Wednesday, Samsung fired the first salvo against Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 with the official introduction of its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones at media events in New York’s Lincoln Center and London’s Olympic Park.

But the South Korean conglomerate didn’t stop there: they announced a 4K-capable 360-degree camera and other accessories, including a docking station that lets you connect your new Galaxy to an external display and wireless or wired keyboard and/or mouse to use it as an Android-driven computer with a desktop-like interface.

Without further ado, here’s a quick recap of everything Samsung announced today.

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Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

The new Galaxies come in two flavors, one with a 5.8-inch 570ppi AMOLED display and the other featuring a bigger 6.2-inch 529ppi Quad HD+ AMOLED screen. As is expected from Samsung, image quality is spectacular on these AMOLEDs.

Both phones have a 2,960-by-1,440 pixel resolution panel with a bizarre 18.5:9 screen ratio. Users will first notice a nearly fullscreen face on their Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ due to the fact that the seamless edge-to-edge screen is curved on both sides. There is no longer a model with a flat panel, so curved screens are now a thing.

There’s hardly any bezel on the sides. The chin at the top and bottom is minimal. It uses Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 on the face and the backside for durability and a high-quality finish. Both devices are IP68 water and dust-resistant and feature fast charging (via USB) and wireless charging (compatible with WPC and PMA).

There’s no physical Home button on the front.

However, rather than embed a fingerprint sensor into the display assembly, Samsung’s opted to relocate fingerprint recognition to a clunkier position—it’s now on the phone’s back, alongside the camera.

Like with iPhone 7, the physical Home button’s been supplanted by a digital variant “built under the display”. Next, the cameras… Each phone has iris scanning and facial recognition as optional authentication features for signing into websites and unlocking the phone without finding the fingerprint reader on the back with your finger.

The rear Dual Pixel camera has twelve megapixels with a f/1.7 lens and optical image stabilization while the shooter out the front comes outfitted with an eight-megapixel sensor with the same aperture and autofocus, sans optical image stabilization.

There’s no dual-camera setup on any of these phones.

Samsung put a 3,000 milliamp-hour battery inside Galaxy S8 while it’s bigger brother uses a bigger 3,500 milliamp-hour. Other features shared across the new devices include a USB-C port, standard 3.55 mm audio jack, Harman Kardon stereo speakers, wireless charging and support for the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard which lets you stream music to two devices simultaneously. Yes, the new Galaxies support Gigabit LTE, Gigabit Wi-Fi (dual-channel 802.11ac) and LTE Cat. 16.

They run Android 7.0 Nougat and support a multi-window feature to run two apps on the screen simultaneously. Like earlier Galaxies, the new ones run either Samsung’s own or Qualcomm’s chip. In the United States, the devices will ship with Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 835 chip inside (2.3 GHz + 1.7 GHz) built on a ten-nanometer process. Customers in most other countries will get Samsung’s in-house designed Exynos octa-core processor (2.35 GHz + 1.9 GHz).

Each device includes four gigabytes of LPDDR4 RAM.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ include limited augmented reality support built right into Samsung’s own Camera app. You just point the camera at anything to have the phone suggest web results from Amazon, Vivino and Pinterest (but not Google), based on identified objects.

The power button is located on the right side while the left side houses volume controls and a dedicated hardware button that launches Bixby. Bixby, as I’m sure you know, is Samsung’s brand new virtual assistant based on Viv Labs, a startup funded by the original creators of Siri that Samsung acquired last year.


Bixby answers standard sets of questions like most other digital assistants on smartphones.

It also leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning for contextual awareness capabilities that enable it to offer personalized help based on what it continues to learn about your interests, situation and location. With Bixby, you can also control other apps and Samsung Connect smart home accessories.

Bixby currently works with a handful of Samsung’s own Android apps—including Phone, Messages, Settings, Camera, Contacts and Gallery. The company confirmed Bixby support in the Google Play Music app and other third-party apps will come in the future.

Inside apps, Bixby can accomplish tasks like rotate a photo, play a video and do other things, including things that require touch interactions to fully complete a task. Bixby also appears as an augmented reality-enhanced computer vision in the Camera app that can identify objects in real time and then search for them online.

The Verge noted:

Even though it’s not all that dissimilar from stuff we’ve seen before like Google Goggles or Amazon Firefly, Samsung’s implementation seems miles better than the competition. It can translate text, read QR codes, and recognize landmarks. But lots of apps can do those things. Where Bixby excels is combining them all with what seems like pretty decent object recognition right there in your camera app.

Like Siri, Bixby requires an Internet connection.

Bixby has a Home screen of its own that appears when you invoke it with a press of the handset’s dedicated hardware button. Bixby Home, as it’s called, is basically a feed of relevant information culled from data on your phone and online that Bixby can interact with, including stuff like weather, smart home control, fitness activity and more.

Bixby will work in US English and Korean at launch. Chinese and Spanish will follow shortly after, with more languages helpfully being added over time.


Samsung also unveiled a few interesting accessories to go along with the new phones. For instance, there are new Samsung-made covers available for the Galaxy S8 series, provided in several pastel-like colors.

In addition to fast-charge technology via USB chargers, the new Galaxies support wireless charging that requires an optional charging mat accessory that must be connected to power, like before.

Samsung’s phones have great battery life, and the new Galaxies are no exception with their 3,000/3,500 mAh batteries. For those requiring even more juice on the go, Samsung is now offering an optional 5,100 mAh battery pack with support for fast-charge technology via USB.

Samsung will be selling another interesting accessory: its Clear View standing cover, shown below.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ can also be docked in an accessory called DeX Station.

