SpotTweet: Will eventually allow you to tweet from Spotlight search. Hopefully.

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 15, 2012

SpotTweet is a promising tweak that has one small problem, it doesn’t actually work at the moment (at least it hasn’t for me).

SpotTweet is supposed to allow you to send tweets directly from the Spotlight search input box, and everything seems okay until you tap the send button.

Check inside for our analysis of the flawed, but ultimately cool concept… Read More


CommandSpot: Launch Apps and Respring from Spotlight

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 15, 2012

Want to launch apps, reboot, respring, or turn off your iDevice right from your Spotlight search? If so, then all you need is a jailbroken device with CommandSpot installed.

CommandSpot is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to execute specific commands to launch apps, Twitter, Facebook, and quite a few other things. It’s not the most efficient way to perform these functions, but it can be done nonetheless. Read More


Spotfb: Execute Spotlight Commands to Launch Facebook Sections

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 18, 2011

Spotfb is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to launch different sections of the official Facebook app by means of predefined Spotlight commands.

All you need to do is swipe over to your Spotlight page, type the command, and tap return. It’ll then launch the specific Facebook page that pertains to the command that you typed.

Honestly, we’re not sure who would be willing to use such a tweak; it’d be much faster to just launch the app and venture to your desired section, wouldn’t it? Read More


SLShortcuts: Run Text Commands Directly From Spotlight

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 25, 2011

When it comes to Spotlight on the iPhone, there are two camps. Ones who use it, and others that find it completely worthless.

If you’re in the latter camp, perhaps SLShortcuts will change your mind? It’s an upcoming jailbreak tweak, which allows you to run custom text commands directly from your Spotlight search… Read More


Use ‘ToDoNotes’ to Quickly Reference Important Notes

By Jeff Benjamin on Aug 24, 2011

One of the most frustrating aspects about the stock Notes app, is that it can take too much effort to reference your notes in a quick manner.

Say, for instance, you’re shopping at the grocery store, and you want to quickly reference the shopping list stored on your Notes app. Doing so can prove to be more time consuming that it needs to be.

Enter ToDoNotes, a recently created jailbreak tweak that gives you the ability to paste your most important notes right on your Spotlight page… Read More


SpotEnhancer: Quickly Launch Apps with Spotlight Commands

By Cody Lee on Jul 13, 2011

For his final TweakWeek entry, Andrea Oliva gives us SpotEnhancer. This unique jailbreak utility puts a different spin on quick launching apps, by allowing users to open apps with Spotlight Search commands.

SpotEnhancer gives you several commands that can do anything from open a new text message, to launch a Google search. There are even commands for your favorite social networking apps… Read More


‘WebLeaps’ Adds Custom Search Shortcuts to Spotlight and Safari

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 28, 2011

WebLeaps seems to be one of those tweaks that fell through the cracks. I’d honestly never heard of this tweak before Sebastien mentioned it to me, but I’m glad that he did.

That’s because WebLeaps allows you to easily navigate some of the web’s best sites by means of custom search shortcuts.

You can even create your own custom search shortcuts with a bit of plist editing know-how.

Check inside as I go one-on-one with WebLeaps. I even create my own custom iDB search shortcut… Read More


RunningList: See a List of Your Open Apps on Your Spotlight Screen

By Cody Lee on Jun 25, 2011

Apple’s implementation of multitasking in iOS 4 is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. Not necessarily in presentation, but in functionality. iOS’ ability to maintain a high level of performance with dozens of apps open easily outperforms the competition.

The problem is, since you are able to have so many apps running without noticeable effects, sifting through your multitask bar can become a bit tedious. If you’ve been looking for an alternative way to browse your list of running applications, well, let me introduce you to RunningList…  Read More


SpotURL Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Visit Websites From Spotlight

By Alex Heath on Jun 16, 2011

Would you like to add a little more functionality to your iPhone’s Spotlight? SpotURL is a new jailbreak tweak, by Filippo Bigarella, that allows you to visit a website straight from the Spotlight page.

Instead of having to enter a web address in Mobile Safari, SpotURL will let you enter the address right on your iPhone’s homescreen. For quick navigation to a web page, SpotURL is about as good as it gets. Read More


App Picks of the Week: NoSpot, Grades, Witness

By Alex Heath on Apr 10, 2011

Every week, we select a few apps that catch our eye. These apps can be from the App Store, web apps, or jailbreak apps.

This week, we have a nifty jailbreak tweak for disabling Spotlight, an App Store app, and another iOS companion app for the Mac. Hope you enjoy this week’s picks! Read More


Using Spotlight Search on the iPhone

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 12, 2011

Spotlight is a search technology that you’ve no doubt become intimately acquainted with if you’re a Mac OS X user. For those of you new to the world of Apple, it would be a good idea to become familiar with this extremely handy search tool.

Not only can you search Wikipedia and the rest of the web natively from your iPhone’s Home screen, you can also search all of your mail, music, apps, SMS messages, and more.

Take a look inside as we go over the basics of Spotlight search in this latest iPhone Basics tutorial…

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