Apple considering legal action against Trump’s executive order on immigration

By , Feb 1, 2017

U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order that bars refuges and travelers from seven majority-Muslim countries—Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen—from entering the United States for at least 90 days didn’t sit well with Apple.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the Cupertino firm is weighing its legal options and considering challenging POTUS‘s executive order on immigration.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Cook said he’s heard “heart-wrenching stories” from company employees about how Trump’s executive order was affecting them. “These are people that have friends and family. They’re co-workers. They’re taxpayers. They’re key parts of the community,” he said.

Because Apple now sells its products in more than 180 countries and territories, it is more important than ever before that its staff “look like the world,” he continued.

Cook is now trying to convince some “very, very senior people in the White House” that challenging the ruling is important for Apple’s ability to recruit top talent from abroad.

“More than any country in the world, this country is strong because of our immigrant background and our capacity and ability as people to welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds,” Apple’s chief executive said just a day after Amazon submitted a declaration of support for a lawsuit.

“That’s what makes us special,” said Cook. “We ought to pause and really think deeply through that.” He also issued a company-wide memo to employees last week.

In the memo, obtained by The Verge, Cook explained why Apple does not support Trump’s executive orders to limit immigration from select countries to U.S.

It is “not a policy we support,” he wrote.

Here’s the full memo:


In my conversations with officials here in Washington this week, I’ve made it clear that Apple believes deeply in the importance of immigration — both to our company and to our nation’s future. Apple would not exist without immigration, let alone thrive and innovate the way we do.

I’ve heard from many of you who are deeply concerned about the executive order issued yesterday restricting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. I share your concerns. It is not a policy we support.

There are employees at Apple who are directly affected by yesterday’s immigration order. Our HR, Legal and Security teams are in contact with them, and Apple will do everything we can to support them. We’re providing resources on AppleWeb for anyone with questions or concerns about immigration policies. And we have reached out to the White House to explain the negative effect on our coworkers and our company.

As I’ve said many times, diversity makes our team stronger. And if there’s one thing I know about the people at Apple, it’s the depth of our empathy and support for one another. It’s as important now as it’s ever been, and it will not weaken one bit. I know I can count on all of you to make sure everyone at Apple feels welcome, respected and valued.

Apple is open. Open to everyone, no matter where they come from, which language they speak, who they love or how they worship. Our employees represent the finest talent in the world, and our team hails from every corner of the globe.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “We may have all come on different ships, but we are in the same boat now.”


Aside from Apple, a bunch of well-known technology companies like Facebook, Google, Uber and many others are planning to, or are considering repealing Trump’s controversial executive order also referred to as the Muslim ban.

Cook and other tech CEOs last month participated in private meetings with the then-President-elect Trump. The Apple CEO also visited Washington, D.C. last week to dine with Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the president.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • Bill

    It’s a temporary pause while they figure out how best to move forward. Pretty simple stuff. Apple; ‘celebs’; California: cool your jets for a bit and stop being so dramatic. The rest of the country (and sane people of the world) are sick of your crap. DEAL WITH IT.

    • Jamessmooth

      THIS. Why people don’t understand this is beyond me. Well put sir.

      • George

        Syrian refugees are banned permanently you moron. The temp hold is on the other 6 countries.

      • It’s not permanent George. It’s until the vetting process is shown to work (which means it’s also temporary just on a different timetable from the other 6).

        But even if it wasn’t, the next president has the rights to overrule it. The likelihood that Syrians will never be allowed into America again is just about 0%.

      • George

        Then this president needs to do a better job at communicating with the people. His own spokesperson is a complete moron who contradicts himself everytime he’s on TV.

      • Well that could be but I don’t watch TV so I wouldn’t know anything about that. I just read the executive order that Trump issued so I didn’t need a “summarized” version from someone else.

      • M_Hawke

        “moron” “idiot” This is the way you “discuss” things with people you’ve never met. Pathetic.

      • George


      • Jamessmooth

        Don’t feed this troll. I made that mistake below…

      • Jamessmooth

        Wow. No need to be so rude.

      • George

        People are dying, and you’re worried about your little feelings. Pathetic.