You just connect an external display, keyboard and mouse to the ports on the back of your DeX to transform your new Galaxy S8 into a desktop computer. With DeX, you can run phone apps on a redesigned Android interface optimized for resizable windows, contextual menus and a desktop web browser.

The station leverages processing power of your phone.

Samsung partnered with Adobe and Microsoft for additional DeX features, like compatibility with Microsoft Office and Adobe mobile apps such as Acrobat Reader mobile and Lightroom Mobile, allowing desktop-like functionality. You can even use Windows-based apps with solutions like Citrix, VMware and Amazon Web Services.

The station includes two USB 2.0 ports, plus Ethernet, USB-C power with fast-charge support and a cooling fan. The docking station will be available globally with the latest Galaxies and may be offered as a packaged bundle depending on region.

Samsung’s Gear 360 portable camera has been updated with support for capturing 360-degree videos in crisp 4K resolution at 24 frames per second. It also shoots fifteen-megapixel photos. The new Gear VR uses 8.4-megapixel image sensors and Bright Lens F2.2 on both dual fisheye lenses and supports live broadcasting or direct uploading to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Samsung VR.

Interestingly, the accessory offers greater compatibility with Apple devices including the iPhone 6s/7 series, iPhone SE and Mac computers. As for Samsung’s Oculus-powered Gear VR headset, it now ships with its own tiny controller for motion interaction when accessing interactive virtual reality content.

Watch Samsung’s entire Unpacked 2017 event in 360-degree freedom on YouTube.

Pricing and availability

The new Galaxy phones come in Midnight Black, Orchid Gray and Arctic Silver in the United Sates.

Customers in other markets will be treated to two additional color options: Maple Gold and Coral Blue. There are only two storage sizes, 64GB or 128GB, but the phones accept microSD cards for up to 256 gigabytes of storage. Samsung’s new high-performance earphones, tuned by AKG by Harman, are also in the box. Made from anti-tangle metal-fabric material, they sport a hybrid canal fit for better noise cancellation.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be available to pre-order beginning Thursday, March 30.

The phones will start shipping in the United States, Canada and across Europe on April 21. Prices will start at $750 for Galaxy S8 and $850 for Galaxy S8+. Note that prices may vary because actual pricing will be set by carriers.

For additional information, visit

How do you like the new Galaxies?

I think they’re the best-looking phones out so far and it’ll be interesting seeing what cool tricks iPhone 8 has up its sleeve. September can’t come soon enough!

Source: Samsung

  • pizentu

    Its about time for me to start looking at phones again. This thing looks nice and could almost certainly bring me back to Android. I look forward to the hours of youtube videos I will be spending during my research of the latest and greatest phones.

    • TheAvatarNice

      I recommend you watch MKBHD’s latest phone reviews. He’s very honest and his videos look great!

    • Steve Harold

      I literally said the same thing with the Note 7. Then I waited a month for my contract to score and the whole fire thing happened. Will never switch from Apple now!

  • bushygoodness

    I’m going to still hold out for the iPhone 8, but if it turns out to be a disappointment then I’m going Samsung.

    • CuBoy531

      Once you go Samsung, you are going to explode back!

  • n0ahcruz3

    Now thats a fcking gorgeous screen.. but im still opting for the 8. And will probably my last iPhone unless of course the next iphone after the 8 will have like Minority Report shiz lol

    • Rowan09

      It’s the same as the S7 Edge

      • Mike

        Not really… Bigger screen, better front facing camera, iris scanner, face scanner, usb-c, bixby, the usually upgrades to hardware, and probably other software stuff that we will see later on.

      • Rowan09

        Ok then it’s basically the same as the Note 7. USB C is a connector type so moving form micro USB doesn’t necessarily mean this is an upgrade besides being reversible. Point is it was suppose to have a 4K screen for the VR and it’s still stuck with the same screen. The picture quality from the VR headset is just horrible and looks like 480P. I was speaking of the screen resolution by the way.

      • Mike

        Well you can’t complain with a 2k screen that looks that good. Plus having a 4k screen would mean you need a way bigger battery at least twice the size of the current one. Haven’t used VR so I couldn’t talk about that. The thing is that if you have a phone that has all the bells and whistles that this phone has you can really upgrade that much. Like Apple this year might do a huge upgrade but that is only because most of tech on their phone is old and nothing new. Like they could upgrade screen, design, fast charging, wireless charging, iris or face scanner, upgrade siri and other stuff. Even those this phone is kinda the same as the Note 7 its okay since Note 7 wasn’t out for that long and they still add some new features that the Note 7 didn’t have.

      • Rowan09

        I’m not complaining just the reaction as if this is some new device is funny to me. It’s a stretched screen and no home button and it’s “amazing”. I think 4K is overkill on a phone as well, but if you see this thing through VR which they are pushing as well, it’s laughable at best. The screen was rumored to go 4K because of the VR headset and yet they didn’t do anything to the resolution. I have the S7 Edge along with the 7 Plus and don’t see this as a must buy for an upgrade, so I’ll skip it. None of the tech on the iPhone is old the screen resolution is all that’s old but everything else is new. The iPhone 7/7+ has the fastest CPU on the market right now and removing the home button on the 7/7+ isn’t even noticed due to the Taptic Engine simulating a button press. From reviews the S8 doesn’t even come close to simulating like the iPhone 7/7+. Wireless charging wasn’t needed on the iPhone until this year due to removing the headphone jack, fast charging can be done by using either the iPad charger or new Mac charger.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    If the new iPhone turns out to be a disappointment like the 7 then bye bye iOS.

    • U mean disappointment like this Samsung release?

