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Infuse 5 for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV [review] launched in the App Store a month ago with features like iCloud settings sync, Up Next, streaming from cloud-storage services, Split View and Picture in Picture multitasking support on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and other compatible iPad models and much more.

aTV Flash Black developer Firecore, the brains behind this versatile media player app, has now released 5.1 update for Infuse with support for a new Collections feature, search and video deinterlacing on Apple TV, 3D Touch shortcuts on iOS Home screen and more.

Apple TV: fast search and Collections

If you’re looking for a full series to binge on, Infuse for Apple TV now automagically tidies up your Library by grouping sequels into Collections. Simply search or browse for a Collection in Infuse for Apple TV and all titles will be grouped together and ordered by their release date.

Infuse 5.1 for tvOS collections Apple TV screenshot 001

These Collections are accessible in all existing Library categories or through the new dedicated Collections section. Speaking of search, the refreshed Apple TV app now has a search feature in the top left corner. It lets you instantly find movies, collections, TV shows or episodes by entering one or more letters.

Of course, tvOS’s Dictation feature allows you to use Siri to dictate a full title.

Infuse 5.1 for tvOS search Apple TV screenshot 001

Aside from Collections and search, Infuse for Apple TV introduces advanced settings for your Up Next list allowing you to choose between the new Watching Only and Recently Added Only options.

iPhone: 3D Touch actions

With support for 3D Touch Quick Actions, you can now press Infuse’s Home screen icon to quickly jump into an appropriate media folder in Infuse or continue watching your last title, right from the Quick Actions shortcuts menu. These shortcuts are only supported on 3D Touch-enabled hardware like iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Infuse does not currently support in-app Peek and Pop gestures via 3D Touch.

Infuse 5.1 for iOS 3D Touch Home screen shortcuts iPhone screenshot 001

Other goodies

As mentioned, Infuse now supports video deinterlacing for converting interlaced video, such as common analog television signals or 1080i format HDTV signals, into a non-interlaced form. Video deinterlacing is available across iOS and tvOS editions of Infuse.

Last but not least, Infuse 5.1 resolves the orientation issue with iPhone landscape lock and contains minor playback enhancements and other minor improvements and fixes.

Pricing and availability

Infuse 5 for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is a free download from the App Store with optional Pro features available as a $6.99 per year subscription through the app.

However, if you subscribe to the app through the end of the year they’ll treat you to a permanent 30 percent subscription price discount. To take advantage of this discount, download Infuse 5 and start your free month-long trial of Infuse Pro before 2017 arrives.

If you’d rather buy the app outright than pay an annual subscription, grab the $12.99 Infuse Pro 5 for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

  • Adan

    Daylight robbery!

    I paid full price for Infuse 4 early this year, and now they do this. They can shove it where the sun don’t shine…

    • stevefe84

      Exactly. How dare they asking money for their work. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

      • Adan

        Ladies and Gentlemen… here we have today’s smart ass.

        It is fookin’ outrageous… charging full price for the same thing with minor changes, with not even a discount for previous owners. This is how you make people turn to piracy.

  • Roland G

    Any advice where to download movies from to build a collection?

    • The politcally correct answer: rip the DVDs and blu-rays that you legally own and transfer to your device (or use a server).

      • YaBoyLilMayo


    • Okada San

      Sabnzbd, couch potato, sickbeard. Look them up.

  • ispeakout

    Does it finally play HEVC files on Apple TV?

  • Greg S

    I love Infuse, it’s the absolute essential centre of my entertainment setup.

    I’ve hundreds of movies & shows on a NAS – an external HDD plugged into my router.

    I stream shows from my NAS to my TV using Infuse on an AppleTV4, or any iPad or iPhone using the Infuse app.

    It works flawlessly every time, and is super easy to set up, find network drives (NAS, computers). Well worth the purchase price.

  • richard reeday

    Deinteacing doesn’t seem to be an option on some files on Infuse 5 – is there a way round that? Some MP4 files don’t have the option when others such as .dvdmedia do?