It doesn’t take a genius to see why Apple Watch is not a truly standalone device yet.

Without cellular connectivity, there’s only so much you can do on it without a paired iPhone. A cellular Apple Watch might run apps 100 percent independently on your wrist and perhaps even allow users to ask Siri to download apps from App Store directly to it on their behalf.

And that, boys and girls, could open door for Apple to at long last start selling its wearable gadget to non-iPhone users, a move that could significantly boost the addressable market for Apple Watch and potentially turn market dynamics upside down.

Jim Cramer, a former hedge fund manager who currently hosts CNBC’s “Mad Money”, is rooting for an upcoming Apple Watch model that will connect to LTE cellular data networks on its own.

In the video embedded below, Cramer calls a cellular Apple Watch “a game changer.”

Disregarding his somewhat flamboyant and too enthusiastic presentation style, Cramer’s right.

It’s not hard seeing why an LTE-outfitted Apple Watch will take Apple’s wearable device to the next level. Existing models can only connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks previously joined via your iPhone, letting you use Siri, check the weather, send and receive iMessages and more.

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However, without an iPhone connection, you cannot receive text messages or phone calls on your wrist. As a matter of fact, a bunch of built-in functions of the match either stop working or become severely crippled without network connectivity or a paired iPhone nearby.

An Apple Watch with built-in LTE would allow third-party apps to run completely independently on the watch, update data and retrieve information from the Internet without a paired iPhone.

Most important of all: by making Apple Watch a truly standalone device, Apple could expand its addressable market beyond iPhone users just like releasing iTunes for Windows has allowed Apple to sell iPods to PC users and we all know what that meant for the company’s fortunes.

Though calling an LTE Apple Watcha “game changer” is stretching it a bit—cellular watches from Samsung and others were released in the past—it’s always nice to have options.

Come this fall, Apple will unveil Apple Watch Series 3 in both Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + Cellular flavors, like with iPads. While I rarely leave home without an iPhone in my pocket, a cellular watch could be an interesting option for fitness buffs and fans of jogging who don’t want to carry their iPhone when they go for a run.

It should also cater to enterprise users or to just about anyone who’d prefer wearing a more standalone device on their wrist.

Are you excited for a cellular Apple Watch, and why? Do you think that the iPhone requirement for existing models is holding back Apple Watch adoption? Tell us in comments!

Comic top of post courtesy of Joy of Tech

  • M_Hawke

    Love that comic!

  • Jay

    I don’t see it as a game changer. Isn’t the  watch already the most successful smart watch? The cellular connection is already present on some other watches and they aren’t big sellers. I do believe it they will sell more with the feature but I doubt it’ll be a huge jump.

    • Galaxy Life

      Most successful? How so?

      Have you went wondered why they didn’t make the first or second watch with LTE?

      this is just their way to resell you the same watch again, it should have had LTE from day 1.

      • Jay

        Probably because the battery life would have been two seconds but you’re right they certainly could have. While were on the topic so could every other manufacturer that gives small upgrades every year. No need to be biased.

      • Galaxy Life

        LTE has zero effect on battery life. I had the Gear S2 and got 2 days with it–the same as my wife’s WiFi Gear S3.

        I now have the Gear S3 Frontier and with LTE and more sensors than the Apple watch I easily get 3 days use before I need to recharge it so the Apple watch could probably get 4+ days.

      • Christopher

        Actually, cellular connectivity (in this case, LTE) has a substantial effect on battery life. As with any device with a battery and cellular service.

        If you put your phone in airplane mode all day, it would last considerably longer than usual. Constantly searching for a signal (even when there’s a good one it still has to search), refreshing information, delivering notifications, etc. all have a profound effect on battery life.

        I have an Apple Watch (Series 2) and getting 4+ days without recharging isn’t even in the realm of possibility. Even if you don’t use it very much. On light to medium use, I get a little over 2 days with mine.

      • Galaxy Life

        That is true but if the Gear S3 Frontier with LTE and other sensors can’t get 3 whole days without a charge I’m sure the some l Apple watch could get the same and possibly a day more.

        Even still, I don’t see any problem with setting your watch on the charger overnight while you sleep and not using it.

        Smartwatches in general get unfairly criticized over battery life. An LTE enabled watch with 2 days life is more than acceptable.

      • Christopher

        I agree. Anything is better than “all day battery” lol.

  • Andre

    What’s an “iWatch”?

  • “And that, boys and girls, could open door for Apple to at long last start selling its wearable gadget to non-iPhone users…”

    Apple doesn’t sell Apple Watch for non iPhone users because they don’t want. If they do, they could develop an app for Android as the watch is paired via Bluetooth to manage the apps.

    I don’t see LTE on Apple Watch as a game changer, developers will have to join Apple on this to make the Watch works as stand-alone and they could have done this since watchOS 3 and many of them hasn’t till today.

    I own an Apple Watch and I’m a very enthusiastic tech guy, years has passed and I see that people (myself included) truly uses Apple Watch as a mirror for notifications. The only app I use frequently is the Nike+. Even Find My iPhone and many Apple apps that could be handful on the Watch is missing till today!

    To the game change happens I think that Apple must go for it on the OS first.

  • KillerTofu

    had a watch that allowed to use cellular service about 11 years ago.. all you needed was a sim card and you were in the game.

  • odedo1

    When my Apple Watch broke on me I had to wait for someone to go to the U.S to get it fixed because we got no Apple Stores here and while shopping on Black Friday on the Net I found a smart watch that claimed that it works on both Android and iOS so I said what the hell worst if it won’t work I’ll have a gift for a brother in law who got an Android phone and for $30.00 I can’t really loose so I ordered and it sure did work also under the battery it had a Sim slot and a memory card slot so it really didn’t need the iPhone but I have paired them together to get messages, memory for music was as much as I wanted also it had a built in camera but the best part was that it had a great speaker so making or answering to calls was loud and clear not like the Apple Watch which I use Bluetooth headphones paired to the Watch for music and calls. But being able to install Apps on the Watch is exclusively Apple, not that the cheap Watch that I got didn’t have build in Apps but you get what you get and can’t do anything about it, luckily Apple replaced my Watch for free even so that there was no warranty any more and not only that they gave me a Second generation Nike for a first generation sport plus they fixed my iPhone 6S which also decided to die on me a week before forcing me to open one of my iPhone 7’s Samples that I got from Apple which I had no plan on because the 6S is built with way better parts then the 7 also the 6 got all the antennas bands in one device the 7 don’t but same they gave me a new 6S replacement not even checking to try to fix it, that’s why I waited to send it to America not to Europe, the service difference is amazing.
    Back to the Apple Watch, LTE could be great for Apple the might open a Apple Watch App Store so even Android users will be able to use it just like they are planing on adding Apple Music App to Android, I don’t like the Data only but it will give a reason to jailbreak and if WhatsApp, Skype and FaceTime could replace the phone till they upgrade the firmware and turn on the phone, I believe it’s not Apple decision because they are asking Cell Providers to let 2 devices use the same phone number so that will need to be settled.
    They just need to get the speaker much much louder !!!!!

    • Jon20

      What was the name of the watch you bought?

  • odedo1