      At least when Apple released the iPhone 7 they didn’t advertised that it will be a game changing…

      • smtp25

        I’m pro apple because of iOS so I’ll never switch. But that’s pretty dam nice looking .. plus the doc option …

      • I got you but I’m still very resistent over the idea of this curved screen. I know a lot of people loves it but for me it’s ugly and useless.

      • GUY

        Remember Apple is advertising iPad “pro” as game changing … Two can play the game.
        companies would say about what ever syit to sell their products.
        Test the product you like it you buy , you don’t then don’t ..just ignore what THEY say

      • John

        They did. And it wasnt game changing. It was stupid. I think we covered that in previous comments on another article.

      • Rowan09

        Apple said the Pro was game changing or a Pro device which is more powerful and can replace a laptop? Some phones are replacing laptops so the commercial is not really a lie.

      • Stephen Hedger

        your right they didnt, they just whacked another £100 on what was essentially a faster 6S with ooooh water resistance! something samsungs been doing for years. When the iphone 8 comes out will apple be claiming they invented amoled screens and wireless charging? i bet ios fanboys will be wetting thier pants over the “ground breaking” full screen and no more home button too…

      • Rowan09

        Hold up the 7 is just a water resistance 6S and the S8 is a brand new phone?

      • Stephen Hedger

        Haha I owned an iPhone IPhone 7 and tested it against my SE and s7.

        The camera was only better than the se in low light conditions

        Why do you keep talking about apple?

        Stop with the apple obsession. I’m talking about how the s8 is an upgrade on the s7

        Apple didn’t “remove the home button” they changed to to a Touch ID sensor with haptic feedback.

        The screen was no different to my iPhone 6.

        Yes the 256gb model was a great upgrade.

        But your paying £800 for a 6SS

        if you think the iPhone 7 is worth buying you’re a bigger mug than I thought.

        I’m however taking about the s8 and how it’s an improvt over the s7

        I never said it had new unique features or is revolutionary.

        Get over yourself

      • Rowan09

        The iPhone 7 does not a physical home button, it Taptic Engine simulates a button press. I’m done with the iPhone and I just looked at benchmarks for the 835 and it’s not far from the F10 it loses in some and wins in some.

        You made it seem as if the S8 was some new revolutionary device but now you’re saying it doesn’t have any unique features over the S7 Edge. It’s an S7 Edge S and that’s fine but it’s nothing more.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Physical button? Well, it looks like a button, you can physically press it.

        For me that’s a button. Whether it moves or not.

        I’m saying it’s a revolutionary devices? No I’m not.

        Is it just a s7 a or whatever?

        No it’s not.

        An a model released by apple is the same as last year but slightly faster

        The s8 is not slightly faster it’s a lot faster than the s7,

        It has twice the storage than the s7, faster charging, new bigger screen than s7, new ai, new iris stuff.

        My s7 has battery randomly drain and wifi disconnects when it feels like it. This is my 7th s7 as they all did this. I have 3gb free and the s8 will be a nice upgrade.

      • Rowan09

        First you brag about how your S7 doesn’t lag, etc and now you’re on your 7th device? The 6S had 2 less cores, a camera that wasn’t better, a screen that wasn’t as good, no dual speakers, a physical home button, etc. The 6s just looks like the 7 and that’s all.

        The S7 looks like the S8 the only difference is the longer display. It’s the same phone with a new CPU which you say is a lot faster but have no proof of it. The camera is the same (front got a mp upgrade but same spec), the screen res is the same, battery is smaller, suppose to have faster charging but yet to be seen, etc. Dude it’s just an upgrade for a longer screen and that’s it. At least now you’re finally coming to my point it’s a very small upgrade not a big one like you want it to be and that’s fine.

      • Stephen Hedger

        My s7 doesn’t lag.

        Yep 7th because all the models I bought had wifi issues and battery drain. I put it down to android just being shite.

        Have no proof?

        Good grief your are a dumbass.

        The a10 blew the 820 away in tests and you just said the a10 and 835 are similar in tests!

        Sometimes I think your just arguing because you’re lonely and nobody will play with you.

        The 835 cpu support which charge 4 which “drum roll” is faster than quick charge 2.

        Feel free to google this “phenomenon” so I don’t have to keep explaining the bleeding obvious ever 10 mins.

        I want it to be a big upgrade?

        It’s better then my s7 and that’s what I want it to be.

        I don’t see any other android phones in 2017 being better than the s8.

        Phones (as already mentioned a long time ago) don’t have massive upgrades any more.

        Nobody expected the s8 to be anything other than a small upgrade over the s7.

        The iPhone 8 sounds to be something special but for $1000 with limited availability possibly 2018 for most It’s not even on the radar.

      • Rowan09

        Thanks for agreeing with what I’ve been saying this whole time. That is all and as I said the new 2017 835 is basically on par with a 2016 A10

      • Stephen Hedger

        If that’s true then the 835 will kick ass.

        That’s fast enough for me.

      • Rowan09

        Cool. Good day sir.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Good day to you too

    • N&LH

      Well, nothing impressive about the new Galaxy S8……take it easy

    • Rodney Coleman


      Gonna buy a Samsung that lags after a month of use.

      And don’t say it doesn’t.. because it does.

      • :D

        They still lag?

      • Mallouk Malek

        NOPE, well i don’t carry one, but all my friends do…It no longer lag that’s for sure

      • Rowan09

        Not true I own the S7 Edge and barely use it and it does still lag.

      • Stephen Hedger

        iv had my s7 a year now and its still as fast as ever. maybe you just dont know what your doing with a phone.