      • Jamessmooth


      • Rowan09

        People are dying in the US as well everyday. Why is it the US problem to fix the world when it cannot even get the US fixed? People die from low wages due to not being able to afford a good doctor, people die from a lack of health education, people die from drugs (prescription and non-prescription), etc. Why doesn’t America fix its issue first. I’m sorry for what’s going on in those countries but the people need to come together and stand up instead of just leaving.

      • Because it’s exactly how our “founding fathers” started. Immigration.

      • Rowan09

        I’m an immigrant of course I’m for immigration.

    • arsenal6

      alot of people can die in 6 months. Keeping people with PR away from their families for 6 months is a long time as well. These aren’t people applying for immigration. Trying being away from your house for 6 months.

      • Bill

        A lot of people can die in 6 months- valid fact. Not sure where you’re going with that though. Temporarily stopping the flow is the very least that should be done at this moment. It’s not the end of the world.

        As for being away from my house for 6 months, I’ve done that and then some when I was deployed to Afghanistan. So what is your point?

        People want to kill us simply because we are American. ISIS has said they will embed themselves in with people trying to come here. These are facts. We need to act BEFORE something happens and try to prevent it rather than reacting after it does.

        This is not racist. This is not us hating anyone from another country. Unfortunately some may be inconvenienced, but if we let that dictate what we do then our country will turn into Germany, France, and others that are falling apart due to terrorist attacks.

        This is a common sense move.

      • DD™

        National Security trumps a brief inconvenience any day for me. (No pun intended) People need to get over this.

      • So why are the banned countries so selective? Why are thr countries trump has ties with but also known to have isis and terrorists members not included? European Americans have committed more terrible acts than any group on this country. Should they also be “halted” until we can figure things out?

      • Bill

        Any ties the seven countries have with Trump is coincidental. The list, save for Syria, was already compiled by Obama’s people as areas of concern. Namely, the selected countries have little to no functioning government and therefore no real ability to vet people who want to leave there for the US.

        Many of the named countries are also, incidentally, countries we have intervened in and probably are actually to blame for some of their problems…but you probably won’t hear that kind of talk being thrown around much.

        Syria is a little different on the surface, as we are led to believe that they are in a civil war and we have nothing to do with that- but if you dig enough, it seems that’s not the case. In fact, Tulsi Gabbard was just there recently and she says we are arming and training Al Qaida, ISIS, and the rest in a bid to take down Assad- while you will only hear that Assad is a ‘ruthless killer’ who ‘kills his own people’….yet the people of Syria say that is simply not true and kept asking her why the US is helping the terrorists. Just so you are not surprised- I do not believe Trump will continue this crap- look for Assad to stay in power, as his people wish, and for us to work with Syria and Russia to get ISIS and the rest the hell out of there.

        As for why we are doing this in Syria- oil. A disputed pipeline- two of them actually. One to benefit the US (old regime…think: Clinton and the ‘dark government’) and the other to benefit Russia- a Syrian ally. If Clinton won the election- Assad would be gone; Syrian people suffer massive loss of life; many many more refugees come here; likely a big uptick in terrorism here, there, and probably everywhere. We quite literally dodged a massive bullet by electing Trump just on this one issue alone. Clinton would have gone to war with Russia, I have no doubt. Maybe you understand why Trump supporters laugh so hard at the ‘Russian ties’ propaganda so much? (Hint- because it’s simply projection from the left thrown at them.)

        Trump has no intention of getting the US involved in any major conflicts, especially not any that we start. If we are dragged into one that’s another story, and none of us can reliably predict anything there. Yes, he has said about Iraq: “take the oil!” ….this was said in regards to our already being there. (Which he was against in the first place, despite what the media would have you believe.) He said if we are already there, we may as well get something out of it. Had we done that, ISIS wouldn’t have been able to rise to such power because they wouldn’t have the oil to sell. But the globalist ‘elite’ saw fit to use the US as a strong arm and create a big mess to further their one world government agenda.

        But I digress.

        Other countries may be added to the list as time goes on if need be. Trump wants to set up safe zones in Syria for refugees, Saudi king agrees that’s a good way to go. Expect cooperation there, and possibly with Russia when they hash out the details down the road.

      • Bill

        I had a nice lengthy well thought out reply to this, but apparently the mods decided they didn’t like the facts of the matter. Maybe you got to read it before they deleted it, I dunno. Short and sweet: The list of countries came from Obama’s team, they never acted on it, Trump did. Has nothing to do with any possible ‘ties’ he has to any countries not on the list. Also the list is subject to addition at a later time if need be.

