TSMC CEO insists US chip plant has nothing to do with Apple

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 21, 2012

Apple has lately been rumored to have been moving some production lines to the United States amid whispers of a $10 billion silicon manufacturing facility being considered in the country. Various reports mention both New York and Oregon for this project, code-named Azalea.

And because of its reported $10 billion construction cost, there are some who suspect Project Azalea is a chip-making plant for Apple’s products aimed at replacing Samsung. Remember, the Galaxy maker semiconductor arm’s $14 billion Austin, Texas facility exclusively churns out Apple-designed mobile chips that serve as the engine for the iPhone and iPad.

The rumor-mill has been adamant that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest independent semiconductor foundry, will run the upcoming US facility in co-operation with Apple, but now TSMC CEO has issued a somewhat weak denial… Read More


Bird’s-eye view of Oregon’s upcoming iCloud

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 7, 2012

After taking up to the skies early-August to grab high-quality aerial photos of Apple’s 100-acre solar farm and a mysterious tactical data center – both located in Maiden, North Carolina – Wired now has dispatched its “iSpy Plane” in order to take a closer look at Apple’s enormous data center site in the middle of Oregonian high desert. The facility is located right in the neighborhood of another insanely massive data center run by the social networking giant Facebook.

In fact, Facebook already operates twin data centers in the area whereas Apple less than two months ago started construction on the first of two 338,000 square-foot buildings planned for the site. Though construction just got started, a mysterious “tactical data center” is already up and running… Read More


Apple starts construction on enormous Oregon data center

By Cody Lee on Oct 19, 2012

Apple purchased a 160 acre plot of land in Prineville, Oregon from Oregon’s Crook County back in February of this year for $5.6 million. And it immediately built a 10,000 square foot modular data center on the property.

Well this morning, reports are coming in that Apple has started work on its main data center at the Oregon location. It’s begun clearing and flattening land to make room for one of two, 338,000 square-foot buildings… Read More


Apple submits its master plan for a large-scale data center in Oregon

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 16, 2012

Apple is moving the ball forward to build a new data center in Prineville, Oregon. Having purchased an 160-acre parcel in Prineville from Crook County for $5.6 million back in February, the company has now filed paperwork with the city officials revealing plans to build a monster 500,000 square feet data center facility akin to that in Maiden, North Carolina which powers iCloud… Read More