Apple is expected to announce plans next week to make Siri work with a larger variety of apps, reports Reuters. Currently the digital assistant integrates with apps from just six categories: ride sharing, messaging, photo search, payments, fitness and auto infotainment.

The move will make Siri more competitive against other assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa, which is capable of handling some 12,000 different tasks. Apple has taken criticism for lagging behind other tech giants in the AI space, and next week it looks to close the gap.

In addition to announcing improved app support for Siri, Apple is also expected to unveil an Echo-like speaker featuring the assistant. Reports have said that it is cylinder in shape, like the latest Mac Pro, and it features a high-end sound system and a dedicated touch panel.

Apple’s WWDC keynote begins on Monday, June 5 at 10am PDT. Be sure to join us as we cover the event, and all subsequent announcements, live. Also make sure you check out our inaugural WWDC Fantasy Draft.

Source: Reuters

  • So Young

    I dont know where is all the buzz for voice commands about, it was cool on the iphone 4s back in 2011 and I still use it sometimes for basic stuff, but I realy don’t need more than that. I just hope it will not be the “big” improvement for ios 11.

  • Techsticles

    Siri disappoints every single day, especially on the Watch. Please hold on….

    Apple wants to add support for other apps, Siri can’t even read news headlines from Apple News.

    • Swanny246

      Wait, what? You’re complaining because Apple wants to expand support to other apps, because Siri doesn’t support x app? That makes no sense.