Over time Apple Maps has certainly grown in complexity, both in terms of software layers and controls. With iOS 11 and the addition of indoor maps, that statement rings truer than ever. That in mind, it is great to see whenever new software simultaneously makes a concerted effort to level it out by introducing simpler ways to perform basic tasks.

Take the pinch to zoom gesture in Maps. Can be a nuisance on the iPhone Plus model, especially in the car with one hand on the wheel and the phone precariously balancing on your lap, can’t it? Mind you, this is of course not to endorse playing with your Apple Maps whilst driving.

But irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, be it for convenience or accessibility reasons, you might like to know that since iOS 11, there is an alternative gesture to zoom in and out of your maps.

Before you beat me to it in the comments, yes Google has had the one-finger-zoom for a while, but if you are fully engrossed in Apple’s services, there’s a good chance that up until now you are entirely oblivious of this little hack. Let’s change that now.

How to zoom in and out of Apple Maps using one finger only

It’s really quite easy. To execute the one-finger trick in iOS 11, just

1) Open Maps

2) Find an area you want to zoom in or out of.

3) Now double tap the screen, subsequently do not lift your finger from the glass.

4) With your finger still resting on the screen, now slide up or down to respectively zoom in or out of the map.

There you go, as easy as pie!

Just like there is more than one way to skin a cat, there’s now more than one to scale your map on iPhone and iPad. Go ahead and give it a try if you haven’t yet. Whether or not you plan to make use of the gesture, it’s certainly a nice-to-have addition.

  • Great tip! Thank you. I didn’t know about it, not even in Google Maps.

    • Sheriff Magdy

      no dear, it is

      • Oscar

        I think he was saying that he didn’t know it existed in google.

  • works in Ingress too 😉

  • jacjustjac

    Interestingly, on Google Maps it zooms into the center of the screen whereas on Apple Maps it zooms to wherever you double tapped your finger. Personally I like Google Maps implementation because I’d already have the map centered on where I want to zoom in. After all, you need room to swipe up, so zooming in on an upper area of the screen would not be so convenient.

    • jacjustjac

      Zooming to where you doubled tapped makes sense on a tablet, but not on a large phone where you will often have only a thumb in the bottom corner.

    • igobythisname

      omg, are you serious?? that’s kinda terrible!

  • bigkool2

    A triple tap will teleport you there.. Be careful.

  • Kylian Pons

    A triple tap will teleport you there.. Be careful.

  • Leo Walter

    omg, are you serious?? that’s kinda terrible!

  • MacServiceGuy

    OH… you mean the EXACT same feature google maps has had for YEARS?

    welcome to the party fan boys…

    • Wow really!? Oh wait… I already knew that because it’s not only stated in the article above it’s actually a highlighted link (but I guess you managed to still somehow miss that)…

      • MacServiceGuy

        typical fanboy, doesn’t even grasp the point i made

      • So you point out the plainly obvious in a mocking tone but when I point out that what you had to say was already stated above I become a fanboy?

        Since I neither mentioned Apple nor Google in my post, I’m trying to figure out if you think I’m a fanboy of Google, Apple or you (I can tell you for certain that I’m not a fanboy of your posts). Since right now I’m probably the #1 critic around here of Apple I have no idea where you get your wisdom from but I can grab some popcorn if you want to do a counseling session and tell me more things about myself and life in general. You clearly have a lot to teach me 🙂

  • Nathaniel

    I commented this tip and you didn’t give me credit!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s quite possible that they noticed earlier but with all the news surrounding all the new phones, betas and such they just didn’t have time to mention it until now.

      • Nathaniel


    • 9+ KLAY❗

      Credit for what?

  • clarkey

    omg, are you serious?? that’s kinda terrible!

  • Raphael

    Great tip! Thank you. I didn’t know about it, not even in Google Maps.