How to quickly list every app on your iOS 7 device

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 5, 2013

So, you’ve got apps spread out everywhere throughout your device. Some are scattered about multiple pages, and some, courtesy of iOS 7’s lax folder restrictions, are scattered throughout multiple pages of folders. How’s a guy to keep tabs on all of this activity?

One easy way to do so is to simply use iOS’ built in Spotlight search. Obviously, you can use Spotlight to search for a number of different items on your device, including apps. Inside, I’ll show you how to quickly list every installed application on your device, along with the folders that they reside in.

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iOS 7.0.3 brings back web and Wikipedia search from Spotlight

By Sébastien Page on Oct 23, 2013

A feature that could have easily gone unnoticed with yesterday’s release of iOS 7.0.3 is the return of web and Wikipedia search directly from Spotlight. The feature had been missing since the first beta release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

To access it, simply pull your Home screen down to reveal Spotlight Search. Then start typing whatever you’re looking for. If necessary, scroll all the way down. In my experience, I’ve found that some common searches usually return tons of emails first, making the feature a little less convenient to use than I would want to… Read More


‘SearchCollapse’ allows you to collapse results in Spotlight search

By Jeff Benjamin on Jul 18, 2013

After reviewing SearchAmplius an hour or so ago, it was only appropriate to review its sister tweak, which is entitled: SearchCollapse. SearchCollapse is a tweak that can work in tandem with SearchAmplius, but it should also be noted that it can function on its own as a standalone tweak.

SearchCollapse, as its name not so subtly implies, allows users to collapse their Spotlight search results, either automatically, or by tapping on the app icon associated with the result. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside for more detailed information. Read More


‘SearchAmplius’ brings advanced search features to Spotlight

By Jeff Benjamin on Jul 18, 2013

SearchAmplius is a new jailbreak tweak that brings some really cool new features to the Spotlight search page. Normally, I’ve found that tweaks of this nature absolutely fail to impress me, but SearchAmplius is one of the rare exceptions to that rule.

The tweak, which is simple in design, allows you to configure additional search modules for use in Spotlight. For example, you can search YouTube videos directly from Spotlight, and play them via the official YouTube app with just a tap on the search result. You can also search Cydia releases in much the same way, tapping on the name of the release to be whisked away to the Cydia install page for the tweak in question. App Store apps are there, too, and work much the same.

Other tweaks have tried to do similar functions in the past, but SearchAmplius is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to supercharging Spotlight. Have a look at our full video walkthrough inside for more information regarding the tweak. Read More


How to supercharge Spotlight with ‘TaskMaster’

By Jeff Benjamin on Jul 16, 2013

TaskMaster is a new Spotlight based jailbreak tweak that adds a variety of new functions to the built in iOS search feature. Along with the ability to search the contents of your device, you’ll find new toggles, quick compose shortcuts, now playing information for your music, and more. It’s not a perfect jailbreak tweak, but you may find its variety appealing. Have a look inside as I take TaskMaster for a spin in our video walkthrough. Read More


How to view a map via the Spotlight search page

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 28, 2013

Mappr is a recently released jailbreak tweak that replaces the traditional Spotlight search with that of a map. The map can be configured in the Settings app to track your location or to change the map type.

Although the idea of Mappr sounds interesting, its execution leaves a bit to be desired. Check out our video walkthrough to see what I mean. Read More


Automatically clear Spotlight search with ‘ClearOnOpen’

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 9, 2013

Whenever you perform a Spotlight search by typing search terms in the Spotlight search bar, and then exit the search, the Spotlight search field remains populated when you swipe back to the Spotlight search screen. This is how Spotlight search works with stock settings.

ClearOnOpen is a new jailbreak tweak that forces the Spotlight search field to clear when coming back to the Spotlight search page. If you’d like to see how it works in action, then check after the break as we guide you via our video walkthrough. Read More


OpenOnSearch makes Spotlight a little more useful

By Cody Lee on Jun 3, 2013

I don’t use Spotlight much. The page, which sits to the left of the main Home screen in iOS, lets you do some really useful things like search for stuff on your device and the web. But honestly, most of the time I forget it’s there.

But jailbreak developers are looking to change that. We’ve seen a number of tweaks designed to enhance the Spotlight page, like SpotEnhancer and SLEnhancerSearch, and today we’ve got a new one to show you. Here’s OpenOnSearch… Read More


How to make the iPhone’s Spotlight background transparent

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 9, 2013

Clear The Air is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to adjust the transparency of the Spotlight search in iOS. Options can be configured to adjust the transparency on a sliding scale, maintain the status bar’s opacity, and a general kill switch to quickly enable or disable the effect.

If you’re looking for a tweak that allows you to enjoy your background wallpaper while performing Spotlight searches, then this is the tweak for you. Read More


ToDoNotes 2 is out with iOS 6 support

By Cody Lee on Mar 31, 2013

In the summer of 2011, jailbreak developers participated in a cool project called tweak week. Several devs each took a week, and released one new jailbreak tweak everyday. It went on for 3+ months, and we got several great tweaks out of it.

