Huawei has readily jumped on the opportunity to take swipe at Apple’s flubbed Face ID demonstration during the iPhone X keynote last Tuesday, promising that its upcoming Mate 10 device will be “the real AI phone.”

The Chinese company posted a pretty cringe-worthy video on its Facebook page, depicting a clown emoji that changes its expressions from smiling to sad, suggesting a failed face match.

The forthcoming Mate 10 device is said to use Huawei’s latest Kirin 970 chipset that comes with its own “Neural Processing Unit” or NPU. The phone will be unveiled on October 16.

As we reported, there was actually no glitch during the Face ID demo.

What happened was Apple employees who clean demo units had inadvertently caused the phones to unsuccessfully attempt to log in five times, which threw off Face ID during Federighi’s onstage demo of iPhone X and caused the phone to require a passcode.

I’m not sure Huawei needs such childish mocking, but I’m sure Apple will get the last laugh.

Face ID overview: setting up, how it works, security, privacy, spoofing & more

Apple certainly is not the first to implement facial recognition on a phone but I think it’s fair to say that no Android phone manufacturer has ever implemented a seamless facial recognition based on depth perception and a dedicated infrared camera like Apple did.

Unlike Apple’s Face ID system, devices like Galaxy S8 and Note 8 simply compare a 2D facial scan taken with a front-facing camera against one or more saved faces. Such systems can be easily spoofed by something as simple as a photo or Facebook profile pic of a genuine user.

I mean, why ship facial recognition if it can be easily spoofed with a photo?

  • nova12

    yeah haha Apple your Face ID worked like it was supposed to. suckers! you must be so embarrassed!!!

    • Anonymous

      Did you even watch the Keynote? FaceID worked incredibly well. Many other keynotes they have had to switch to a backup phone.

      • nova12

        So you don’t get sarcasm, then. Cool.

      • Anonymous

        use /s

        no one can understand your bland written humor.

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        It didn’t even need an /s — read the exact words I wrote. The words are not sarcastic, the tone is.

        Maybe I should have used “/rc” after it for “reading comprehension.”

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        Maybe you should have used /L

        Because you took a couple so far.

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        got it chief!!! anything else I can do for you?

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        HAHA He made you change your original comment. HAHAHAHAHAHA

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        Jesus, I give up on this thread.

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        I’m sorry, Rockwell is an idiot.

      • M_Hawke

        Sorry, you are the one who is dense that didn’t get what is obvious humor and sarcasm. Brother! *rolling eyes*

      • Anonymous

        He completely edited his initial comment. LMAO talk about dense. Move along because you honestly have no idea what you are talking about.

        Rolls eyes? Female trait.

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        “female trait”

        it’s like you just wrote a 500 page book about who you are, and you did it in just two words. Impressive.

      • CRWN

        This guy really hurt you on a deep level.

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        not really, no. I mean, I DO find the “female trait” vomit to be highly offensive, yes. so in that respect, I suppose you’re right.

        but it’s more that I just can’t think of another two-word phrase that would put a host of personal issues on blast any louder. I mean it when I say it’s impressive.

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        If any of my male friends rolled their eyes I would kick them off the squad.

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        best wishes to your man squad, watch out for those icky girls!

  • eXoguti097

    What? Huawei is only ridiculing themselves.. The X will come out and FaceID will work flawlessly as it was shown.

  • Jay

    I guess the employees didn’t clean the other demo phone..

    • Srujan Mishra

      Yeah, the successful demo unit was the dirtier one. lol

      • I thought he logged in with a passcode on the 2nd unit first?

  • Vinnie Bones

    Do you swipe up and Face ID to unlock OR Face ID to unlock then swipe to go to home screen? Because most times, you just need to look the notifications on the screen w/o unlocking.

    • Anonymous

      FaceID to unlock first. Just looking at the screen activates it.

    • ravinigga

      I think it’s in settings like Touch ID rest finger etc.
      U can unlocked it but still look at notifications to enter the phone click home button on in this case swipe up

    • Face ID unlocks the device, an upward swipe takes you home

      • David Gow

        why wouldn’t it just go to home screen without the swipe. There is no fingerprint scanner in screen to double check making sure it is me so why swipe. That’s the deciding factor for me but maybe I’m just used to not looking at my phone to open it

      • There is something called notifications on your lock screen, and if you don’t care about reading them, others do

  • Wesh

    I like Apple and all, bjt this article is written in a really fanboy-y style, isnt it 🙂
    Its normal these days that phone maufacturers crack jokes and have little digs at each other, so why cant poor Wawawey?
    And lets wait till the latest iphone is out before we say its unspoofable by a photo or something.

    Lets all chill 🙂

  • CuBoy531

    I have demand for 6 preorders of iPhone X failed FaceID already Huawei. Try harder!

  • MMA Rules

    I said it before, everyone is trashing Apple but everyone follows!

  • nonchalont

    Yeah, I highly doubt Apple would release Face ID if it didn’t work seamlessly. Apple is all about the experience. I’m sure it may have minor hiccups like Touch ID, but overall the experience will be nice. Ultimately we’re going to be “beta testers” with Face ID. Face ID will simply get better and better as the years pass where it will have even more marker points to be read on the face. ….then the next big idea will be to implement a chip! MARK OF THE BEAST AHHHHH RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!! lol

  • Patrick Conley

    Lead the way Apple

  • John Smith

    These god d4mn dog eaters

  • John

    I’ve tried to “easily spoof” my Note 8 with a picture. I’ve used many different photos both on devices and printed. Can never get it spoofed. Its not as easy as the blogs say it is. Is Apple’s more secure? I’m sure it is. But it has to be the right circumstances for a picture to get through facial recognition on an android; I haven’t figured it out. Meanwhile if someone is printing out all these pics of me to try to get into my phone, I think I would notice. If my phone was lost I would just remote wipe it.

    • African-Techie

      Agreed – many tech writers have some bias towards a particular brand albeit through a small YouTube video experience instead of real life. They also annoyingly have to keep comparing it to something else that’s prominent on the market. Sadly, that’s the rubbish that sells stories – unsubstantiated opinions from biased writers. Can’t deny it though, they do make it fun for us to read…

  • African-Techie

    Huawei?? Who the heck is Huawei? Whatever nonsense they’ll be launching on October 16th sill sell just as many units – 16 (worldwide). Maybe they should shut up.