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Apple Music has surpassed 20 million paid subscribers, the company’s SVP of Internet software and services tells Billboard. That marks a 15% jump in the last 3 months, when Apple announced it had passed 17 million users during its iPhone event in September.

That’s impressive considering the streaming music service is less than two years old and up against veterans like Spotify with much larger user bases. Cue attributes some of Apple Music’s growth to its string of exclusive deals with artists like Drake and Travis Scott.

“It’s been quite a year,” says Cue. “We were thrilled to see that we could take [artists’] passions and drive them all the way to No. 1. Chance the Rapper, who we put on Apple Music exclusively, hit the top 10 on the Billboard charts [based on streams alone], and I can’t recall that being done before.”

And despite a mandate from Universal Music Group chairman Lucian Grainge, exclusives will continue in the near future “where appropriate,” adds Cue. “They work really well for everybody concerned — they’re great for the label, they work for the artist and for us.” But an across-the-board Apple policy concerning such promotions doesn’t exist. “It’s really about launching things,” says Cue. “Sometimes it makes sense to do that.”

Cue adds that 60% of customers using Apple Music have not purchased content from the iTunes Music Store within the last year, and a majority are new customers. The service is available in more than 100 countries now, and 50% of all users are outside of the US.

Source: Billboard

  • siddique

    realllly ? I dont think so

    • Adhithya Gokul

      These are official figures. Doesnt matter if you dont think so

      • siddique

        Companies always lie !!

      • Adhithya Gokul

        Still these are official figures. Doesnt matter if you think companies lie

  • Its not cheap and people are crazy with it

  • Boaz van Veen

    Its simple for me. Spotify doesnt allow my own local files to be added to a cloud or be matched, and importing playlists from itunes stopped working 2 months ago and spotify doesn’t care. They have shitty support that tells you “Rest assured our team is working day and night to solve this” blah blah.
    Spotify is just 7,50 euro a month for me with1,5gb internet.
    Then the rest of the competition comes but i rather have apple music that integrates with ios and itunes is already my music player….so easy choice after spotify.

    • Marcus

      Mostly the same reasons I use Apple Music. I have also found music on Apple Music that isn’t on Spotify. Overall it’s just a much better service.

  • As a whole, I like Spotify way better than Apple Music, mainly the speed and responsiveness. Plus the UI is 10x better, but when it comes down to battery life, Spotify just doesn’t cut it. I could last 2 hours tops while listening to music offline on Spotify – the same can’t be said for Apple Music.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    I wonder how many are active.

    • Y2J: Keeper of the List

      Well aren’t all of them paying? There’s no free subscription for Apple Music.

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        Apple probably counted all those who subscribed, but did not remove those who unsubscribed or who stopped using Apple Music after the trial.

  • Y2J: Keeper of the List

    I want to sign up for one of them (especially since I get the student discount), but I can’t decide. I liked them both when I had them and I like Apple’s exclusive deals, but I like having Spotify through my Bravia and PS4