Apple on Thursday announced that the recently-released iOS 10.2.1 addresses the unexpected shutdown issues plaguing some iPhone models. In a statement to TechCrunch the company said the software, which was seeded to users late last month, has reduced the issues in iPhone 6 and 6s models by as much as 80%.

With iOS 10.2.1, Apple made improvements to reduce occurrences of unexpected shutdowns that a small number of users were experiencing with their iPhone. iOS 10.2.1 already has over 50% of active iOS devices upgraded and the diagnostic data we’ve received from upgraders shows that for this small percentage of users experiencing the issue, we’re seeing a more than 80% reduction in iPhone 6s and over 70% reduction on iPhone 6 of devices unexpectedly shutting down.

We also added the ability for the phone to restart without needing to connect to power, if a user still encounters an unexpected shutdown. It is important to note that these unexpected shutdowns are not a safety issue, but we understand it can be an inconvenience and wanted to fix the issue as quickly as possible. If a customer has any issues with their device they can contact AppleCare.

The issue in question causes an iPhone to unexpectedly shutdown, forcing the user to plug them into a power outlet to turn them back on. Apparently Apple discovered that this was caused by sudden spikes of activity on older batteries, which would then distribute power unevenly and force emergency device shutdowns.

Obviously after the Note 7 fiasco, folks are a little edgy about battery problems, so Apple wants to reassure users this is not a safety issue. For the iPhones that aren’t fixed by the update, they at least can now restart without the need to plug-in. Also, a new “Your battery needs service” alert is also rolling out for badly warn batteries.

Source: TechCrunch

  • :D

    I thought it was just me. I wasted a lot of time trying to fix this by restoring my phone and setting everything up again from scratch.

  • Rodney Coleman

    This whole time I thought my wife was lying lol. My 6s never had issues like everyone else says.

  • cdlenfert

    Now to choose. My wife’s iPhone 6 is on 10.1.1 so I have to decide if I jailbreak it for her, or put her on 10.2.1 for more stability. Her phone will shut down at 40% or if it’s cold enough 70%. I’m leaning toward new battery and jailbreak 🙂

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    iOS 10.2.1 has been out for a couple of weeks now. I don’t see this “about” section in the Battery section under Settings. And yes, my iPhone 6S Plus did face a random shutdown in iOS 10.2.1 where plugging in was necessary to get it to boot up again. Got this 6S Plus in December 2015 and it has less than 110 charge cycles on it and the battery health is already at 90-92% overall capacity, which is poor. My almost 2 and a half year old iPhone 6 is at 96% battery health capacity and it has a lot more than 100 charge cycles, maybe even double.

    Or is this a special build of iOS 10.2.1 which can be obtained manually via iTunes or from services like IPSW(dot)me ?

  • Stoffsprenger ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I can confirm that my iPhone 6 doesn’t shut down unexpectedly after 10.2.1
    Unfortunately my phone has become slower in general. And yes, touch ID doesn’t respond like it used to respond on previous softwares. Hopefully iOS 10.3 fixes those performance issues