In the last few minutes Apple closed the signing window for iOS 10.2. That means that you can no longer upgrade, downgrade, or restore to that firmware, either over-the-air or through iTunes. You also can no longer save blobs for iOS 10.2 through any tool.

Since the release of iOS 10.2.1 last Monday jailbreakers everywhere had been racing the clock to either save blobs for, or restore to, iOS 10.2, before Apple closed the door on them forever. In the end, they were given only seven days in which to make their move. Hopefully, many users were able to follow our guide in time, advising them to save their blobs and in some cases, to restore to iOS 10.2.

Those who have their blobs safe but did not restore to iOS 10.2 in time can now rest relatively easy, knowing that in theory tihmstar’s tool Prometheus will allow them to upgrade to iOS 10.2 at a later date. I myself will be doing this in the near future, and will put together a guide for any of our readers who wish to do the same; look out for that!

Anyone who already made the jump to iOS 10.2, well done! Be cautious with your jailbreak now, and careful with the tweaks you install, until the jailbreak has reached a final build and all tweaks are updated. A mistake now could mean a restore to iOS 10.2.1.

If you didn’t make the jump in time and have no blobs saved, my commiserations to you. Although there have been suggestions that this will be the last jailbreak we’ll see for a while, you never can tell. Stay on the lowest firmware possible from now on, and hope for a new tool to come our way.

Did you make it to iOS 10.2 before the signing window closed? Are you late, too late?
Let me know.

  • TomA

    I did this (saved the blobs) about 5 minutes ago. How do I know if it worked?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Go to the TSS Saver website and use the Blob Checker to see if the blobs are valid. Although if you were able to save them in the first place it’s likely they are fine. Verify them now so you know. Cheers.

      • TomA

        Actually it looks like the zip files are empty folders. I guess not.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Sorry to hear that man.

  • ready1take1

    got my blobs done this weekend. have fingers crossed for prometheus and a stable jb to get me to iOS10

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Hopefully it should work, I’ll be trying it out and making a guide for those who want to try…

      • Bret Smith

        Why is everyone waiting to try it out. Can someone just do it so we know it works?

      • Diego Milano

        I’ll try it first on my jailbroken iOS 9.3.3 iPhone 5s if it’s supported but Prometheus.

  • Mark S

    7 days? Some of us only had 1 day to make our move. Waiting on the next jailbreak and hopefully it’s a lot better.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Why did you only have one day? We may have to wait a while for the next one apparently, but here’s hoping!

  • Chris Ryan

    if i saved blobs for 10.1.1 am i still safe with yalu jailbreak when its stable?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Use the TSS Saver website from /u/1Conan, and go to the Blobs Checker section. That can check if your blobs are good. Cheers!

      • Chris Ryan

        thanks, i checked them, there was a lot of info that i didn’t understand, but at the very top its says the file is valid!

      • Diego Milano

        Haha, same here! xD

  • Bret Smith

    I REALLY REALLY wish your advice was to upgrade to 10.2 if you were on 9.3.3 JB. Because now I’m screwed. I saved blobs but I heard you need a Mac to use Prometheus AND that it doesn’t work on the iPhone 6s+. Man I should have just went with my gut and upgraded. Why were you so cautious with telling people to just upgrade. Something tells me I won’t be able to use that tool.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      You can use Windows with Prometheus, and it works fine on 6 Plus. My advice was correct. It said it was your choice, between a 9.3.3 jailbreak with no 7-day limit, and a 10.2 jailbreak with a 7-day limit. I have stayed on iOS 9.3.3 myself, after making that choice. If you regret the decision you made now, I’m afraid I can’t help you. However, I think you will be able to upgrade with Prometheus anyway, so look out for my guide on how to do that!

      • Bret Smith
      • Diego Milano

        Joaquim is right, the new jailbreak is in beta and it isn’t entirely stable even though it’s gotten MUCH better but it’s not final yet. I’m on iOS 9.3.3 as well so you’re not alone— I think we made the right choice. 🙂 What is it there to lose anyway? There’s nothing super great about iOS 10 and most tweaks don’t work anyway.

      • I understand that beta7 is final now.

      • Diego Milano

        Where did you read that? I bet on Twitter.
        To me a beta is a beta; I won’t touch it unless Luca declares and officialize it as final. 😛

      • im guessing you haven’t touched it yet?

