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Other World Computing (OWC), a U.S.-based company and online store for Mac upgrades and accessories located at MacSales.com, today announced the ultimate docking station for your brand spanking new MacBook Pro.

With the new Pro the Cupertino firm is (rightly) betting on USB-C, effectively putting us in a dongle hell for now. Enter the new $279 Thunderbolt 3 Dock, a successor to OWC’s Thunderbolt 2 Dock and USB-C Dock.

Billed as the best expansion solution they’ve ever made, it offers the speed of Thunderbolt 3 technology coupled with a whopping thirteen expansion ports to help get the most out of the new late-2016 MacBook Pro.

OWC’s dock lets you connect and charge up to six USB devices, hook up your notebook to Ethernet networks, transfer data and more—all at twice the speed of Thunderbolt 2 and all through a single cable.

You get the following ports:

  • 1x SD card reader
  • 1x expanded analog audio in/out
  • 5x USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 1)
  • 1x S/PDIF
  • 1x FireWire 800
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet
  • 2x Thunderbolt 3
  • 1x mini DisplayPort

I wish they built an adaptor in the box to give it an HDMI port, too!

Because it uses Thunderbolt 3 that delivers 40Gb/s bandwidth, the dock supports custom display setups with a pair of 4K external displays or a combination of 4K, HD and other displays with the mini DisplayPort port and additional Thunderbolt 3 port.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock ports

Creative pros with specialized and legacy ports like FireWire and optical audio will be delighted to learn that the dock offers a FireWire 800 port, analog stereo audio, S/PDIF digital audio and an SD card reader.

“With our critically-acclaimed Thunderbolt 2 Dock and USB-C Dock, OWC defined a new standard in providing more connectivity at a time when new computers were shipping with fewer ports,” said Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO, OWC.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock front

“The all-new Thunderbolt 3 Dock is the best expansion solution we’ve ever made, offering the incredible speed of Thunderbolt 3 technology coupled with 13 ports of connectivity, perfect for getting the most out of the new 2016 MacBook Pro.”

The new Thunderbolt 3 Dock is covered by OWC’s two-year limited warranty and can be pre-ordered through the OWC website. Those who pre-order it will be treated to a free 0.5-meter Thunderbolt 3/USB-C cable.

The accessory is expected to start shipping in February 2017.

Source: OWC

  • racerhomie2


  • Nekki

    No HDMI no love :/

    • 5723alex .

      No charging and no USB-A, no love.

      • What are you talking about? This actually gives you 5 USB-A ports. Also, it would appear that there is a power port on there so it potentially could charge your Mac as well… Although I didn’t see any official word on their website.

  • Ron

    Will this also work with a Thunderbolt 3-equipped PC? I’m guessing Yes, but their website doesn’t say.

  • ready1take1

    SO close….need hdmi

    • Luke MacWalker

      Just use a USB-C/Thunderbolt to HDMI cable. Problem solved.

  • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

    Might wanna edit it has 5 USB A 3.1 2 USC C thunderbolt 3

    • K3NSH1R0

      I’m glad you noticed that as I thought I was going mad thinking those ports looked like USB A

  • This is exactly the reason I don’t mind Apple removing the ports at all. Not everyone has the same needs but this way everyone can get exactly what they want.

    • Diego Milano

      Perhaps it’s the same reason why they removed it, so it gives space to these accessory makers to make money out of it.

    • rockdude094

      Everyone also loves spending $270 for additional ports that should be standard on the first place. They don’t care about your needs, its all about them making money and might I add, a 2000+ laptop should come with all the bells and whistles that the majority of professionals need to complete their daily tasks not just to browse Facebook and blogs and call it a day

      • Well I can say that one complaint I’ve heard from a lot of professionals is that they can always use more ports. Or that they don’t need the port that shipped with the computer they need a different one instead etc. The problem is there is no one size that fits all. Some people need 6 or more USB drives, others need HDMI, some need mini Display, others need SD card readers, some need miniSD and others need compact Flash… Some still have firewire devices, others still user CD Rom drives and DVDs. You could make a list that would never end.

        The point is that for the first time ever we have one port that can connect to TB devices, every display, and billions of USB devices. A single cable now provides four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other cable out there, while also supplying up to 100W of power. It’s unrivaled for new uses, such as 4K video, single-cable docks with charging, external graphics, and built-in 10 GbE networking. When it comes to looking for future proofed professional grade tools that lets every last person do whatever they need to do there is nothing better in the whole world than this tech.

    • noracuts

      This product helps my view of the new MacBook Pro but no HDMI kinda sucks.

      Unfortunately the new MBP still only has 4 ports (1 of them being used for charging) and the prices are way out of whack. Not to mention the tiny bump in performance compared to 2015 models.

      My 2013 MBP has 6 ports (2 x USB3, 2 x Tb2, 1 HDMI, 1 SD) and also has Magsafe and 3.5mm audio jack.

      • Well the big advantage of TB is that it daisy-chains. 4 ports can power dozens of devices with no performance loss. I would assume that 4 ports could power all the accessories and then some of even the most avid peripheral power users.

        But I think you’ve hit on the true issue here. The price seems to be unjustifiably high considering what you get. I have a hard time believing that the touch bar really added that much value to the computers, but I suppose it does have it’s own screen, processors and more so it is like buying 2 computers in one. Whether the benefits in user experience as an ultra expensive keyboard are worth it remain to be seen. Can’t wait to see what the user reviews are after people have played with it for a month.

      • Luke MacWalker

        Exactly: the price hike is totally unjustified and outrageous.
        I regret MagSafe but can live without it.
        I regret much more the lack of an SD card reader that I need on the go, including in places where an external adapter is not really convenient.
        A dock like this and new cables would take care of everything.
        But the price is totally of touch with reality. I wonder what the sales numbers will be once the pent up demand has been served…

  • Diego Milano

    I wouldn’t pay more than $80 for this, top. Deliriously overpriced.

  • Martynet
  • Neal Honickman

    No HDMI on these new MacBook Pros is really sad.
    Missing HDMI on this doc makes it a no purchase for me

    • Luke MacWalker

      Just use a USB-C/Thunderbolt to HDMI cable. Problem solved.

  • Rave Farid

    For the same price you can get a new laptop with all these port
    I think a buying multiple adapter is more practical than this