Prolific leakers Benjamin Geskin on Monday shared some fresh new images, allegedly showing off latest iPhone 8 schematics and a CAD rendering based on the technical drawings of the phone. The schematics depict a lip at the top of the handset’s OLED display where 3D sensors for the front FaceTime camera along with the earpiece would presumably be located.

On the back, we can see a circle which indicates neither a rear Touch ID sensor nor wireless charging support. According to Geskin, the circle is simply a placeholder for the Apple logo.

And here’s a CAD rendering of the device based on the schematics.

Other iPhone 8 features hinted at by this technical drawing include no physical Home button out the front, a vertically-stacked dual-lens camera out the back with an LED flash integrated directly in the bulge, an elongated Power button on the right side and more.

Today, Slashleaks shared a few images showcasing yet another iPhone 8 dummy wrapped in a protective case allegedly “confirming” the device would come with no physical Home button.

It also hints at a Touch ID sensor integrated directly into the display and a vertically-oriented cutout on the back for a redesigned dual-lens camera system, aside from other features.

Apple will preview iOS 11 at WWDC next month.

It’ll be interesting seeing what user interface changes Apple has added to iOS to make room for the rumored function area at the bottom of the display and to possibly take advantage of the tiny regions at the top of the device.

  • Iskren Donev

    As much as I would want to, I don’t think we’ll see any huge UI shifts at WWDC that are geared to accommodate the iPhone Edition’s special screen.

    Those changes will come in the fall along with the device itself. I liken it to the announcement of the Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro laptops – earlier in the year during WWDC there was no mention of the Touch Bar or the customizations and features it entails.

    So don’t expect Apple to tip its hand at WWDC – it will only reveal new features which would be available on current-generation devices only.

    • Martynet

      I wouldn’t expect anything else. iOS is great OS and I really like that its core is still kind of same, but with lots of new features every year. There are many things to improve but the UI is fine, simple and just works. What needs some work is file sharing/icloud/storage manager. And some customisation for widgets and lockscreen.

      • MMA Rules

        I would love if they make the ability to lock individual apps with Touch ID, 3rd party apps have it so why not!

  • *latest* You mean the stuff we’ve known for literally months now?