Barclays says Samsung momentum ‘begs an answer from Apple’

By Cody Lee on Feb 19, 2013

It’s no secret that Apple has fallen out of the good graces of most Wall Street analysts. And with its stock price still bouncing around $250 below its last-September high, and no new products on the horizon, it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

I wouldn’t say Apple’s in trouble though. It’s coming off a record high quarter in iPhone sales, revenue and other metrics, and has more than $130 billion in cash. But the folks over at the prestigious Barclays firm say that it’s about time for Tim Cook to panic… Read More


Budget iPhone to feature hybrid plastic/metal design, due later this year

By Cody Lee on Jan 15, 2013

Last week, DigiTimes released a report, claiming that its sources had seen prototypes of a low-cost iPhone floating around Apple’s supply chain. Both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg corroborated the story via their own independent informants.

Today, DigiTimes offers up a few more details about the fabled handset, claiming that Apple is toying with both an all plastic and a hybrid plastic/metal chassis for the cheaper handset, as well as a special ‘see-through’ design. More details after the fold… Read More


Reuters clarifies budget iPhone story: Apple won’t blindly pursue marketshare

By Cody Lee on Jan 11, 2013

And the plot continues to thicken. After two major news outlets ran stories earlier this week claiming that Apple was working on a less-expensive iPhone, Reuters reported that the company had no such plans, citing comments made to a Chinese newspaper by Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller.

But as most of you know, Reuters retracted the report earlier today. It was unclear at the time why it had chosen to remove the story, but it’s attempting to clear things up this afternoon with a new report called “Apple won’t blindly pursue market share” that helps shed some light on what happened… Read More


WSJ: Apple working on less expensive iPhone

By Cody Lee on Jan 8, 2013

As hard as we try, we just can’t escape the ongoing ‘iPhone nano’ rumors. It seems that everyone in the tech industry is waiting on Apple to diversify its handset lineup and introduce a less expensive iPhone for prepaid and emerging markets.

In fact, we’ve already heard a report on the topic today from DigiTimes, who says that their sources have actually seen the low-cost smartphone. And this afternoon, The Wall Street Journal throws its hat into the ring with its own scoop… Read More


Is this a Nano SIM tray for the next iPhone?

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 6, 2012

Hot on the heels of recent news that European carriers were stocking up on a 40 percent smaller Nano SIMs as they got to test the new SIM card standard extensively ahead of the next iPhone’s release in September, a French blog this morning posted a series of image depicting a purported Nano SIM tray for the iPhone 5. Also leaked, a slightly reworked and a bit smaller home button thought to be making an appearance on the next iPhone. More pics right after the break… Read More


Apple once again rumored to be releasing a low-end iPhone

By Cody Lee on Apr 23, 2012

Just as analysts and pundits were certain that Apple would release a redesigned iPhone 5 last year, they also believed we’d see an “iPhone Nano.” The smaller, cheaper handset would’ve allowed the Cupertino company to make inroads into the prepaid market.

But as we all know, neither device ever materialized. Instead of an all-new iPhone, we got the familiar-looking iPhone 4S. And instead of an iPhone Nano, we got a cheaper, retooled iPhone 4. But according to a new report, Apple is still considering the latter… Read More


Patent Reveals Apple was Working on an iPhone Nano

By Cody Lee on Oct 18, 2011

One of the most consistent iPhone rumors we’ve been hearing over the past few years has been that the Cupertino company is working on a ‘nano’ version of its popular smartphone.

Obviously, nothing has ever materialized, but for some reason the iPhone Nano always seems to surface in the rumor run-up right before Apple releases a new handset. But why? The folks over at PatentlyApple might have the answer… Read More


Beautiful iPhone 5 Renders Look More Like iPhone Nano

By Alex Heath on Sep 14, 2011

With Apple’s next iPhone announcement approaching fast, we’re all more eager than ever to see what stunning creation Apple unveils next.

Until then, our appetites can be temporarily satisfied with beautiful artist renders of potential iPhone 5 designs. This one is no different, expect that it depicts what looks to be more like an iPhone Nano than iPhone 5… Read More


Cheaper iPhone Would Have to Be an “Innovative, Category-Killer Experience,” According to Apple

By Alex Heath on Aug 5, 2011

Since the beginning of this year, rumors have been heating up that Apple will release not one, but two iPhone models this year. One of these devices would be the next flagship iPhone 5 based on the the current pricing structure, while the second device would be a cheaper (possibly pre-paid) “Nano” handset.

Apple’s COO and CFO have chimed in on what it would take for the company to release a cheaper iPhone. They describe that the product would need to be an, “innovative, category-killer experience.” Read More


Alleged iPhone “Lite” Leaked Online, And It’s Jailbroken

By Alex Heath on Jul 28, 2011

Take this one with a huge grain of salt, but TechCrunch is reporting that it’s received leaked shots of a “light version of the iPhone 4.” These pictures of what looks very much like a jailbroken iPhone 4 come from Tinhte, and TechCrunch makes the point that Tinhte got a white iPhone 4 prototype right with a leaked video back in April.

This iPhone 4 prototype is made of a cheaper build quality, and it matches up pretty well with a couple iPhone 5 case leaks that we reported on yesterday. However, the device doesn’t seem to be any smaller than the current iPhone 4… Read More

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