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It’s almost time for iPhone X pre-orders! Cody and Sebastien share some tips about how to make this the best possible experience and ensure you score an iPhone X on launch day instead of six months later.

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Max on Twitter asks: I was wondering if you could add “the best chance to get an iPhone X on launch day” to Monday’s show notes ? Thanks in advance

Give yourself the best chances to get an iPhone X on launch day with these tips

Canada’s top carrier is seeing “anemic appetite” for iPhone 8

Apple rumored to cut iPhone 8 production in half following iPhone X launch

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  • Gary le

    Just double checking that limit is one iphone x per account for pre order at Apple right?

    So you cant order one 64gb x and then on separate order a diff color or storage?
    Also what if I order one then change to another credit card can I order another one?

    Also Verizon is the only one besides Apple that sells the x unlocked for “all” carriers right?

    Please chime in people. Thanks. And good luck!