      • Rowan09

        It’s the same countries pick by the Obama administration. You mean halt white citizens?

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Obama did the exact same thing on 2011. any issues with that then? no? oh just trying to find ANY possible excuse right?

      • A lot of people can die in 6 months… Did you know that in the last 6 months of 2016 over 12,000 people died at the hands of radical muslims and over 15,500 more were injured?

        The simple fact is there is a problem in the world and we currently have no real way of dealing with it. We can’t ban all muslims as we all know because not all muslims are radicalized (and Trump knows this too). But doesn’t it seem wise and compassionate to take a brief break and try to come up with safeguards that will protect the lives of innocent people while still allowing muslims and refugees safe passage to our country?

        As hard as it is some things just take time to get right. In all honesty it surprises me that Apple (the king of taking time to get things right) isn’t acknowledging this fact. Here’s to hoping though for a swift resolution and a brighter tomorrow 🙂

      • Mike mukweem

        What about the people that were murderd by Christans, shouldnt we address those aswell!

      • Anyone who murders someone should be prosecuted by the law no matter what their religion is.

        That said, I’m not aware of any Christians groups running around murdering people though. In fact I tried to google for the phrase “Christians murder” but it returned results like “90,000 Christians killed for their faith in 2016” and “Muslims murder 40 Christians” etc. but no current news articles came up for me.

        If it’s happening though it should be condemned immediately. But, compared to the 30,000 radical islamic attacks worldwide since the September 11 attack I think it’s safe to assume that at the moment this is the bigger threat?

      • Rowan09

        Hold on people are using Christianity to murder people now and it’s represented in the Bible? What about people murdered by atheists shouldn’t we do something? We do it’s called prison.

      • What safeguards are we coming up with? Are there any at all? Where did you even get this idea of safeguards. I’ve yet to hear about them.

      • Hey Nuff Said, the purpose of this temporary ban of immigration is to institute the following program: (taken from the presidential order section 4)

        “This program will include the development of a uniform screening standard and procedure, such as in-person interviews; a database of identity documents proffered by applicants to ensure that duplicate documents are not used by multiple applicants; amended application forms that include questions aimed at identifying fraudulent answers and malicious intent; a mechanism to ensure that the applicant is who the applicant claims to be; a process to evaluate the applicant’s likelihood of becoming a positively contributing member of society and the applicant’s ability to make contributions to the national interest; and a mechanism to assess whether or not the applicant has the intent to commit criminal or terrorist acts after entering the United States.”

        There’s actually a LOT of details in that presidential order but that was the most succinct portion that I could find to post here. I’d recommend giving it a read though if you have the time. It’s quite eye opening and makes me wonder if some news groups bothered to read it in its entirety.

      • M_Hawke

        Yes, a lot of people CAN die in six months. Like victims of a terrorist who snuck in as a refugee. What is it about “illegal” that you do not understand?

    • Quang

      We can stop all processing visas and immigration applications, instead of banning everyone. Make it less painful for family

      • M_Hawke

        It isn’t banning “everyone.”

    • Woz A Nater

      Well said!

    • :D

      Permanently temporary

      • Bugs Bunnay

        your ring is phoning! 😀

    • Bugs Bunnay

      well what happens when you go off mainstream media and now, the verge – once was a very good website, now epitome of fake political news and political garbage. they should’ve stuck with tech and everything else.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    Bad. President Trump’s trying hard not to make America the next China!
    Steve made the worst mistake––even worse than hiring Scully––by making Tim CEO.
    President Obama took refugees into the country like a sandstorm! That’s not nice!
    In the words of DJT, Fail! And yes, #DealWithIt #GetUsedToYourPresident

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Obama took them in without vetting them. he said orphans and widows… yet in pictures and videos you see a grip and a half military age men. not only that, but people with various diseases are welcomed, again no vetting. Hillary vowed to take it a step further and legalize hundred thousands if not millions of illegals and immigrants just like that once elected. we REALLY dodge the bullet with this one.

  • Bob

    Go get em Cook!!

    • M_Hawke

      Don’t you mean “Kook?”

