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Apple keeps on surprising us with what seems to be some sort of subtle apology about the lack of upgrades in the Mac line up as of late. Cody and Sebastien talk about this specifically, as well as what the future looks like for the Mac Pro and the iMac Pro.

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Show Notes

Apple updates Mac Pro, confirms new model with modular design and pro displays due in 2018

Apple: “great” pro-level iMacs are in the pipeline, slated for release this year

Mac mini is “important” and shall remain a product in Apple’s lineup for the time being

Apple is “sorry” about “a pause” in Mac upgrades

New iMacs could sport Xeon E3 chips, ECC RAM, Thunderbolt 3/USB-C, new keyboard & more

Is Apple working on 8K display for its completely rethought Mac Pro?

Apple apparently working on additional MacBook Pro models without Touch Bar

Apple could soon let you use iPad Pro with your Mac as a Cintiq-style drawing tablet

The next Mac mini won’t be so mini anymore

Jay-Z pulls albums from Spotify and Apple Music

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  • Nelson

    Guys, seriously. Have you never opened up a “cheese grater” Mac Pro? That was a modular design. It was easier to upgrade those than a pc.

    • That’s why I believe Cody said they would/should go back to a similar design.

      • Nelson

        Ah, I missed that part. My bad. You guys were talking about the trash can Mac Pro so much it sounded like you guys forgot about the internal design of the old model

  • Bacillus

    So much apprehension and fuzzy interpretations for such a weak presentation with so little specifics.
    Just more cheap promises from a bunch of overpaid executives that neither anybody beliefs or wants to see again.
    I am so done with these guys.
    Please replace them and diversify the whole Mac division. Everything is just as tiring as obsolete.

  • Evan King

    I’ve been using Apple Music since its launch, and after using it for months I started seeing songs that Apple Music or any music streaming service did not offer. Many of these were independent artists that offered their music only on the Artist Union and so forth. Apple has actually made it easy to combine your Apple Music Library with downloaded music, and it involves iTunes on the Mac and iCloud Music Library. When I add a file to iTunes on the Mac, it downloads it for offline use on the Mac and adds it to iCloud Music Library to be accessible across all my other Apple devices via streaming. I have it set up on my iPhone in a way that it shows up on my iPhone just like the others, but downloads for offline use on my iPhone automatically. I put an album cover on the file and name it, and it looks indistinguishable from the rest of my Apple Music. Sure it takes a couple minutes finding the song on SoundCloud or YouTube and downloading it, but the end result is seamless. No other streaming service allows you to add outside music and have it act just like music on their catalog the way Apple Music does. It’s then all accessible without cell service, besides the Apple Music songs that aren’t locally downloaded. The integration for outside music from their catalog is what keeps me with them, and even though to us it seems normal to add a song on one device and have them appear across our other devices via iCloud, to the norms it’s magic. No other service or platform offers that kind of ability, and if they do it most likely will never work as seamlessly across devices as it does on Apple devices.