    • ravinigga

      The s8 was also disappointed only bigger screen with looks very nice, but that’s it.
      Barely no speed improvement or ram (for android like more ram).
      It’s just a s7 edge with taller screen

  • I’m holding myself to the chair as I’m typing this message trying not to run to a Samsung Store right now to buy this phone just to use that weird 2 piece cover… lol

    • GUY

      True that is UGLY

  • Gethro

    OK so no one’s gonna come right out and say it, I guess I’ll do it then this is Gethro with sDownloadblog haha

  • Anonymouse

    ‘Samsung’s opted to relocate fingerprint recognition to a clunkier position—it’s now on the phone’s back, alongside the camera.’
    Christian, clunky means solid, heavy and old fashioned or describes a sound. What does that have to do with the position of the fingerprint sensor? I take it you haven’t used the device yet to make such an informative comment such as this?

    • Steve Harold

      Many reviewers have had the device for awhile. I can’t speak for him, but I imagine this would be the case. It is also extremely obvious in photos.

      • Anonymouse

        Here’s a quote from theverge: ‘Samsung is able to fit a 5.8-inch display in a footprint barely bigger than the iPhone 7 and its significantly smaller 4.7-inch screen.’
        Back to my original point, how does the word ‘clunky’ apply?

      • Steve Harold

        A. You are a stupid troll
        B. Talking about the back here. Talking specifically about the finger print sensor here. ”
        ‘Samsung’s opted to relocate fingerprint recognition to a clunkier position”
        C. The finger print spot in the back is clunky comforted to other models.
        D. So again what does display and size have to do with the back?

      • Anonymouse

        A. You are a knob
        B. The size (width) matters when holding it, think about where your index finger is located and where is sensor best placed for where said index finger rests
        C. My question was to Christian over his choice of the word clunky, not your choice, his.
        D. The sensor on the rear is well located for those who place their phone face down.
        E. Calling me a troll such as what you have done here demonstrates how ignorant and mentally deficient you are and highlight that the real troll is in fact you!
        F. My point A is confirmed.

    • Rockwell

      I can’t think of a worse place to put a fingerprint sensor. If my iPhone 6s+ had one in that location I would have bought the phone.

      • Anonymouse

        You would or would not?

      • Anonymouse

        A worse position could be next to the headphone jack. That couldn’t happen with an Apple 7s 🙂

    • Hey Anonymouse,

      According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary clunky means, “clumsy in style, form or execution”.

      Personally I have always found the placement of the fingerprint reader on the backs of phones to be “clunky” due to their requirement that you must be holding the phone to use them. Going from the convenience of being able to unlock your phone without having to pick it up to being forced to pick it up is a step backwards IMHO.

      Anyways, just my thoughts on the subject.

      • Anonymouse

        Hi John how’s it hangin’?
        My definition comes from the Oxford Dictionary of English as used by US Supreme Court inclusive of Merriam (I think from memory)
        With respect to placement of the sensor on the rear, isn’t that a handy location for those that place their phone face down? Placing phone face up or down matters not to certain Sony models as they have it on the side (excluding models sold in America).
        For the record I’ve never used the fingerprint sensor per se, only in jailbreak mode for activating flashlight from sleep mode and from sleep mode to homescreen (no fingerprint reequired to be stored on phone)

      • Hey Anonymouse,

        What’s interesting about the Oxford Dictionary of English is that the second example they give is “Surprisingly, the only weak section is the clunky introduction, which is more speculative and not as strongly written as the rest.” Which would suggest that they acknowledge a broader definition exists that the one the give. But either way, the point wasn’t to discus the definitions provided by different dictionaries as much as to explain what the author meant in a semi-commonplace phrase. Right or wrong, that’s how he was using it.

        And I’m not sure I understand what you mean by convenient for people who place their phones face down. This isn’t really a consideration as they have to pick up their phone to turn it over anyways… We’re talking about pure convenience from seeing a notification to actioning it with the fewest possible steps necessary in the largest number of circumstances. And going from an ideal position to a less than ideal one is what people are saying is a step backwards or a “clunky” implementation.


      • Anonymouse

        This is all I got from my copy of the 2nd edition:
        1. chiefly N. Amer. solid, heavy, and old-fashioned: even last year’s laptops look clunky.
        ■ (of shoes) clumpy: clunky Dr Martens.
        2. making a clunking sound: clunky conveyor belts.

        Yes the english language can be considered a broad section

        ‘Right or wrong that’s how he was using it’, sure perhaps, but we don’t know because the person I addressed the question to hasn’t responded with his reasons.

        For those that place the phone face down, think about your hand placement when ypu pick it up. For right handers, thumb on left side, ring and pinky right side, index finger can rest on sensor and automatically unlocks phone as it”s picked up all in one motion. Doesn’t sound or look clunky to me.
        I mentioned Sony’s position on side as the ideal spot for face down or face up as an afterthought or alternative.

        What is considered an ideal position really is a subjective one isn’t it? There is no ideal position as people use/place their phone differently. I don’t call Apple’s implementation as clunky, it seems that others you included call Samsungs ‘clunky’ because in your opinions it doesn’t match Apples and:or your liking based on how you use it. This author calls it clunky, why? He doesn’t like it so it must be clunky? It doesn’t match Apples so it must be clunky? Made by Samsung so it must be clunky? This author’s journalistic/blog skills are clunky.

