Flexibits, the brains behind the ultimate calendar app Fantastical for Mac, iPhone and iPad, today teased their upcoming macOS app that will let you manage your contacts like a boss.

“We conquered the calendar. Now it’s time to stake our claim on contacts,” reads a message at flexibits.com/cardhop. You can leave your address there to be notified when the app launches.

Or, just follow your regular programming on iDownloadBlog as we’ll be posting our review soon.

Cardhop, of course, is the official name of their new app which obviously has Apple’s lacking Contacts app in its crosshair. Just like Fantastical leaves the stock Calendar app in the dust (and all the other calendar apps out there, for that matter), Flexibits ensures me Cardhop will do the same when it comes to macOS’s basic Contacts app.

I won’t and cannot say more about Cardhop because I’ve been beta testing it and am under embargo, but I’ll say this—Cardhop is not yet another contacts or address book app.

If you appreciate the love and effort Flexibits has poured into making the best calendar app on any platform, period, I’m pretty sure that Cardhop with its beautiful design and interactive features will become your go-to software for managing your contacts like a pro.

For me, it’s already replaced all the sucky apps for contacts.

  • jacjustjac

    As a daily user of Fantastial I’m really excited to hear about this. I was just browsing for an app that would let me update my contacts with Facebook profile pictures since this seems to have been removed from being built into iOS.

  • von Dal

    I think WeekCal is much much better! I have many shared calendars and many agreements, so I find that I get the best overview of my week. When I can see the whole week (24 hours x 7 days). And if you like me often has the same agreements on different days of the year out, is WeekCals templates awsome!

    • :D

      Why not use both? I think Fantastical’s key feature is its natural language input. The widget is also really good.

      • von Dal

        What do you mean whit nutural language input?

      • :D

        You type what you want to add as if you’re talking to someone

  • DD™

    Just wrong to tease! Fantastical 2 rocks and looking forward to their new app!

  • Alex Wilson

    Will it be another over priced app too? Fantastical 2 might be nice app but at $49.99 its just way over priced.

  • John

    This announcement doesn’t excite me at all.

    All I imagine is a $10 iOS application where within 12-15 months we’ll have to pay that again when version two is released.

  • Anonymouse

    About f***ing time someone took the contacts by the scruff of the neck and sorted it out. Any apps I’ve tried both free and paid mostly paid have bern nothing short of a national disgrace. You would think just cleaning up duplicates of all things would be a simple task instead of the abortion you’re left with and let’s not discuss uploading and downloading. So many developers for so many various other types of apps and so much shite that a standout nowadays is like a beacon. Well shine on me! 🙂