Facebook getting ready to ape Snapchat with Messenger Day, a visual storytelling feature

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 18, 2016

If you live in Poland or Australia, you might have stumbled upon a brand new feature at the top of Facebook’s Messenger app, called Messenger Day. As reported by Mashable on Tuesday, Facebook has begun expanding this new feature across the globe following launch of Instagram Stories last month. Available in the mobile Messenger app for iOS and Android, Messenger Day is about sharing what you’re up to in the form of auto-dissapearing updates, stickers and sketches. Read More


Facebook testing autoplaying videos with sound

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 23, 2016

What could be worse than those pesky autoplaying videos on Facebook? Autoplaying videos that begin playing audio automatically as you scroll past them in your News Feed, but of course! And that’s precisely what Facebook is currently experimenting with, according to Mashable.

At the moment, the company is currently testing two methods of getting users to watch video with sound: one involving autoplaying videos with sound and the other with an Unmute button on the lower right corner of such videos. Read More


Facebook reportedly launching standalone news app next week

By Cody Lee on Nov 4, 2015

Facebook is preparing to launch a new standalone news app next week, according to The Financial Times. Citing sources familiar with the project, the outlet says that the app is going to be called Notify, and it is going to feature content from dozens of media partners including CBS and Vogue.

As reported by BusinessInsider in August, the app will look similar to Twitter, in that it will allow publications to blast short push notifications to “followers” when they have urgent news to share. If users want to read more about a headline, the can click a link that will take them to the full story. Read More


Facebook said to be developing Twitter-like app for breaking news

By Cody Lee on Aug 11, 2015

Facebook is working on a standalone mobile news applications, Business Insider reported on Tuesday. The site says the app looks similar to Twitter, in that it will allow publications to blast short, 100 character push notifications to their “followers” when they have urgent news to share.

“Business Insider has reviewed screenshots of the new product and spoken to a source who has been playing around with the Facebook for Business platform.” The outlet believes the app is part of Facebook for Business, but different than the Facebook at Work initiative we saw last year. Read More


Facebook reportedly working on Snapchat competitor codenamed ‘Slingshot’

By Cody Lee on May 18, 2014

Facebook is working on a new mobile application for video and ephemeral messaging, according to a report from the Financial Times. The outlet says the app is being referred to as ‘Slingshot’ internally, and is intended to go head-to-head with Snapchat.

Snapchat rejected an acquisition offer from Facebook last year worth some $3 billion, explaining that it wanted to hold out for more money. The social network has since bought messaging giant WhatsApp, but it obviously still feels that something’s missing… Read More


Facebook reportedly planning ad network for mobile devices

By Jake Smith on Apr 20, 2014

Facebook is finally following the likes of Google and Yahoo and will launch an advertising network with a focus on mobile platforms, according to Recode.

Facebook hasn’t publicly acknowledged its plans, but the publication says Facebook will take the wraps off its mobile ad network at its F8 developer conference in San Francisco at the end of April.

An ad network from Facebook essentially means you’ll see Facebook ads even when you’re not on Facebook – think any app on the App Store. In a way, Facebook’s solution could go after Apple’s iAd network, which has failed to catch wind with the industry. Read More


Facebook reportedly aims to get ahead of Apple with new payments service

By Jake Smith on Apr 14, 2014

Get ready to pay for items using Facebook, as the social network is said to be planning a payments service that could launch before the rumored iWallet from Apple.

Facebook hasn’t officially confirmed the service, but it’s working to receive regulatory approval for it in Ireland, according to a report from the Financial Times. The service is said to allow users to store money and make electronic payments through the social network. Essentially, it will put Facebook in competition with Google Wallet, PayPal,  Isis, Square, and soon Apple, if the rumors are true… Read More


Facebook reportedly working on Flipboard-style reader for iOS

By Cody Lee on Jun 24, 2013

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has been quietly working on a new service for the past year that displays content from users and publishers in a format, tailored for mobile devices, similar to Flipboard.

We’ve seen a number of new products this year from Zuckerberg’s team, as the company continues to try and evolve from being ‘just a social networking service.’ There was the search graph, then Facebook Home, and now there’s Reader… Read More


AllThingsD confirms Facebook will unveil Instagram video sharing on Thursday

By Cody Lee on Jun 18, 2013

Last week, Facebook started sending out mysterious invitations to press members via snail mail for a June 20th event. At the time, no one knew what it was planning to unveil at the presser, since it’s already taken the wraps off its Home project.

Today, though, it looks like we finally have our answer. According to a new report from AllThingsD, the rumors are true—Instagram has been working on a new video sharing service. And Facebook is going to show it off during Thursday’s event… Read More


Watch out Facebook, Google’s also considering Waze buyout

By Cody Lee on May 24, 2013

Whatever the folks over at Waze are doing, they must be doing it right. Earlier this month, we heard that Facebook was looking to acquire the Palo Alto-based startup and its popular crowd-sourced navigation app for a cool $1 billion.

But as it turns out, they’re not the only ones interested. According to a new report, a number of tech companies have approached the Waze team over a possible buyout deal, including Google, meaning a bidding war could be afoot… Read More


Facebook reportedly buying Waze for $1 Billion

By Cody Lee on May 9, 2013

Waze must be doing something right. Earlier this year, the popular crowdsourced GPS application was reportedly being courted by Apple for a possible buyout. And today comes a rumor that Facebook is also interested in an acquisition.