  • Ernie Marin

    Oh come on please just stop it already, no company is going to do shit because they already have deals going with Trump, specially Apple. You are getting so much in Tax breaks by hiring from the US that it’s actually a loss to hire from over seas. And if you want to talk about welcoming everyone, how about we talk about the fact that you keep supporting companies over seas that exploit their employees, or the millions you gave to both Hilary and Trump. Best part is how everyone keeps repeating the same thing “we’ve heard the stories”, what stories???, the ones about people getting detained in the airport until their documents where sorted out and then went home?, the ones about protesters actually making it worse by delaying flights for people that had no issues?, or the ones about how US citizens can barely leave in a airport in any of those banned countries without having someone follow them…oh wait we can’t talk about how US citizens get mistreated in every country but the US because everyone is good and only the US is the bad one. If you are a citizen you will be let in after everything is in order, LIKE IN EVERY OTHER COUNTRY. Oh btw stop using the same old immigration line, this country wasn’t started by welcoming everyone, immigrants took away the land from natives, then they turned on the very people that helped them do that, so stop making immigration such a great thing because it’s not as great as you keep making it out to be.

  • What

    Good for Apple! I know there are a lot of immigrants who work for these tech companies and I admire their ideology that knowledge should not be limited to where you are from. Stand firm; there’s a lot of haters who only think of themselves and the notion of ‘me me me first’, but we should never stop having compassion for one another and should not let a small hateful group ruin it for the rest of those in need.

    • I think it’s safe to say that people agree with this sentiment. But if a bomb threat was found at an airport the whole place would be shut down and all the people evacuated temporarily until it was determined that it was safe to resume business regardless of inconveniences to passengers. People wouldn’t start rioting outside demanding access to the airport and accusing the police of hatred towards them would they?

      We’ve had many “bomb threats” so to speak from ISIS and other radical groups and this is a TEMPORARY shut down to ensure we have proper safety measures in place before opening the doors back up. This isn’t a novel concept, just some common sense. If this action (inconvenient as it is) saves the lives of innocent people from terrorist activity don’t you think that counts as an act of compassion?

      • Bugs Bunnay

        unfortunately mainstream media and the verge will do ANYTHING to exempt the word “temporarily” making everyone think it’s a terrible idea. this is the kind of mind conditioning they’ve been getting because what do you get when you turn on your TV? that’s right, controlled media. half information and even misinformation.

  • Alex Wilson

    Personally watching to see what Apple does. Will my choice to leave the apple world matter to them? Nope I’m not foolish enough to believe they would give a flying rats ass. However, the people voted for these changes and we are getting a leader that follows through on his campaign promises, what a novel idea!

    I lost massive respect for Disney with the stunt the pulled firing American works for foreign worker replacements. I voted with my wallet, haven’t and will not be going to any Disney resort.

    I am sure Apple has plenty of workers in these other countries to reflect their diversity. How many Americans do they hire in those locations?

  • Michael

    So Tim Cook is saying that he needs a programmer who has no passport, no birth certificate, no identification at all and who was born in Yemen. and he needs this programmer in the next 120 days. Is that what is being said? Everybody calm down

    • George

      Well you won’t find one here. All the amazing programmers are not from the united States.

      • Michael Wilson

        ok. I was a programmer for 25 years. If you use a seagate or western digital spinning drive, some of my code is in there. I got out when salary competition at both companies got very political because of foreign workers. so, maybe, but with 325,000,000 people, there has to be one

      • George

        Then we need to work harder to make school more affordable. We are losing to the rest of the world because you have to choose to either be in debt for the rest of your life or not get a higher education at all.

      • Alex

        You must not have had a good education at all, even in high school. The failed education system is due to common core. You can also receive an EXCELLENT education at community college and NOT break the bank. I know several people who worked full time, and went to community college and all four earn over 60,000 a year in different fields. It’s what you do with your education that counts. How did the nation become so self-richeous, selfish, and lazy? It’s so much easier to complain about nonsense instead of dealing with the hard issues at hand. Do you donate your time to help those in need in your community? How much do you donate on an annual basis? How much do you know about American history? How about world history? All this complaining I hear from everyone is irresponsible.

      • Rowan09

        What? George Hotz, Saurik, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Gonzalez (named top 10 in the world), as a matter of fact since you seemed to imply the best programmers are from the Middle East, not one person on the top ten greatest hackers are from the Middle East, its split between the US and London.

