OS X reboot Mac in Safe Mode

In a piece for MacWorld, Jason Snell looks back at this lackluster year for the Mac where expectations were high, but where Apple failed to deliver on many levels. And where it delivered, it seems that it did so by alienating some of its core base of users while increasing prices on everybody else. 

As Snell notes, timing can be at the core of the lack of updates for the iMac and Mac Pro for example. While we shouldn’t assume Apple doesn’t care about the Mac anymore, we should definitely keep an eye on the next few months, which will definitely paint a better picture of how much Apple cares.

Does Apple care about the Mac? I think it absolutely does, and that this year was a series of unfortunate events that made things seem worse than they are. But this is not to say that there aren’t some serious issues with the Mac. If, in six months, we’re still sitting here wondering what’s up with the iMac and Mac Pro, it might be time to revisit this. But I suspect than in six months Apple will have renewed most or all of the Mac product line (all powered by USB-C/Thunderbolt 3), and things will feel shiny and new again.

The entire piece is worth a read.

  • Joey_Z

    Just like iPods, what used to be core business today can be history tomorrow.

  • Many people keep saying that Apple doesn’t care about the Mac anymore. I don’t think that’s true, they do care. They just don’t get the Mac anymore. Or its users. At least that’s my impression of what’s going on lately.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Apple doesn’t like skylake.

    • Why do you say that? All their computers have Skylake processors in them…

      • Bugs Bunnay

        lol yea it’s true. what i’m saying is apple will make new macs when intel drops their next gen cpu.

  • burge

    Apple cares about the Mac they just don’t care about what their customers are prepared to pay. With the prices now they will loose customers. A custom made PC will cost less and will out perform the Mac.

    • Valinor

      True, and windows 10 is pretty stable now. With ultrabooks getting better and better, you can now get a great windows device that also looks nice for half the price of a macbook pro.
      Yes some of them have lower specs, but the ‘look at me i have an apple logo on my laptop’ days are a bit over and alot of students for example may change their minds and buy a windows ultrabook instead especially with the touchbar macbooks being so damn expensive.

      My Samsung ultrabook is now 4 years old, so I was planning on switching to Apple for a change. Was hoping for a Macbook Air 2, lighter, faster and thinner than the air, but nopeeee, no macbook air 2 🙁
      So Windows Ultrabook it is.

      • Jose Rivera

        Technically, we are on the 2nd generation MacBook Air. Whenever they do a drastic change to the laptops, it’s basically a new generation. Remember the first MacBook Air with the physical clicking button? Then they made it skinnier, added MagSafe 2, and faster Intel Core iX processors? That was the 2nd gen. You’re hoping for a 3rd gen MacBook Air with Retina Displays. We all got a 4th Gen MacBook Pro but nothing else sadly. I wonder if we’all see a new MacBook Air and regular next year. They have skipped years in the past on some models, but never a bunch of them like this.

  • Colin Darby

    Here’s an idea – Apple doesn’t understand what the Mac is for anymore, or what pro users want.

    So – buy Adobe and then spin them off as a separate company and give them the Mac hardware.

    Adobe – making the hardware and software for real pros.

    That way they can continue making their skinny phones and pro users can go back to work knowing that they can just get on with their jobs instead of having to shift to Windows.