How interested? Well according to a new report this morning, the deal could be worth in upwards of $1 Billion. Apparently, the two companies have been in negotiations for the last six months, and are now in advanced due diligence… Read More


Facebook reportedly preparing to launch a smartphone

By Cody Lee on Mar 28, 2013

Just a little bit ago, Facebook sent out press invitations for a media event next week. The keynote will take place at 10:00am PST on Thursday, April 4, at the company’s headquarters on 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park. What is it going to be talking about? Maybe its new smartphone.

Yes, I know. We’ve heard this rumor enough now that it’s almost meaningless. But it sounds like it’s for real this time. A new report says the handset, which is being built by HTC, has a 4.3-inch display, an iPhone-like Home button and is running a forked version of Android… Read More


Rumor: Facebook to announce mobile OS next week

By Cody Lee on Jan 12, 2013

The Facebook Phone is one of the longest-running urban legends in the tech world. I can remember it being reported on as far back as 2010, and I’m sure it goes back further than that. But thus far, nothing has materialized, and Mark Zuckerberg himself has even denied its existence.

Despite all of this, a new report is out today claiming that the social network indeed has a handset in the works. And according to the usual “sources familiar with the matter,” it’s going to use its just-announced January 15th media event to unveil it to the world…

Read More


Facebook phone reportedly set for 2013 release

By Cody Lee on Jul 25, 2012

You know that crazy rumor that keeps bouncing around that Facebook is building its own smartphone? Well, a little more fuel was just added to the fire today.

A new report is out this afternoon claiming, once again, that the social network is pairing up with Taiwanese handset-maker HTC to develop its own mobile phone…  Read More


Roundup: what’s on tap for WWDC 2012 tomorrow

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 10, 2012

With iOS 6 being the main theme of tomorrow’s keynote, Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook, iOS boss Scott Forstall and marketing head honcho Phil Schiller (aka Mini-Me and Dr. No) will likely share stage time to announce the latest in Apple’s mobile operating system powering the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Feeling excited yet?

We’re also keeping our eyes peeled for the latest iPhone and Apple TV developments and are expecting shiny new commercials (hopefully they do better than latest celebrity adverts), plus the usual dose of Apple’s trademark one-liners, superlatives and hyperbolas.

Here’s what we’re looking forward to, some of the stuff we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed for and what the rumor-mill predicted would go down tomorrow… Read More


iOS Facebook integration is deep and similar to Twitter

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 4, 2012

Much of the talk concerning rumored Facebook integration in iOS 6 is centered around debating whether or not the feature will be baked deep into the bowels of the operating system. According to sources who spoke to 9to5Mac, that seems to be the case as Facebook integration in iOS 6 is said to be system-wide and apparently very similar to Twitter’s integration that launched with iOS 5… Read More


iOS-Facebook integration reportedly a reality

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 1, 2012

Following months of rumor mongering and speculation, it would seem that one of the headline new features of iOS 6 indeed is system-wide Facebook integration, TechCrunch has learned from sources. This capability will reportedly work as seamlessly as Twitter integration in iOS 5.

You’ll simply provide your Facebook account credentials in Settings and then approve apps to automatically use your account when needed. The report jives with news of apps, not the OS itself, being the focus of iOS 6 that iDB broke today.

As our credible source with deep connections at Apple pointed out, big stuff is expected in stock apps across the board as Apple has apparently re-written them from the ground up to take advantage of new iOS features.

At this point, there’s no reason to doubt that Facebook sharing will be rolled out across Apple’s apps in iOS 6,, much like Twitter comes enabled in Safari, YouTube, Maps and so forth… Read More


Facebook reportedly still working on a smartphone with HTC

By Cody Lee on Apr 25, 2012

Late last year, some rumors started circulating that Facebook was working on its very own smartphone. Code-named “Buffy,” the handset was to be built by HTC, and feature a forked version of Android with core-level integration of the social network.

Today, DigiTimes is reviving the rumor with a new report regarding the mysterious device. Quoting “industry sources,” the site says that Facebook is set to release the smartphone as early as Q3 of this year, shortly after the company goes public… Read More


Is Facebook reading your text messages? [update: no]

By Jake Smith on Feb 26, 2012

Adding to the recent privacy scare that has been taking place among iOS apps, London-based newspaper Sunday Times is reporting that popular social network Facebook has read users’ text messages.

In the report, Sunday Times says that when Facebook was gearing up to launch their new Messenger app, they “admitted” to reading text messages. Facebook’s Messenger app plays a similar role to texting, letting you quickly fire off messages to your Facebook friends. It’s not known if the issue still continues, but is scary nonetheless…

Read More


Facebook is Ready to Bring FaceTime-Like Video Calls to Messenger App on the iPhone

By Cody Lee on Dec 5, 2011

Earlier this year Facebook added Skype video calling to its social networking service. The new feature allows users to make free video calls to other Facebook friends from their computers.

We’ve been expecting Facebook to bring the service to the mobile space since it was introduced this summer, but we haven’t heard anything about it… until now. We’ve just gotten word that Facebook is testing a new Messenger app with the ability to make video calls. Read More

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