      • Diego Milano

        You’re a bit late, that was 24 days ago. 🙂

      • Diego Milano

        Yes sir! Same decision I made and I am not regretting it. I think people need to relax and wait for the best. The jailbreak is still in beta and it’s not entirely safe to install it in my opinion, even though it’s gotten way more stable than its predecessors.
        One question for you anyway: you said Prometheus runs on Windows? You mean even WITHOUT running MacOS in a VM (virtual machine)? I was told it doesn’t work on Windows so this is news to me! 😮

      • Micro

        Since beta 1 it has been easy to use, and I have had nearly no bugs/trouble. It works nearly perfect, not updating was a mistake. 10.2 is far better then 9.3.3 Most of the main tweaks are already updated and working.

        Next time update to latest vulnerable os, jailbreak and wait for tweaks to update.

        Not jailbreaking when there is a known working jailbreak makes absolutely no sense to me. Especially when you knew the 10.2 signing window was closing.

      • Rolf Bause

        “Far” better? How is it far better please? There are hardly any changes in the OS, except from some emojis and some (imo terrible) design choices in the NC.

      • Diego Milano

        Not updating isn’t a mistake when you take all the necessary steps to upgrade with all the right tools at a later time, which is what some people have done. Search on the Internet for already existing guides on how to use Prometheus— it just works and you can upgrade whenever you are pleased, as opposed to doing whenever Apple TELLS you to do. 😉 Big difference.
        Updating when most of the tweak I use don’t even work on iOS 10— now THAT would have been a mistake, as well as leaving a stable and final jailbreak for a beta nailbreak, tsk tsk…

  • Dj Stef

    so if i have my 10.2 blobs and i mess up my device, can i use Prometheus to restore it again to 10.2 using the blobs i have?
    im still confused about this.. please if someone can explain. i mean what is the point of the blobs then if i cant do this??

    • Chris Ryan

      i think that is correct dj stef

    • Julio Hernandez

      Well Prometheus doesn’t work just yet but hopefully sooner than later it will work at a later date. For now you have to wait unfortunately.

      • Diego Milano

        What part of Prometheus doesn’t work?

      • Julio Hernandez

        Sorry apparently it works already, Joaquim said he would put up a guide soon

      • Dj Stef

        nice! thx for explanation.

      • Diego Milano

        Yes it does. 🙂 I saw a couple videos of how the process works, it’s definitely not simple but it gets simpler once you see it two or three times.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      You can use the blobs as long as you haven’t messed up the device so much that Prometheus can’t correctly run. Otherwise yes. But really the point of the blobs is to move between unsigned OS versions not to restore many times to the same OS version. Thanks.

      • Dj Stef

        how much would my device have to be messed up to not able to use Prometheus? like for example? isnt bricking bricking? ie. boot loop etc.? wuts the difference?

  • MaRz Franco

    Shoot….appletv closed too?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Yup, tvOS 10.1 no longer signed.

  • Jerry

    Nooooooo I’m stuck on 10.1.1 now 🙁

    • markelite

      That’s the best iOS 10 firmware for jailbreaking according to Luca himself.

  • TonyVee73

    DAMN. I updated one phone this morning and I went to update my main phone and I can’t. Life sucks!!!

  • Juan Seijo

    sooo i was going to do it tonight and i already download the iOS 10.2 🙁 there goes my luck !

    What are my chances to upgrade to a jailbreakable iOS ?!
    i have
    iPhone 6S
    9.3.3 Jailbreak
    10.2 Blobs (i did it 2 days ago with TSSChecker)

    • Julio Hernandez

      Just gotta wait until Prometheus works as promised so until then you’re out of luck so just stay where you are if you value your jailbreak.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Prometheus already works fine, I’ve used it myself. I’m going to use it on my iP6 soon and put together a guide for you guys to follow hopefully. Thanks!

      • Vitaly

        Yay, we are waiting for your guide!)

    • John

      I got caught in the same boat, I got the iPhone 6, but im on 9.0.2, so I’m trying to find a way to enable tfp0 for Pangu 9.0.2, because I’m not seeing clearly from comments that it is, but if someone has any info to point me in the direct to enable it I’m all ears. I’ve heard of cl0ver, but I’m not entirely sure what im supposed to do with it.

  • John

    I kinda missed the boat on upgrading to 10.2, but I have all SHSH2 blobs backed up and verified. I have iPhone 6 on 9.0.2 JB with Pangu. I’m not sure if it’s got tfp0 enabled or not, and nothing I read is clear, some say yes, some say no. I heard of Cl0ver which seems to enable it, but I’m not quite sure how to apply it from the git. If anyone can help me out, that would be great. Thanks.

    • John Smith

      Sure you can.
      I did it with Cl0ver this month.
      Updated to 10.2 just two day ago :p
      and Jailbreaked with Yalu102 beta 6 … All is fine.

