We’ve seen our fair share of alleged iPhone 8 dummies, schematics and technical drawings, but not a single physical component has leaked out of factories in Asia—until today.

A pair of images showing front and back phone panels, shared in a Reddit post today, may give us our first look at Apple’s rumored designs for the OLED-based iPhone 8 as well as the iterative LCD-based iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus updates.

One of the images “confirms” that iPhone 8 could feature a vertically stacked dual-lens camera out the back, with an LED flash built directly into the bulge. The alleged iPhone 8 front panel shows a nearly full-screen design, with just a tiny bar at the top.

There’s also a cutout near the top for the front-facing camera and the earpiece.

The Home button, at least a physical one, is nowhere to be seen, neither on the front nor on the back side. The alleged iPhone 8 front plate has virtually no bezels and appears to use protective glass that’s slightly curved at the edges.

The other photograph shows these purported iPhone 8 parts pictured next to the alleged components for the 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus.

Those phones are said to feature a refined iPhone 7 design.

For what it’s worth, the rear shells shown on that photo appear to be made from glass. Eagle-eyed readers could point out that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that all new iPhones this year will feature glass backs to support wireless charging.

The images are said to have been obtained from a case vendor that purportedly got them from a glass supplier in China. Apple has reportedly prototyped more than ten different iPhone designs this year, but it remains to be seen if these images represent the handsets that Apple will ship this fall or one of the abandoned designs.

What say you, fail or?

  • Bugs Bunnay

    All dat glass

    • Jay

      In those jeans..

      • Jamessmooth

        haha i need a Levis Jeans case on dat.

      • techfreak23

        Apple Bottom jeans…

      • Jamessmooth

        boots with the fuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr

      • The whole club was lookin at huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrr

  • eXoguti097

    That’s probably the best screen-to-body ratio of any phone

    • mickey

      About time. Been wishing for this for years now

  • Blip dude

    Don’t mind this at all if it’s the real thing.

  • Jay

    7s’s are getting glass backs nice..

    • Alejandro Delgado

      I don’t think that’s glass…probably Jet Black finish instead.

      • Jay

        Those are glass panels… says so if you read the article as well.

      • Alejandro Delgado

        “appear to be made of glass”. It’s not certain yet. Would be cool though, much more durable than the crappy Jet Black finish.

      • Jay

        Jet black is just a finnish, they coated the aluminum in. These are thin glass panels not thin aluminum panels and definitely not plastic…

      • tariq

        prob glass since there were rumors about wireless charge

  • Jamessmooth

    Gorge. I hope its true!

  • Rowan09

    Nice. After using IOS 11, I’m very excited for the iPhone 8 (or whatever it’s called).

  • TwoSim

    if this is the 8, maybe theres no room for VPN and TIME and other status on the header.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      its fake

  • tariq

    haha, so many haters when Samsung made edge display and everyone said its a gimmick. Now that Apple has edge to edge rumor, ya’ll acting all happy and shi*t. wtf lol

    • Shadowelite123

      Samsung’s edge display and the edge to edge display you see here are different cases. In the case of this article, its simply curved glass, not the literal touch display. The edge to edge title people use is in regards to the bezels. All this information I’m presenting has been based on careful analyzation and determination based on common sense.

      • tariq

        Both phones are headed towards less bezels. But when Apple does it, it’s not a gimmick all of a sudden. That’s what it comes down to

      • Shadowelite123

        No one said less bezels was a gimmick. Samsung’s edge display isn’t a less bezel case. It’s a curved touch display case. As in the surface of the touch display(area that recognizes touch) curves downwards to the side of the device rather than just the glass as some smartphones have done. The iPhones since the 6 up to now and probably the one seen here are just using curved glass, not curved displays, but with less bezels. The term “edge to edge” refers to bezels while Samsung’s “edge display” refers to a curved touch display, not bezels.

    • Rowan09

      I have the galaxy 7 Edge and never use the edges that is a gimmick because it doesn’t make life any easier or useful enough for shortcuts. This iPhone is suppose to be Edge to edge screen not curved edges like the Galaxy. Samsung wasn’t the first to do bezel free or curved display by the way it was LG with the Flex.

      • tariq

        The curve is to maximize the screen size. Which it did a great job at and try volumeslider app, good use of the sides, also YouTube looks better with endless edges, and contact shortcuts are great. But main purpose is to maximize the screen and they did an amazing job at it. And Samsung didn’t do it first but did execute it nicely tho

      • Shadowelite123

        The curved purpose wasn’t to maximize the screen size. Did you even pay attention when they debuted the edge display for the first time? It was to add extra functionality while leaving the same screen real estate as before. Also, they debuted the edge display long before the S8 and they still had a significant chin and forehead. If the edge display was meant to maximize the screen size, they did a terrible job because the edge display adds barely anything in extra screen real estate. They would have been better off killing off the chin and forehead for a significant amount of extra real estate. They had the means to do what the S8 looks like now, they chose not to.

      • Rowan09


      • tariq

        Killing top and bottom would make it harder to use and have less room to put camera, sensors… And they did a great job with the edge screen, killing side bezels completely makes it more enjoyable to use.
        And yes, at first it was an “extra” feature but that’s when they started it. Now it’s an “infinite display” basically bragging about how big it is.

      • Shadowelite123

        I’m sorry, but are you dense? How exactly would killing the forehead and chin (what they did with the S8) make it harder to use? How in the world do you hold your smartphone? Have you even seen the inside of a smartphone? Have you even seen the S8 models? Killing the chin and forehead would not have made less room for the sensors. The edge display as seen on the S6, S7, etc… have all had common issues with the edge display. The edge display also didn’t kill bezels. It started as a gimmick, it’s still a gimmick. The edge display just provides an aesthetic appeal and minor functionality to less than 30% of users of an edge display. The edge display is about as useless as the attempt LG made with I think the V10.

      • tariq

        Harder to use b/c when watching a video or playing games you need hand space to hold the phone horizontaly without touching the display. And s8 didn’t kill the chin and forehead, they made it smaller.

        The Essential phone killed the top bezel and now their phone looks dumb with camera and sensors interfering with the screen and the Mi Mix did the same thing and had to get rid of the mic.
        And if edge is so useless than why did more people buy edge phones than flat basic ones?

      • Shadowelite123

        Exactly, the edge display is a gimmick. Sure maybe some people may use it, but it’s really a waste. I had the S6 Edge and I didn’t even last a day trying to use the edge.

      • Rowan09

        I have the S7 Edge as well and it’s annoying using Kodi and trying to pause a video. I never it.

  • As much as I would love it to turnout this way, this doesn’t seem right, since the LED flash is between the lenses, which is impossible.

    • Konrad Paul Mertner


  • h4nd0fg0d

    The iPhone we’ve all dreamt of, coming to fruition. I’m hard…

  • Linked Devices

    The iPhone is starting to show its receding hair line.