      • Again I think you miss the point. If the phone is in a dock and the fingerprint scanner is facing away from you being required to pull it out of the dock to unlock your phone is a nuisance. If your phone is laying face up (since it’s a samsung after all and you can lay it on those fancy “wireless” chargers) you have pick it up or remove it from the charging pad to unlock it. If your phone is face down you have other inconveniences in that you can’t see your full display to read alerts and notifications anyways so people who specifically don’t mind that aren’t the focus of the discussion.

        The point is that being able to see and action some notification on your phone with one finger wether it’s in a dock, charging, on the table or leaning up against some surface is more convenient that requiring a device to be held or flipped over. That’s not an opinion that’s just a fact. We are talking about a measurable least amount of effort required in the greatest number of situations. I can unlock and action notification on my iPhone with 1 finger without having to move it in the slightest. That by definition is more convenient and I think at this point your insistence on requiring the author verifies that a commonplace phrase acknowledged by several online dictionaries is in fact how he used the word and that users who already would have to pick up their phone anyways wouldn’t be bothered is just getting silly at this point so respectfully I’ll be done replying as I think we’ve both said everything that can be said on this point.

      • Anonymouse

        You can’t place your finger against the scanner whilst still docked?
        Aside from being docked, face up face down, I use caees that clip on my belt most of the time face in. I don’t use the fingerprint sensor, however reaching for it in this fashion one can unlock as it’s being removed from its pouch.
        Everyone has differing ways of how they store, travel or charge their devices. No one method is the best really as that is all subjective based on your usage. Calling it clunky because it doesn’t match how you use it is your opinion I suppose.
        I haven’t tried the S8 yet, so I’ll look forward to doing so.
        There, now I believe I’ve almost covered what I have to say on the subject. 🙂

  • ProllyWild

    Only impressive thing to me is the DeX station.. nice concept. Just wondering about real world execution..

    • Rowan09

      Motorola and Microsoft tried the same thing and it doesn’t make any sense. Why do you need to blow up a mobile device on a TV screen when if you already own a Samsung TV you can just mirror the device. Apple does the same with the Apple TV by mirroring the device to a tv so this is pretty useless.

      • GUY

        You’re lost

      • Rowan09

        Why because I’m right? I have the S7 Edge with a VR headset and the VR headset is a joke and now they release a new one with the same screen resolution? It’s going to suck just as bad because the main issue was the videos looking like 480P.

      • ProllyWild

        “With DeX, you can run phone apps on a redesigned Android interface optimized for resizable windows, contextual menus and a desktop web browser.”

        Again the actual execution is what matters. In theory going from smartphone to desktop-ish mode in the same device is appealing if done right.

      • Rowan09

        Desktop web browser? I understand what they are trying to do but it doesn’t make it any more or less of an Android and Motorola and Microsoft tried the same thing and it didn’t work. This one is no different.

      • ProllyWild

        Again just saying the concept is interesting. If ever it was pulled off correctly.

      • Rowan09

        I understand but it’s not going to replace a computer and that’s all I’m saying. It’s not the first and won’t be the last.

      • ProllyWild

        I don’t expect it can replace a computer for most people. Some casual users maybe but if the concept of a dockable, sufficiently powerful enough smart device that could transition to a decent desktop interface rather than just mirroring…that would be an interesting transition for mobile phones and tablets.

        It hardly looks fleshed out and I’m really not an android fan so I don’t care too much for how this plays out on android. Just noting it’d be interesting to have a full computer in your pocket when docked, but a properly adjusted smartphone experience for when it’s not.

      • Rowan09

        Don’t see why that would matter to anyone if it is still just a mobile phone and a different interface when docked. Plus paying extra for a dock which will barely be used is a waste if you ask me, but to each his own.

      • ProllyWild

        The potential of that concept depends, again, on execution. The user interface matters. As we’ve seen too often, mobile devices that try to run full desktop, or desktop-like operating systems and apps tend to fail because they’re not compatible with the size of the device, or the input methods (touch). There are number of people who would probably enjoy having all their computing needs in one device. Not hardcore users, or seriously professionals yet, but you look at students and the average consumer, they would probably like to have things simplified.

        It would be interesting, in the case of iOS/MacOS and it’s universal apps for example, to have the ability to use the device in its iPhone/iPad format when using the device on the go. Coming home, docking your device and having it scale those apps to the MacOS format and provide and a MacOS experience compatible with keyboard and mouse input from the same device would be appealing to many, I assume.

        Again ideals, and execution are different so I imagine it’s not a likely anything we’ll see done even close to right anytime soon. Just the idea of a versatile mobile device that can correctly provide a mobile and desktop experience is interesting.

      • Rowan09

        You can already do those things with Apple apps, Microsoft apps, etc with a man and IOS device without the need of a dock. All I’m saying is this dock idea doesn’t solve a problem and when something is a hit it solves a problem. It won’t sell and be a failure like the Galaxy Zoom. Samsung needs to scale down but they keep adding new devices.

  • tariq

    It’s nice and cool. But not upgrade worthy, might stick to my s7 edge for a while longer

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Why samSUCK why

    • tariq

      I don’t get it.. what’s the red and green lines for?

      • Chinch07

        He’s saying it’s not lined up and symmetrical lol

      • tariq

        Ohhh, ok. Thx

  • Lewis Dee

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the rounded screen corners, it just seems odd?

    • AJM

      Exactly! And as one can see in the picture with the keyboard showing, you always get reflections on the rounded borders. What the point of having a display at the place, where you can’t see it properly?

    • siddique

      I dont like either ,

  • Hew H.H.

    I am from HTC -> Samsung -> iPhone -> iPhone -> iPhone -> iPhone, and next so I move to -> Samsung GS8+ ? No doubt that iOS is much stable but Apple is too conservative comparatively to Samsung (Samsung is too aggressive, you should know Note7). In term of innovative, S8 is the name… if we can’t see a significant breakthrough on iPhone 8, the only word is sorry… and bye bye.