  • pnh

    The ONLY reason Democrats oppose this is because refugees are considered “future Democrats”. Other than that, the only time Chuck Schumer cries is when he has to go to one of Amy’s shows.

  • Mike mukweem

    Apple is a company that has changed technology forever and that is because of the vision of its founder STEVE JOBS, Now, Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian Muslim Refugee Immigrant. Had this Ban been in place when steves dad was immigrating to the USA then APPLE WOULD HAVE NEVER EXISTED!!!

    • Do you honestly believe that a temporary ban would have forever prevented his immigration or that proper vetting procedures would have flagged Steve Job’s dad as a radical terrorist and prevented his entry?

      • Mike mukweem

        Yes, thousands of innocent people who happen to be from these 7 countries are being banned for no reason. and in syria its a complete shutdown, no buts or ifs.

      • Do you know what temporary means?

      • Mike mukweem

        Its not temporary in Syria, Get your facts staright.

      • Actually it is temporary in Syria. While I grant you that it doesn’t end implicitly with the others it only exists until a firm vetting process is shown to be in place.

        And since Trump enacted the ban another president could override it. So unless you also believe that no president in the future of the US will overturn it should it last that long you are simply misrepresenting the facts.

      • Rowan09

        You know until recently you couldn’t go to Cuba from the US right? Why weren’t people protesting for that to change?

    • M_Hawke

      Uhm…No. When Jobs’ dad came to this country, there were no radicalized, ISIS terrorists. And his dad would not have been flagged. And his dad was a LEGAL immigrant. Shees! You really had to make a big trip out of reality to write your post!

      • Mike mukweem

        Y u trying to twist what I say!?!

      • M_Hawke

        No, just laying out the facts. Which you twisted.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    I would LOVE to see apple and other companies try a legal action on this. they will not win. the verge surprisingly opened up comments for that article in contrast to all other articles relating to trump. why? truth speaks and will always disable the comments relating to trump. take a moment to look at their comments section where truly informed people are destroying the misinformed. it is very disgusting to see the verge sink so low with attack articles and disabling the comments section.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Democrats are such cry babies lol it’s temporary and majority of americans support it, besides when it comes to top talent i would say India would be the place to recruit.

  • Ruck

    The families need to file suit, not the company…gosh please don’t let idb turn into all this also…..

  • Rowan09

    I need Apple to file a lawsuit for me against my job. Can you all believe I can’t use my iPhone whenever I want to at work? I mean an iMessage comes through and I want to look but can’t. Can you imagine when someone’s message shows delivered and it doesn’t show the 3 dots on their end to show I’m responding? This is a crisis and I need Tim to fix this. Come on man this must be a joke. It’s a temporary ban and will be lifted.

    • George

      You’re a joke and Syrian refugees are permanently banned there is no lift.

      • Rowan09

        Why am I a joke now? Have you been paying attention to Europe specifically Germany? They had this belief you appear to have to let anyone in and then 1 attack after another and now they are changing their tune.

      • George

        Germany took in a million and we only took in 12k, that is a big difference moron. And if this president had a heart he would take in women and children.

      • Rowan09

        My point is they following your take anyone in and now they aren’t anymore. If the President had a heart, where do you live? Don’t like it just leave.

      • George

        In the united States and you can fk the right off.

      • Rowan09

        Did you vote and since you’re so great with foreign business what should we do?

      • George

        Yes I did vote. I don’t want my president acting like a fool.

      • Rowan09

        How exactly is he acting like a fool because he trying to figure out how to curb terrorism in this country? Let me guess President Obama letting people in just to make a point was better huh? What would you do since you are so knowledgeable of politics and foreign relations?

      • George

        It’s no surprise you’re a trump supporter, you’re disgusting.

      • Rowan09

        Funny but I voted for Hillary Clinton. I’m just tired of all the hate for this guy he’s the president. I’m just curious why NO major corporation stood up for black people when one person was getting killed left and right by police or getting shot. Where are these same corporations for Chicago and all the violence there? This is all nonsense and selection reasoning. These companies only care when they feel like it not as some humane thing to do.

  • DD™

    National Security trumps a brief inconvenience any day for me. (No pun intended) People need to get over this.

