One of the all time top categories for Wallpapers of the Week is sky, stars, or galaxy images. Today, we place another batch of images in the iDB wallpaper annal, perfect for your black iPhone. While these galaxy images will also look great with a white faceplated iOS device, something about the way the darkness melts into the black body of the iPhone 7 Jet Black is incredible. Just wait for the iPhone 8 OLED!

Galaxy wallpapers

If you have any images you would like to submit, or have a gallery you use for wallpapers, hit me up @jim_gresham, or follow along for mid-week downloads.

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

Download: iPhone

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  • BuBubbi

    *cough* iPad *cough*


    • Matta Fakt

      Yeah, and they’re also the only ones that rotate properly on Plus sized iPhones (as of iOS 11… finally)

    • Rahimo

      hhhhhhh you made my day by this bro !

      • Bairon
  • 值得思考哦,受教了!