    • John

      I dont think you know what the word means or you would not of just said that the S8 is innovative.
      There is nothing innovative about this phone. Nothing.
      The home button is digital… wow.
      The finger print sensor is on the back… really! The screen is ALMOST bezel-less… fail!
      and the ‘bixby’ assistant is 6 years too late with the only defining feature being the ability to do the functions that multiple apps can already do, just in one place… real innovative game changer there.
      Oh, and you can buy a dock for it to show your phone screen on a monitor. Seriously. I guessed they missed AirPlay when sitting down thinking what to cooy next? What a farse.

      • GUY

        Comparing dex with airplay? You compare dex with continuum .
        Oh kid how sorry I feel for you.

      • Rowan09

        Why because Dex makes it more than an Android device huh? Dude spare me it’s just another hardware to sell.

      • John

        Im older than u are judging by that profile picture… kid. You look more like a little boy actually.

      • Bradley Hines

        I think if John was truly older like he claims to be, I’m sure he would have spelled out “you” correctly lol. Plus, with how hard you just tried to bash Samsung for not being “innovative” I think you’re the Apple fanboy here…

      • John

        Name me 5 things that they have ‘innovated’ then big man? And making a screen bigger is not innovative. As much as samsung arselickas like to think it is.

        And just because i think Samsung fail epically doesnt make me a fan boy. It means im fed up with the bs Samsung come up with. And to be clear, ive had, and do have, android devices.

      • John

        Name me 5 things that they have ‘innovated’ then big man? And making a screen bigger is not innovative. As much as samsung arselickas like to think it is.

        And just because i think Samsung fail epically doesnt make me a fan boy. It means im fed up with the bs Samsung come up with. And to be clear, ive had, and do have, android devices.

      • Plava

        The Screen is not a innovation are u serious?! Im all in on apple but take that fanboy shirt off, this device is great. Just runs a shitty OS

      • John

        Do you know the meaning of innovative? Just because the screen is bigger does not mean its innovative you muppet. Being AMOLD is, but that is old news. And tell me what so great about this device apart from the fact you jizzed to a bigger screen? And to be clear im not a fanboy. I have android devices im just not understanding how this phone is a ‘game changer’. Thats absolute bs.

        EDIT: looking at that dock thing. Thats innovative ill give u that. I originally thought its was like airplay but more pointless. But thats literally the only thing thats slightly innovative.

      • Stephen Hedger

        ok then, tell the group what phone you have thats SO innovative? i dont know if you were expecting the s8 to suck you off or something but its more “innovative” than any other phone on the market today.

      • John

        You dont get it to do you Stephen you 24ct mug. Im not the person sitting here claiming that this phone is a game changer am i? And the last true innovations on mobiles was the finger print sensor and the amold screen. There are more but if you think i can be bothered explaining what innovation is and listing off everything to you to Doesnt really interest me. The next innovations will be apples under screen finger print reader and IR face scanner, which they have patented and is technically at least 2 years ahead of any competition. So go back to bed you mug and come back when your man enough. Until then i suggest you dont come here with your whole ‘i thibk im clever’ bs coz i will shoot you down before you even start.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Haha what a tool. Oooh will iPhone be bringing wireless charging for the first time ever? Gosh, i bet your the first cabbage in the queue for that feature. Oh no, Samsung did that years ago.

        Maybe it will be water resistant? Oh yes, just like Samsung did years ago,

        Amoled screen!? Wow, I can’t think of anyone else who has done.. oh hang on, yeah. Samsung.

        I never said you claimed it was a game changer you illiterate ignorant moron, you’re the one saying it does nothing new, yet once again Samsung releases new tech first and you claim it’s nothing new.

        Ir face scanner? Which is so amazing because they have patented it? Lol

        You’re beginning to look a right twat.

        What Samsung do appears on iPhones 2 years later.

        At least Samsung don’t charge $1000 to morons like you claiming amoled screens are new and innovative.

        Go back to sucking your mums saggy teets and come back when you actually have an argument.

        I can’t believe I just wasted precious minutes of my life typing a reply to your embarrassing waffle you oxygen theif.

      • John

        Do you have dementia as well as that fagot old man beard coz clearly you cant read what i wrote did u u muppet. At what point did i say apple had innovated all those things you greyed haired fagot? Also, when did i say u had said it was a game changer.? I think you will find taht is what samsung are saying old man rivers. Why dont you go back and read what i wrote u dumb ck sucker then come back to me.

      • Stephen Hedger

        You think that’s my actual picture? Haha you mong!

        Sorry I really tried to read what you typed with you’re webbed fingers but it made no sense.

        You typing from mongo land and using google translate to put it into English? Lol


      • John

        Lol. You mugged yourself off. Didnt even answer my question and came back with some bs about webbed feet. Lol. I cant even argue with you coz ure useless at comebacks.

      • Stephen Hedger

        If your wanting your comeback then try scraping it of your mum’s chin.

        If your capable if reading your own gibberish you would know from my last message I couldn’t understand your inane waffling.

        Typing with tears in your eyes is not recommended you sad child.

        You can’t argue as you have nothing worth arguing about.

        I typed your last reply into Google translate and it just said something about an illiterate cabbage.

      • John

        Lol. You mugged yourself off. Didnt even answer my question and came back with a bs reply about webbed feet. Its not even worth arguing with you coz ure useless at comebacks. Go back to your pc and jerk off old man.

