rose gold iPhone 7 side back

Apple is prototyping as many as ten next-generation iPhone models, and most analysts agree that the company will probably launch a trio of new handsets next year: an ‘iPhone 8’ with a wraparound OLED screen and all-new industrial design and LCD-based ‘iPhone 7s’ and ‘iPhone 7s Plus’ models. According to a new report Wednesday from the fairly reliable Japanese outlet Mac Otakara, LCD iPhones may come in a brand new Red color option.

Based on information allegedly received from unnamed Taiwanese suppliers, both the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models should come in a new Red color option that’ll join the current Space Gray, Jet Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver colorways.

Corroborating previous reports, the article states that the upcoming LCD-based handsets are expected to retain the iPhone 7’s industrial design and feature Apple’s next-generation A11 Fusion system-on-a-chip.

Neither device will have wireless charging or glass chassis, said Mac Otakara.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that the 4.7-inch iPhone model may feature glass chassis and wireless charging after all. Apple may even slash prices of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus to revitalize sales.

Image: Rose Gold iPhone 7

Source: Mac Otakara (Google Translate)

  • [RECON1]

    Don’t you mean Black instead of Space Gray?

    • Wilber Alexander Flores

      There is no space grey it’s black or jet black now

      • [RECON1]

        Right, but the article says “a new Red color option that’ll join the current Space Gray, Jet Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver colorways.”

  • Jonas
    • Jeffrey

      Unfortunately like the rumors say the iPhone 7s won’t feature an OLED display

  • askep3

    Would the 8 have an A12 then?

  • malhal

    Releasing 7s and 8 in the same year, pull the other one!

    • Valinor

      Will probably be called iphone 7s pro?

  • Roland G

    When you run out of ideas to innovate just wrap the old thing in a new color. So sad

    • Jeffrey

      Your comment makes 0 sense. Do you really think the color is the only thing new to the iPhone 7s? No, obviously not, a new design, a faster processor and GPU and a whole lot of other new features will come to the iPhone 7s. It’s only december so we obviously don’t know a lot more about the new iPhones so don’t you already bash the iPhone 7s when even Apple itself isn’t even sure yet what it’s going to look like. Foolish comment.

      • tariq

        “New design”

      • Jeffrey

        100% guaranteed

    • Scott Curry

      When you run out of ideas and just troll fail. So sad.

  • igobythisname

    Alright, alright, ALRIGHT!!! 7S/Plus, now we’re talkin!!! Put all that 8 talk to rest until next year!

  • Smegmatron

    Red like my wife’s period. I LOVE IT

  • Valinor

    So it will be:
    Iphone 7s
    Iphone 7s plus
    Iphone 7s Pro

    Basically the Pro will have an even higher price, 999 dollars???
    Which means 4th year in a row a small update for the regular iphones.
    I skipped the Iphone 7 this year, I guess I’ll be skipping it next year also……
    Samsung galaxy s8 maybe??

    • Rowan09

      The update in the 6s-7 is far from small, everything is new besides the screen and form factor for the most part. If this is true the Pro would in my opinion come in a specific capacity to justify whatever price like the 7 + Jetblack only came in 128 and 256.

    • John Smith

      If you’re going android, ignore Samsung at all costs.

    • tariq

      Bruh. Samsung is where it’s at! Switched to android after having 5S. Everything from iPhone 6 and up is just not useful.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    12 hours ago
    Wireless charging?
    – No, we made it in red.
    Fast charging?
    – No, but it’s a really nice red.
    Fully waterproof?
    – No, but Project (Red)
    – Maybe eventually, but look how vibrant this aluminum is.

  • Diego Milano

    I’m confident in saying this report is inaccurate in terms of device labeling. From a marketing standpoint it is suicide to do this. Why? Because you are psychologically sending the message that the 7s is not the latest device but the real latest one is the 8. Besides, there’s just no point in doing it as it would create confusion to both the customers and the internal employee, it indirectly creates a form of fragmentation and it just makes more sense to stick to the standard labeling across devices and do something more intuitive such as: iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, iPhone 7s Pro.