard Notifications panel in the stock Settings app. The thing that makes CalendarX so unique is that it is a standalone self contained calendar app that doesn’t rely on any outside functionality. In fact, none of the calendars or events that you setup within CalendarX will be displayed in the stock Calendar app or vice versa. Again, think standalone here. Depending on your outlook, that could be perceived as either a positive or a negative. Have a look past the break as I go more in-depth with CalendarX on video. Read More


Apple was right, widgets just ain’t cool

By Oliver Haslam on Apr 6, 2013

Without a doubt, one of the biggest differences between iOS and Android is its fundamental handling of information. Google decided to allow widgets onto a phone’s Home screen so that, theoretically, users would have the information they need right at their fingertips. Apple, on the other hand, has doggedly stuck to its guns over the years, with iOS remaining a collection of app icons rather than live widgets.

Over the years there have been plenty of arguments amongst those in the tech community as to which was the best way to go. Android users will repeatedly point to widgets as one of the main reasons they prefer their phones over the iPhone or even one of the Windows Phone handsets. Sitting halfway between iOS and Android, Windows Phone features live tiles that offer up information from the phone’s Home screen a la widgets, but that’s just not enough for some. It’s widgets or nothing, man, and that’s the way it is.

But iOS users can have their cake and eat it. They can have widgets on their home screens just like Android users, whilst still having that iPhone they so love. But the real question is: should they? Even if they should, I’d argue that fewer people actually would than we might think… Read More


Customize your Lock screen with widgets and more with LockHTML 2

By Cody Lee on Mar 31, 2013

Folks who are fans of the LockHTML jailbreak tweak will be happy to hear that version 2 is now available. The tweak, which is developed by Busche, hit Cydia last week with new code, new features and a number of improvements.

For those unfamiliar with LockHTML, it is (was?) a jailbreak utility that allows you to customize the appearance of your Lock screen with a clock-hider and themeable HTML widgets. And version 2.0 adds a host of new options…  Read More


‘Tap to Widgets’ brings shortcuts for Notes, Reminders, and Calendar to Notification Center

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 18, 2013

Tap to Widgets is a jailbreak tweak, which brings Reminders, Notes, and Calendar shortcuts to iOS’ Notification Center. Tap to Widgets allows you to easily add an item to any of these apps without having to fully open the app in question.

The tweak even lends the ability to add items to specific accounts, such as a different Calendar, or Reminders List. This is a beautifully designed tweak that functions just as you might imagine it might if Apple were behind it. Take a look inside as we walk you through each aspect of Tap to Widgets in our hands-on video. Read More


Quickly snap photos from Notification Center with Kamera

By Mike Schnier on Feb 11, 2013

Do you hate it when you’re trying to take a picture, you load up the Camera app, and the wrong camera is active? In photography, every moment counts and the delay in fiddling with camera modes could cost you that perfect shot.

Kamera is a Notification Center shortcut for the native Camera overlay in iOS 5 and 6, allowing you to take pictures from anywhere. What makes Kamera special is it allows you to start the overlay with either the front or rear camera active, depending on the button pressed… Read More

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