      • John

        That is good to know, but could you tell me how you applied Cl0ver? If you complied it, how did you run it? That is what I’m not clear on. And again your saying you can do it, but someone below says it can’t be done lol. I literally missed the window by an hour, I backed up my phone and everything while I was work, and then when I got home to upgrade I saw this post and said the signing window was done. So I’m here waiting patiently for some direction as I got the SHSH2 blobs just waiting on a direction to apply clover and Prometheus.

      • John Smith

        I updated without Futurerestore, just with iTunes when 10.2 being signed.

        But you can enable tfp0 with cl0ver and try with nonceenabler and futurerestore.

        I can’t post link to compiled cl0ver here, This blog keep removing it.

      • John

        Yeah that is the thing, as I said above to Joaquim, is that I had to make space on my macbook, and on my iPhone. The plan was to use iTunes, and just I booted up my macbook, the safari notification tells me that 10.2 is now unsigned moments ago, so it’s kinda my fault. And I do have a compiled version of cl0ver, that I found, I just don’t know how to apply it as it looks like a text document, but it’s not. My guess is that i install it with iFile, but if there was instructions on what to do step by step. I’d be in a different position.

        Really everything works fine on the phone as is, but I guess I might have to go a different route at some point.

      • John Smith

        Ah ok, if you have an email, I can send you the compiled file with the instructions. And I can confirm that you can enable tfp0 on your iPhone 6 9.0.2 like mine 🙂

        Goto Cl0ver project on Github, and look for issue Unsupported device (N71mAP, 13A452)
        and search for the Offset file on the discussion, it’s from my iPhone 6, with it, you can do it without dumping you iPhone and propably stuck with an interminable panic loop.

      • John

        johntest123 @ yopmail .com it’s more or less a throw away account, but it I can see in it, and download from it, but sending my instructions is a great asset none the less.

      • John Smith

        look at your box now.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        Hi John, I’m not sure about tfp0 and 9.0.2, but I know it should be possible. As for Prometheus, I will be making a guide soon so look out for that. For now, your chances are good because you have valid blobs saved. Cheers!

      • John

        I’m looking forward to the step by step guide, and counting my lucky stars. It’s my fault I wasn’t able to update. Mac was low on space, and my iphone was practically out of space lol.

  • Ben

    I know I should have done it last time, why was I being so stubborn, but then again why would I want to go to 10.2, I think we will see one that fully untethered before ios 10 last version is released, and then ill rather have a fully unthethered version and be still on ios 8.1.2 than go to a semi working jailbreak, so ill save the blobs for what really has value.

  • Matthew Snyder

    I got mine updated three house ago. Looks like I just made it. I can live without a JB for a few days.

  • Blip dude

    Crap!! I managed to update my iPhone but I guess my iPad will continue to stay on iOS 9.3.
    Oh well, nice to know some iOS 10 tweaks still work on iOS 9. I just hope Dark Mode is finally introduced in iOS 11 so I personally end this cat and mouse game.

  • Jeffrey M Kuhlman

    Im on 10.3 beta and was trying to get the ipsw for 10.2 but the signing window closed and i really wanted to jailbreak. What do i do now what are my options??

    • Rigs101

      You can’t do anything except downgrade(upgrade) to iOS 10.2.1. Unless you saved your shsh2 blobs for iOS 10.2 and hopefully Prometheus will work as announced. So I would just wait. Sorry man

  • Wesh

    fwew! Got on the 10.2 bus just in time 🙂
    now the wait is on for a final jb release! I needs my 5 icon dock! Thats all! What a waste to put just 4 icons in the dock!
    That and more toggle switches.

    • Just put a folder in your dock.

    • fleccs808

      betterFiveIconDock, betterFiveColumnHomescreen works. also better4x4folders (I think thats the name). liked those

  • Eshaan s arora

    I have downgraded to iOS 10.2..but did not save my blobs…Please tell me what I’m missing and what caution should i take

    • Timothy

      As long as you don’t ever accidentally reset/restore/update/brick your device you will be fine.

  • Tomáš

    I made an update to iOS 10.2 on both my iPhone and iPad a few feeks ago when Luca Todesco told that fixes for his JB will add support for 10.2. I was a few weeks without JB but it worth it. I don’t trust to downgrade with Prometheus because tihmstar has not made working windows version for a month since Prometheus has been released so I don’t rely on blobs and I rather updated while it was still signed.

    • Liggerstuxin

      Exactly. Don’t trust Prometheus. Just be safe instead of sorry.

    • Hokese Oner

      I thought the exact same thing-I didn’t want to rely on Prometheus,so I done it while they were still signing.