  • Mark S

    Funny that Obama’s administration is the one that created this list of countries to begin with. Hilarious that Obama had bans in place when he took office for 6 months. No one protested then (at least not like this). But because today’s democrats are such SORE LOSERS they protest against the same issue just because the party they didn’t vote for is implementing it.

    • George

      He slowed down refugees from Iraq he didn’t do anything that trump did. Also that list was not formed as a ban it was a security risk list.

      • Rowan09

        Yes but the news made it seem as if President Trump made up the list because he didn’t have any business with those countries.

      • George

        Saudi Arabia who actually did 9-11 and sponsors terrorism around the world should be added to that list.

      • Rowan09

        Ok but this is the same list Obama and his administration came up with.

      • George

        And? That list was not to ban those countries.

      • Rowan09

        Because he didn’t have the balls to do it. You think he didn’t want to do it as well otherwise they wouldn’t be labeled. It’s temporary for goodness sake.

    • Kaptivator

      Please add that this was after 2 Iraq refugees were arrested and later found to be tied to al Qaeda. In addition it was for one country…Iraq. Also, I’m impartial as it has no effect on me directly either way. Just think that if one brings it up, bring up all the facts.

  • M_Hawke

    Gee…Just wait a short THREE MONTHS until we figure out the proper way to vet refugees! And good luck with that lawsuit. It is totally constitutional!

    • George

      We already had a proper way idiot. It’s a 2 year process and we haven’t had one single attack from a Syrian refugee in this country. Now if you want to talk about crazy white men who have small d1cks that shoot up people then yes we need to ban white men.

      • M_Hawke

        “2” year process…Nope. Obama has been letting them in in droves. No “2 years” stuff. Where do get that from?

      • George

        By doing research, something you do not do.

      • M_Hawke

        From PolitiChicks writer/contributor (and legal immigrant), Carolyn Elkins:

        “Let me put it as plain as I can. I am white, I am a woman, I came from Canada, I had sponsors who were relatives and citizens of the US when I was trying to get my green card. The US Government vetted the crap out of me. They did every few years when I had to get my card renewed.

        I don’t care where someone is coming from- it is completely irresponsible and dereliction of duty for our government to ignore doing their responsibility in defending and keeping the citizens of this country safe by allowing mass entries of un-vetted refugees. I understand that there is a difference in refugees and regular immigrants, yet in the world we live in, no matter how much a large population of fools would like to believe otherwise, Islam is still at war with the world, they’ve never said or proven otherwise, and to allow a majority of military aged men of Islamic background and nations to
        come here unvetted-when there are women and children of Christian background who are fleeing muslim nations, is the most insane thing possible.

        I totally support Trump on this.”

      • George

        There is a 18 month vetting period you God damn idiot.

      • M_Hawke

        OK, go back to your own universe. Your visit wasn’t fun. You are an unhappy, miserable person, I get that. So sad.

  • Rick Hart

    Sells its products in 180 countries and territories and not a single one is made in the USA. Not one component. All these people talking about “The American Dream”!!! The dream to come over here and start a company and have the products made over seas. Stay over seas and have your Dream

    • Actually did you know that the MacPro is assembled right here in the states? And when it comes to the parts being sourced for their products did you know that as of 2015 Apple sources components from 73 locations around the US?

      Not to mention that Trumps actions are causing foreign manufacturers like FoxCon and others to consider bringing manufacturing to the states.

      • Rick Hart

        Well on the bottom of my MacBook it says designed by Apple assembled in China! Also Trump actions are making them come to America cuz the made in America tag should mean something again! He’s going to tax the living shit out of them. That why they are coming to America

      • A MacBook and a Mac Pro are two very different things (One is a laptop and the other is a desktop).

        As far as the jobs coming back to America while he might raise taxes on imports I don’t believe that’s part of his 7 step plan. Restructuring the NAFTA agreement and cracking down on trade violations are the two biggest pillars of his plans from what I understand.

  • Lizmay

    Stay out of politics Apple. Or stop supporting the wrong cause. You’ll gain more by just shutting up.
    Most people are sick and tired of the old way, these people you so admire are killing us. Political correctness is dead and so will you if you continue with this globalist BS.

  • Lizmay

    Mr. Cook you are out of touch with your customers on a large scale. Majority want a hold on immigration right now! Rethink your stance.