      • Stephen Hedger

        If your wanting your comeback then try scraping it of your mum’s chin.

        If your capable of reading your own gibberish you would know from my last message I couldn’t understand your inane waffling.

        Typing with tears in your eyes is not recommended you sad child.
        You can’t argue as you have nothing worth arguing about.
        I typed your last reply into Google translate and it just said something about an illiterate cabbage.

        I already told you the picture is not me yet you just don’t listen lol Stephen Hester is not a real person your utter pillock lol

        You do make me laugh though. Keep arguing. It’s making me smile.

      • Stephen Hedger

        If your wanting your comeback then try scraping it of your mum’s chin.
        If your capable if reading your own gibberish you would know from my last message I couldn’t understand your inane waffling.
        Typing with tears in your eyes is not recommended you sad child.
        You can’t argue as you have nothing worth arguing about.
        I typed your last reply into Google translate and it just said something about an illiterate cabbage.

      • John

        Lol. Funny that. Google said the same thing when i asked it about your mum. Now Keyboard warrior… Go back to jerking off and wish you were a big man. If you come at me with a comeback worth repsonding too next time il happily put u in your place. Until then…

      • Stephen Hedger

        wow your obsessed with men and jerking off. Says a lot about you lol

      • John

        Still waiting….

      • Stephen Hedger


        Sorry am I keeping you up past bedtime?

        I was just knocking one out over your picture.

      • John

        Lmao. I thought your replies would get better. Im not gonna wait anymore. Clear to me you can’t hit back. Its been fun. For me.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Haha iv been waiting since yesterday for your “comeback” and your best answer is I’m going now to crawl back under my rock as the nasty man has made me cry

        See ya looser.

      • John

        I said to you hit me back with a comeback. So far you have bought in mum comebacks and webbed feet. Thats the level of your comebacks. I dont even need to put you in your place because you’ve already shown everyone here that your a mug. You did it all yourself. Now. If you come at me with something worth responding too il happily join in. But so far mum comebacks just dont do it for me. Sorry. If your ever in London though my post code is SE1 5SN you can look me up. Il put you in your place properly and your pathetic keyboard skills wont be much use to you.

      • John

        U finished jerking then? That was fast. Doesn’t surprise me.
        Your only comebacks are consisting of mum jokes. Clearly a nerd that trys to play hard but fails. I suggest you come back when your man enough.
        And i really dont doubt that you needed to use google translate. Fat americans like you can barely speak english. Let alone read it. i suggest you use google again to copy and paste a good comeback as your clearly to much of a geek to think of any decent ones. Whilst your there, google how to act a big tough guy. Coz you fail hard.
        Il be waiting.

      • John

        U finished jerking then? That was fast. Doesn’t surprise me.
        Your only comebacks are consisting of mum jokes. Clearly a nerd that trys to play hard but fails. I suggest you come back when your man enough.
        And i really dont doubt that you needed to use google translate. Fat americans like you can barely speak english. Let alone read it. i suggest you use google again to copy and paste a good comeback as your clearly to much of a geek to think of any decent ones. Whilst your there, google how to act a big tough guy. Coz you fail hard.
        Il be waiting.

      • Stephen Hedger

        1st of all, once again for the umpteenth time, the picture and name are not me. Do you think id be that dumb to use my actualy facebook account?

        im from england. Not america. You clearly are as dumb as you look which is DUMB!

        you moan about mum jokes (boy your mum sure does moan) and you say some rubbish about asking google about my mum? i mean come on, try using WIT or making your replies humourous. Your just sounding like an angry virgin.

        Yes, im still waiting for you to actually say something worthwhile. You call me tough guy? hahaha I need to act like a tough guy? seriously. I know its usually an insult on here but you really do sound like an angry 13 year old trying to sound clever and “upset me”

        i actually find you funny. You make me smile, not because of anything you say is clever, correct or witty. Its just your a bit “pathetic”

        A looser

      • John

        still waiting….

      • Rowan09

        Why it’s the S7 Edge S? Give me a break anytime Samsung releases a phone it’s the best thing since slice bread.

      • Stephen Hedger

        What are you expecting? A triangular phone? It’s got a much faster cpu, new screen, iris scanning, twice the storage of the last model.

        If there’s a phone that’s revolutionary that’s been/being released I’d love to see it as things that like don’t happen anymore.

      • Rowan09

        The screen is not new. Everyone phone makes a faster CPU and iris Scanning was from the Note 7 which was last year. You call increasing storage as base new to brag about?

      • Stephen Hedger

        Yeah note 7. That’s a phablet.

        Did the last galaxy have a full bezel less screen? iPhone? Htc? Sony? Lg?

        No. So it’s new.

        Iris scanning is new to a phone.

        Note 7 was a phablet.

        Oooh the Nokia 3310 ran on electricity, that makes the s8 soooo 2001 does it!

      • Rowan09

        Dude this is a phablet it’s 6.2 inches for the screen. Lol. LG has a bezel free phone and some Chinese phones as well. Iris scanner was on the Note 7 last year it’s not new to a phone. Man you are something else.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Dude. Follow the program jeez! We’re taking about the s8. Its 148mm which is 5.8″

        That’s not a phablet. The phone size roughly is the same as the s7 but the screen takes over more area.

        I’m not saying the s8 is the first phone to ever have bezels. I don’t even know what your arguing about.

      • Rowan09

        Lol. Man you’re crazy. The Note 7 is a phone and better yet a Samsung phone so saying iris scanner is new is a lie. I’m sure I can even check the web and find another company who did it before the Note 7, but that proves nothing.

      • Rowan09

        Why is the screen an innovation when it’s one the same resolution as the S7 and two LG already has a bezel free phone along with others?