  • ink

    Well, imma already in iOS 10.2, is there any chance that i still can save my shsh blobs? just in case in future my iPhone got crash or something, so i could restore it again with my shsh blobs 10.2? Regards,

    • Chris Ryan

      nope, once the firmware has stopped being signed, you can’t get the blobs

  • markelite

    I did not upgrade to 10.2 yet I but saved all blobs for all my devices.. and hope it’ll be usable after 4-5 years

  • Hokese Oner

    Yes I made the downgrade to 10.2 didn’t save blobs thought!
    I knew apple would stop singing,so this time I didn’t muck around!
    Now to play the waiting game-I’m not touching Yalu till it’s public and out of beta

  • iOS Kush

    So glad I made it! Downgraded and Jailbroke yesterday morning had a feeling the window would close any day now. Loving my iPhone 6+ being jailbroken again.

  • Luis Perez

    Losing hope with my iPhone 7+

    • William Melendez

      So am I … only good thing is that iOS 11 is around the corner. I’ll be looking forward that if I don’t jailbreak.

  • B4ndar

    i downgraded to 10.2 and i jailbroke the device to the latest beta i think 7
    didn’t save blobs , I’m i safe when the final jailbreak comes i mean can install it without issues ?

  • Tommy Golden

    I’m new to iPhone i have a 6s on 10.1.1 i didnt make it to 10.2 am i screwed now? I have the 10.2 downloaded to my computer from the other day on windows 7 but iTunes won’t let me install it due to signing so am I stuck or is there any hope?

  • Sadrazam

    So I can’t restore to my 10.2 backup on iTunes in case things are messed up? That’s what I get from the post. I think.

  • Al Fresco

    I didn’t save my blobs on my iPhone 7. I’m running 10.1.1

  • Tech guy


  • Haci

    Hi. I’m on 9.3.3. Can I update to 10.2 now?

  • Tony Evanovich

    I keep getting “Unhandled error: Unsupported device/OS combination ”


    • John Smith

      Give me an email, I will send you the recent one, with my offset if you have an iPhone 6 on 9.0.2.

      • Tony Evanovich
      • Tony Evanovich

        thanks a lot for sending. I emailed you back.. still errors. 🙁

  • Diego Milano

    He was just referring to Apple closing the signing period, that’s all. He will continue to improve the jailbreak till it goes Final.
    The tweaks I use haven’t even been updated for iOS 10 so no point in upgrading yet. 🙂

  • Manish

    I haven’t saved the SHSH2 blobs… is there any way to still get to 10.2??

  • fleccs808

    i have jailbreak 10.2 and installed guestmode which i have been using for the past 2-3 jailbreaks but then i realized ios 10 doesnt have slide to unlock. ugh! i locked all my apps except phone and now i cant get into cydia or any app for that matter. only phone works. tryna find a way to get slide to unlock back and hoping that will help me at least to get into settings at least and ultimately cydia. help pls. 🙁

  • Sean Brotherton

    One day too late. ONE DAY. have been scouring trying to see if you can screw with settings to where itunes looks to your own PC for info on whether packages are signed or not. That would be ideal. Back when I tried cheat engine once to see how it worked they used abyss web server to cause game guardian to redirect to for the security updates and it worked pretty well. Input on this anyone? I have a copy of 10.2 saved in my downloads folder. running iphone 6s plus 128gb. I’m already on 10.2.1 and only because I was trying to update to 10.2 and goofed while doing so. pilot error. seriously though, thoughts on hijacking the routing of check for version signing?

  • artbyonak

    i am currently at 9.0.2, is there a way I update to just 10.2?

  • Peter Savas

    Do you know if the developer has any intentions of being able to JB 10.2.1 with the Yalu tool eventually? I missed the opportunity to go to 10.2, and am still on 9.0.2, and some things are just not working any more. 🙁

  • Andy Eteilumbeirg

    I missed the date by just a few days. I’m on the sinking titanic right now, drowning slowly in despair… D:

  • Steven Browne

    Looking for a quick easy answer. My ATV 4 has 10.1.1 installed. Sounds like there is no current jailbreak yet for this OS version, however I am assuming based on quick research that a jailbreak will cover this version OS when released?

  • Liam Jaques

    F**n missed it.

    • Jourdan Marloovolin

      me too, bro. What should we do now ? waiting ? or someone here can give us some advice.

  • Jace mock

    Is there anyway to transfer blobs for people who didn’t switch and don’t have any saved?

  • Player110

    I’m on a 5s with iOS 9.3.3 and have saved me ssh2 10.1,10.2,10.2.1,10.3 what can I do? Can I upgrade to 10.2 and jailbrake?

  • DjAM99

    I’m currently on iOS 8.3 with jailbreak, is it possible to update to iOS 10.2 now? if I have the iOS 10.2 firmware file

  • Mike Todd

    too late… first time missing it in 6 years