Besides a redesigned camera bump, one of the main differentiator between the iPhone 7 and its predecessor was the new jet black colorway. It’s beautiful and sexy, but as Apple was quick to point out, it’s also incredibly prone to micro abrasions.

The solution offered is to put it in a case, which clearly defeats the purpose of having a jet black iPhone to begin with. And that’s where the folks at Totallee come in with the Scarf, their incredibly light and thin case, now available in jet black and jet white.

Loyal iDB readers will be familiar with the brand. Back in 2014, I already called the first version of their case the perfect ultra thin case for minimalists. Since then, Totallee has improved on the case design while keeping true to its ultra minimalism essence.

At just 0.02”, the Scarf is incredibly thin, and unbelievably light. So much so that when you hold the case alone in your hand, it literally feels like there is no weight to it. When installed on an iPhone 7, it also feels and looks like it’s not there. These obvious characteristics make the Scarf the best case for people who don’t like cases.

Like all minimalist cases, this one doesn’t offer much protection. It will protect your iPhone from scratches and every day wear, which really is all I’m asking from it, but it will certainly not offer any meaningful protection in case of a drop.

Compared to the previous version I had, this one now covers around the Lightning port and the speaker grilles as well, while still allowing you to dock your iPhone without having to remove the case or anything.

But maybe one of the best selling points of the new Scarf is the new colorways available, specifically the new jet white and jet black options.

Just like the names suggest, these two cases will mimic Apple’s new jet black, but also take a stab at figuring out what a jet white option would be. And it does so fantastically well.

To the untrained eye, the Jet Black option is a mirror copy of the original finish from Apple. For the story, it took my wife a couple weeks until she asked if I was actually using a case on my iPhone. It’s that well made.

The jet white is a little more obvious, but probably could still pass for an actual body finish to your less tech savvy or more gullible friends. It’s that good too.

Ironically, the jet black version seems a little more prone to scratches than the white version. To be completely honest though, I have been a bit tough on the jet black, sliding it on various surfaces to really put it to the test, and it shows.

The jet white has been faring incredibly well, although I must admit I’ve been much more gentle with it. After a couple weeks or so of usage, it barely shows any abrasions or scratches.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite at this point. I really love the jet white because it makes my iPhone look like nobody else’s. The only first word problem I have with the jet white is that it clashes with the black front panel of my iPhone 7. Would I have a white front, it would be the killer combo.

Either way, the new Scarf is arguably better than it ever was. Yes, the new color options are the main reasons to get them to begin with, but the added scratch protection it offers shouldn’t be disregarded either.

If like me you’re a self-proclaimed minimalist, then my recommendation is to get the new Scarf in either jet black or jet white. If these two don’t really tickle your fancy, then check out their other colors available.

As for pricing, it is pretty simple. All models are available for either $18.99 or $19.99, depending on the size and color choice:

I don’t often spend 700 words writing a post about a minimalist iPhone case, but when I do, you can trust that I feel 100% confident recommending it. If full protection isn’t an issue and you want something to either change the look of your iPhone or just get minimal scratch protection, then go ahead and grab yourself a Scarf.

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  • Ds

    I have the Peel Jet Black case for my phone.. it’s honestly not worth the money. My jet black Peel case became a cloud of scuffs and scratches within a matter of 10 minutes for just sitting in my pocket. I don’t know if Totalle is better in quality and resists scratches a bit better than the Peel case does. I agree that Peel and Totalle are the minimalist cases to have but I would pass on ordering the Jet colors… unless you have to have that shinny finish.

    • igorsky

      My exact experience with the Peel Jet Black case. After a week it looked horrific…I would rather carry around a banged up naked phone than keep in that monstrosity.

      I have since purchased a similar case in matte black and it’s a much better experience.

    • I don’t know about the Peel. Quite frankly, the little interaction I had with this company a while ago turned me off from ever looking at their products again.

      Like I said in my post, my jet black does show some marks but I was pretty rough with it. The jet white one looks almost like brand new.

      I was reading some reviews about the Scarf yesterday, and I realized that because the company offers a 2 year warranty on all their products, you can always send back your case and get a replacement if it shows excessive scratching. That’s definitely a plus.

      • Ds

        I will no longer do business with Peel that is for sure. It took them over a month to get me my case when I ordered it. It was getting to the point with their customer service that I had to publicly ask on their Facebook page before I got a response to any of my questions about my order. Since I did that they have blocked me from commenting, and making post on their page.

        I will have to go look at Totalle again. Main reason I went to Peel from Totalle back when I had a 6+ was because Peel had complete edge coverage when Totalle left the bottom on their cases open. The 2 year warranty is a huge plus!

      • Ah yes. I noted in my post that the previous version left the bottom wide open, while this new version covers it. Good call.

    • MMA Rules

      I was just a about to comment on this then I saw your comment, I bought the Peel iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black case as well and it only took a day or two and it was full of scratches and I’m very careful with my stuff, I paid $25 for it and $25 went into the garbage in 2 days, the case looked like it had been beaten for years and toss around with a bunch of coins

  • Diogo Pires

    Seb, is this a hard case or a silicone-like case?

    • You know what, I’m not even sure what kind of material it is exactly. It’s not silicone. It’s definitely not a “hard” case. It’s very sift plastic that you can easily twist in your hands. Maybe some polypropylene or something.

      • Diogo Pires

        After your comment, I checked their site and it says there “The Scarf” is a “semi-flexible, semi-transparent with a brushed finish” case. I guess it makes sense. Thanks!

      • Sounds like a thermoplastic polyurethane material.

  • SpideyRules

    No love for the SE….again….

    • BlackPantherK

      I guess the SE is loooong forgotten

    • Vinnie Bones

      SE ya later

  • Casey H.

    I got the jet white for my 7+ when it was first released. Going from the peel, I can say that the quality of the Scarf seems much better than the Peel. It makes my phone look like a 5c or something with a white back. Doesn’t add any bulk at all.

    The best thing about the Scarf is that is available on Amazon, you’re not stuck only ordering from the manufacturer’s website.

  • burge

    I got a case just like this off eBay for £2.49 ($3.09) you don’t know it’s even got a case on it and some of my friends thought my device was case less. If you like these types of cases why pay over the odds because if you drop it the case is not going to do jack.

    • Raghav Gupta

      Bro could u plz send me its link or what’s app me at +918986200000

      • burge

        https://www. ebay itm/. 272419097272

        Close the spaces

  • Volerikan

    I have the matte black version of this case. I got it mainly because my iPhone kept slipping out of my pockets. This adds a little bit of texture to it and solved my issue. The case is pretty scratched up, but it’s doing its job without adding much.

  • TheShade247

    No jetblack shipping to the North Pole

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    check out Caudabe ´s Cases they are awesome

  • Phil Gamboa

    Ordered this morning and it arrived the same day. Really lien this case! Bought her back and and jet white. Thanks for posting!