Fantastical makers tease upcoming Cardhop app for managing your contacts like a pro

Flexibits, the brains behind the ultimate calendar app Fantastical for Mac, iPhone and iPad, today teased their upcoming macOS app that will let you manage your contacts like a boss.

“We conquered the calendar. Now it’s time to stake our claim on contacts,” reads a message at You can leave your address there to be notified when the app launches.

Or, just follow your regular programming on iDownloadBlog as we’ll be posting our review soon.

Cardhop, of course, is the official name of their new app which obviously has Apple’s lacking Contacts app in its crosshair. Just like Fantastical leaves the stock Calendar app in the dust (and all the other calendar apps out there, for that matter), Flexibits ensures me Cardhop will do the same when it comes to macOS’s basic Contacts app.

I won’t and cannot say more about Cardhop because I’ve been beta testing it and am under embargo, but I’ll say this—Cardhop is not yet another contacts or address book app.

If you appreciate the love and effort Flexibits has poured into making the best calendar app on any platform, period, I’m pretty sure that Cardhop with its beautiful design and interactive features will become your go-to software for managing your contacts like a pro.

For me, it’s already replaced all the sucky apps for contacts.