  • Mallouk Malek

    this really looks as a promising handset honestly.
    I’m not switching from iPhone any time soon, but it is obvious that Samsung are somehow providing their customers a better reasons to upgrade than apple. I’m still using my iPhone 6 plus perfectly and don’t think that the iPhone 7s/8 will convince me otherwise

    • Rowan09

      This is a S7 Edge Plus S with the home button on the back and a little more screen real estate.

      • Stephen Hedger

        and 64gb of storage
        and usb c
        and bixyby
        better front facing camera
        better software on rear camera
        One of the fastest cpu on the market
        certified HDR screen
        Quick charge 4

        so yeah, hardly anything new…

      • chicho

        Actually yeah it is hardly anything new… did you compare it to LG G6 or any other ‘flagship’ device from other OEM’s? It is hardly anything new

      • Stephen Hedger

        The g6 with the old 821 cpu? Yep. Not impressed with lg

      • Rowan09

        Have you used the device to even talk about best CPU on the market? Quick charge 4 what is that dude? The screen is the same as the S7 Edge calling it a new name doesn’t make it better. Bixyby really dude it’s Android not Tizen so unless they make their own OS it will be dead like S voice. Software for the camera, really? Front camera is a late update since everyone has 8 mp so welcome to 2016. 64GB of storage really? USB C was on the Note 7 and multiple other devices and it’s just a connector type, it doesn’t mean it better besides being reversible. What’s the USB standard used by the S8? Guess what you don’t know. Dude it’s a minor upgrade and that’s fine but trying to make it seem as if it’s so innovative is not true.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Erm, the 835 is the fastest android cpu in 2017.

        I don’t need to use it to know that.

        Quick charge 4 comes with the 835 chip. 5 mins of charge gives you 5 hours of usage.

        Phones are no longer revolutionary but Samsung have given a lot of new stuff.

        Compare it to the latest lg, htc or pixel or Xperia and it makes them look old.

      • Rowan09

        5 minutes of charge gives you 5 hours of usage? Dude are you serious you really believe that?

        It’s April 2017 and you are bragging about being the faster processor in 2017?

        This phone is not revolutionary because we’ve seen most it have to offer on the Note 7 and just making it without bezels is not enough. It’s a good S upgrade but nothing to go crazy over.

      • Stephen Hedger

        I never said it was revolutionary.

        Well, if Qualcomm says it’s a fact and some random bloke of the internet says it’s rubbish who should I believe?

        Oh you think Qualcomm make loads of cpus a year and somehow later in the year we will see the 836 in the htc and the 840 in the pixel 2?


        The 835 is the 2017 snapdragon cpu

      • Rowan09

        You said it the fastest CPU in an Android phone as if it’s the only CPU. Samsung makes their own and so does Apple (design).

      • Stephen Hedger

        Good god it’s like talking to a child.

        Yeah Samsung make the exynoss chip which il be getting in uk which is virtually the same as the snapdragon.

        The a10 cpu is probably the fastest due to the optimisation of iOS.

        But we’re taking about android and the 835 is the fastest cpu for android.

      • Rowan09

        Smh. The A10 is the fastest because it’s the fastest. Virtually the same is not the same. What are the specs from these CPU’s? The battery life isn’t better on these phone and they are using the 10nm chips. Enjoy your S upgrade.

      • Stephen Hedger

        Have you tested the 835 against the a10?

        Apples cpus are usually faster but I’m not discussing apple.

        The Qualcomm chips vs exynoss are so close in speed it’s irrelevant as it’s virtually identical performance.

        I thought you would already know this.

    • Anonymouse

      Iphone 6s plus user here ( amongst other handsets). I agree over your Samsung sentiments, I do wish they made a flatscreen version, I’m not fussed over curvature for some reason.

  • Rowan09

    One of my biggest issues with the S7 Edge is touching the screen accidentally because of the edges and now they release this device. I’ve said it for a while now and Samsung released everything they had too early and now they are stuck with no real innovation anymore.

    • BenjamimDaniel

      I’m sorry, but may I ask you something? Why do you hate Samsung so much? I mean, every time I open idownload blog to see any news, and there is one about samsung, I see you always bashing Samsung. I don’t say you don’t comment other topics but, to be honest, I think almost all of your comments on this blog is about Samsung. Why so angry?

  • Stephen Hedger

    how many people will be pre ordering an s8 and getting a gear VR with it and finding out in 2 weeks time the s8 is USB C and isnt compatible with the 2016 gear VR which is micro usb.

    samsung has said NOTHING about this on its site. Theres going to be a lot of angry customers on launch day.

  • Eliijah Moss

    Innovation is not creating something new. It is the process of taking something that already exists, and making it “better” in a sense. What gets the companies in trouble is how they do not pay attention to their customers and consumers. Both Apple and Samsung as well as other major companies fall short in that category. Once you listen to your targeted area of interest, there is no telling what can be accomplished.

    • Anonymouse

      Yep, just look at the ipad that was recently introduced as an example to your point. I don’t think I know one person who asked for a thicker, heavier, less quality display and a processor one or so generation old.

  • mickey

    Think what you will of android and/or Samsung, but I think most of us will agree that this is the screen/body size us apple users are hoping for in the iphone 8. 5.8″ in a body only slightly bigger than the iPhone 7. Anything else this September would be a disappointment.

    • Stephen Hedger


  • Jamessmooth


  • andrei endriu

    Unbelievable how many fanboys on this blog wow

    • Anonymouse

      Don’t be surprised, the site is called (i)DownloadBlog 🙂