One of those tweaks was ToDoNotes, by TwitkaFly developer moeseth, which added a notepad to the Spotlight page that talked with the Notes app, giving you quick access to your memos. And version 2 just came out with iOS 6 support… Read More


How to add Facebook, Twitter, and more search options to Spotlight

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 14, 2012

The awkwardly named SLightEnhancerSearch, is a recently released jailbreak tweak that adds a ton of new search options to the stock Spotlight search on iOS. When it was first released, I ran into many issues with the tweak, namely, the search options not showing up on the Spotlight page when enabled.

The tweak was updated today, and the developer seems to have stamped out all of the bugs that plagued the initial release. SLightEnhancerSearch, as silly as its name may be, is a quality jailbreak tweak that many will no doubt find useful… Read More


Concept video shows how Spotlight in iOS should work

By Cody Lee on Sep 17, 2012

Apple added the Spotlight search tool to iOS back in 2009, with version 3.0. The page, which can be accessed by swiping to the left of the Home screen, allows you to search through the content on your device.

While it’s a nice idea, the feature itself has long been criticized for its limited functionality. Compared to its counterpart in Mac OS X, Spotlight for iOS is pretty hindered. Perhaps this is how it should work… Read More


iOS 6 tidbits: Spotlight folder labels, iTunes and wallpaper previews

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 19, 2012

Not a day goes by without discovering subtle touches in Apple’s iOS 6 software. We covered most of the big and little things already. Perhaps unsurprisingly, cool nice-to-haves still get discovered on a daily basis, proving iOS 6 is the most well-rounded release to date.

iDB told you yesterday how the virtual keyboard is now clever enough to capitalize after quotes and emojis (iOS 6 also sports a bunch of new emojis). We even proposed how Apple could make sharing between third-party apps simpler and more akin to Android’s comprehensive Action Menu.

Today, I wanna talk about some noteworthy store tweaks and cosmetic changes in Spotlight and Wallpaper settings… Read More


This tweak lets you lock your device by swiping to the Spotlight page

By Jeff Benjamin on Jun 3, 2012

SpotLock is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to lock your iPhone simply by swiping over to the place where Spotlight search normally resides. Granted, this tweak will totally eliminate the ability to use Spotlight search, but I believe the popular consensus is that many of you don’t use Spotlight to begin with.

Of course, a quick press of the sleep button at the top of your iPhone is the quickest way to secure your iPhone from a software perspective, but SpotLock is an interesting way to break the monotony and switch things up a bit… Read More


SpotDict: Search iOS’ built in dictionary from Spotlight

By Jeff Benjamin on May 5, 2012

Spotlight search is very useful when you actually need to use it, but how many times do you find yourself needing to do so?

If you’re anything like me, you can probably count on one hand how many times you’ve used Spotlight over the past few months.

Perhaps this recently released jailbreak tweak will coerce you into using Spotlight a bit more often? It’s called SpotDict, and it allows you to look up words in iOS’ built in dictionary directly from the Spotlight search page… Read More


How to replace Spotlight search with a web interface

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 26, 2012

I’m absolutely sure that I’m in the minority on my thoughts about iOS’ Spotlight feature. I actually find it useful and helpful for launching apps, finding emails, contacts, etc.

Many of you, however, loathe Apple’s inclusion of Spotlight; deeming it absolutely worthless, useless, and a waste of time and energy.

For those who fall into the latter category, then maybe this jailbreak tweak will make you happy. It’s called WebSpot, and it allows you to completely replace Spotlight with a customizable web interface… Read More


SpotTweet: Will eventually allow you to tweet from Spotlight search. Hopefully.

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 15, 2012

SpotTweet is a promising tweak that has one small problem, it doesn’t actually work at the moment (at least it hasn’t for me).

SpotTweet is supposed to allow you to send tweets directly from the Spotlight search input box, and everything seems okay until you tap the send button.

Check inside for our analysis of the flawed, but ultimately cool concept… Read More


CommandSpot: Launch Apps and Respring from Spotlight

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 15, 2012

Want to launch apps, reboot, respring, or turn off your iDevice right from your Spotlight search? If so, then all you need is a jailbroken device with CommandSpot installed.

CommandSpot is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to execute specific commands to launch apps, Twitter, Facebook, and quite a few other things. It’s not the most efficient way to perform these functions, but it can be done nonetheless. Read More


Spotfb: Execute Spotlight Commands to Launch Facebook Sections

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 18, 2011

Spotfb is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to launch different sections of the official Facebook app by means of predefined Spotlight commands.

All you need to do is swipe over to your Spotlight page, type the command, and tap return. It’ll then launch the specific Facebook page that pertains to the command that you typed.

Honestly, we’re not sure who would be willing to use such a tweak; it’d be much faster to just launch the app and venture to your desired section, wouldn’t it? Read More


SLShortcuts: Run Text Commands Directly From Spotlight

By Jeff Benjamin on Sep 25, 2011

When it comes to Spotlight on the iPhone, there are two camps. Ones who use it, and others that find it completely worthless.

If you’re in the latter camp, perhaps SLShortcuts will change your mind? It’s an upcoming jailbreak tweak, which allows you to run custom text commands directly from your Spotlight search… Read More