The Scarf is the perfect ultrathin iPhone 6 case for minimalists

Scarf Minimalist Ultrathin case for iPhone 6

If like me you’re not into cases but do care about adding a layer of protection to your iPhone, then you might want to check out The Scarf, an ultrathin case made by California-based company Totallee. Self proclaimed the world’s thinnest case, The Scarf is 0.35 mm thin, and weights less than 0.20 ounces (about 5.5 grams), which equals to about the weight of a standard sheet of paper. In essence, The Scarf is the perfect case for the minimalists who usually wouldn’t use a case, such as me.

Made of lightweight yet tough polypropylene, The Scarf provides basic protection against scratches and daily wear and tear, while complimenting your iPhone with a minimalistic design.

Of course, it’s no OtterBox Defender, but it’s ok, because that’s not what The Scarf aims to be. In its quest for extreme minimalism, The Scarf will provide decent protection for the back of your device but that’s about it. The case wraps around the device and stops right where the curved screen of iPhone 6 begins, meaning that if your device was to fall face flat on the ground, your screen would most definitely shatter. Sacrificing protection over convenience and simplicity, the case doesn’t cover the bottom of the phone either, leaving the headphone minijack, microphone, Lightning connector, and speaker unprotected.

But again, The Scarf is a case for people who don’t use cases, and complaining about the lack of protection would be missing the point.

Scarf Minimalist Ultrathin case iPhone 6

I personally don’t care much about protection. I am very careful with my iPhones, and can’t remember the last time I dropped any of them. But I also know first hand that scratching the back of the device is very easily done. The Scarf has brought me peace of mind ever since I first put it on a few days ago.

Besides its ultrathin and minimalistic appeal, what really sold me on The Scarf is the grip it provides. Let’s be honest here, the iPhone 6 is just as slippery in your hands as a wet bar of soap, but the texture of The Scarf gives it more grip, thus less chances of accidentally letting it go, still without compromising the look and feel of the iPhone.

The Scarf is available in black, gold, and white, which really is more matte/translucent than white per say. On my silver/white iPhone 6, you can barely tell that the white Scarf is there. If you do pay attention, then you’ll probably notice, or else, The Scarf will go completely unnoticed. Of course, results may vary based on the color combinations. The fact that The Scarf has no visible branding makes it even stealthier.

In case you haven’t figured it out by then, I am a big fan of The Scarf, hence me telling you all about it today. If you’re looking for great protection, then move on because this is not what The Scarf has to offer. However, if you’re looking for an ultrathin and minimalistic case for your iPhone 6, then consider The Scarf one of the best options out there.

And if my testimony wasn’t enough to sell you on The Scarf, maybe its price tag will, as it is available on Amazon for $9.99 for either iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. At this price, it’s a no-brainer.