You’ll soon be able to give your MacBook Air a touchscreen display, courtesy of AirBar. Neonode on Tuesday unveiled a Mac version of its laptop dongle at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that will allow you to navigate macOS via touch.

The AirBar magnetically attaches to the bottom of your 13.3-inch MacBook Air display and connects via USB. It uses Neonode’s patented zForce AIR technology to emit an invisible light field that can sense touches from fingers, gloves, and even a paintbrush.

“We believe the community of devoted MacBook Air users will welcome this new product, as AirBar for MacBook Air will surely enhance the user-experience of an already great product,” said Remo Behdasht, Senior Vice President of AirBar Devices at Neonode. “Our goal for AirBar continues to be expanding its application to more devices, across even more markets.”

AirBar for MacBook Air will launch on Amazon in March for $99, and Neonode says that it plans to extend its compatibility to additional MacBook models in the first half of 2017. AirBar is currently available for 15.6” PC laptops running Windows 10 for $69.

Source: Press Release

  • Charles222

    I’d throw down the cash for a model that works with my ultrawide display on a VESA.

  • burge

    Why is the Apple version more expensive than the window version ? That’s taking the piss just because it’s Apple add on. Money grabbing at its best.

    • Steve Harold

      Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a different design that costs more and looks better

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Yes because we all love fingerprints on our MacBooks!

    • Snailpo

      Lol nice

    • XDavior lanz

      But don’t mind them on our iPads and iPhones -_-

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        iPads and iPhones are built with screens that are meant to be touched, making cleaning of fingerprints and smudges easy. With a MacBook, it takes more time and effort.

      • XDavior lanz

        Honestly what I meant is if the macs were officially touchscreen enabled this wouldn’t be a problem as it isn’t on iPads and iphones.

    • Jimmy Roche

      They’re already on any pro model when you try and open it. Embrace the oils of your skin

  • XDavior lanz

    Reading this on my surface.

  • MadeInNY

    Other reviews of this I’ve seen indicate that while it works. It’s not very precise. It’s hard to access small touch points like the window close button, and even ok/cancel type buttons on windows.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    The MacBook Air series is no longer updated, why did they make this then?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Just because a product hasn’t been updated doesn’t mean it should be left in the dust. It’s nice to have things that work with older generations.

  • tariq

    lol, try connecting that to the newer macs

    • Abhinav Chaudhary


  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    I don’t like how it has a usb cable posing out.